I made cat house with banana box.

I made cat house with banana box.

We’re going to look at the cat house we left for the cats. I hope there are cats entering it. I see cats sleeping inside. I’m so glad to see you. I brought you food. There’s another cat. I want to see him, too. Excuse me. I want to see your friend. Why do not you let me? Or did you bring your girlfriend home? I think there’s another cat in there. Flirtatious cat. Don’t hide yourself. I know you’re there. I know you. If you don’t come, I’il complain to your mother. Squint cat, how are you? Welcome. Which street did you come from? I do not know you. Welcome. They won’t let you into this cat house. I’il do a new one for you. When the video is over, I’il bring you cat food. You eat as much as you want. I won’t leave you hungry. I bought a banana box from a greengrocer and built a cat house for cats. I reinforced the corners of the box with wood. I put heat insulation on the bottom of the box. I put carpet on the thermal insulation material. I raised the entrance to avoid water. I completely covered the box with thick waterproof nylon. The cream I put in your eyes worked. I’il put cream on your eyes again.Your eyes will be healthy. Squint cat. You look a lot like Menemen. Are you related to Menemen? I’m gonna get cat food in a minute. Oh my God. Sürmeli came. My uncle’s cat. Sürmeli! How are you Sürmeli? Now I’m going to the car and bringing cat food for all of you.

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  1. I bought a banana box from a greengrocer and built a cat house for cats. I put heat insulation on the bottom of the box. I put carpet on the thermal insulation material. I reinforced the corners of the box with wood. I raised the entrance to avoid water. I completely covered the box with thick waterproof nylon. I left this cat house there for cats in front of my grandmother's house. I saw two cats in this cat house today and I'm so glad. I'm so glad I saved two cats from the cold. If I don't put this cat house here, the cats will sleep under the cars. There are 50 cats on this street. They all sleep in dangerous places. I can't protect so many cats from danger, but I can protect them from the cold. I keep building cat houses like this. I bought 20 boxes. And I started building cat houses. I will share the video of the construction of cat houses

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  2. Söyleyecek söz bulamıyorum… bu kadar zahmet edip yoksul kediler için bu soğuk mevsimde bu kadar kaliteli ve yararlı bir yuva yaptınız ya .. rabbim herkese bu merhametten versin! İllaki bu iyiliğin karşılığını göreceksiniz, sımsıkı sarılın merhametinize! Her iyilik karşılığını bulur, ha bu dünyada ha öbür dünyada.. siz varolun!

  3. What a fantastic idea! Cats love boxes, so it's inviting. Then once they go in and figure out how nice and cozy it is, they have a warm, safe place to stay!

  4. CAts are giving us a lesson: When there is place for one, there is place for two. Imagine the same thing with the homeless persons in USA.

  5. You are so amazing.. a real angel..❤❤❤❤❤ God bless you Onur 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 full watch including ads 👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Bravo Onur !
    Voilà une très bonne idée d'avoir fait des petites maisons pour les chats avec des cartons de bananes car ça ne coûte pas cher et les chats les aiment beaucoup ! ♥♥

  7. The black cat: Oh we have some visitor, wake up wake up, may be it is the Man who give houses and food. And they can use the roof as a parking for their magic flying carpet, so they have all comfort under paws.

  8. Wow it looks so Onur! Thank you for always thinking of the cats. You give them a better life. Can't wait to see your next video ❤

  9. That is so wonderful to see Onur now the kitties will have a nice warm shelter to stay in this winter it’s a wonderful thing you did may God bless you for helping those sweet little creatures.🐈❤️

  10. So happy you did this, hopefully other people will learn from this video and they can help strays keep warm. Bless your heart. 🐈🐈😇😇🙂🙂♥️♥️

  11. 👏🌹🙏Well done Onur! Better a warm, isolated and rain protected box than sleeping under cars or in the open air 😻❤😻👏🌹

  12. Wow rainproof too thank u my friend : ) & i taped 2 boxes together for my kittens too : ) but it's not as nice as yours & 3 lovely adult cats too : )

  13. Hey mister tally man tally me banana, daylight come and I want to go home….that's a song from the oldies station. Now these cats can go home. That is a great idea Onur. Well done.🌹♥️ As always, Ara 🍀

  14. You did a wonderful job with the box Onur, cats love cardboard boxes and the way you converted the banana box is just amazing, truly wonderful Onur!!!!!

  15. Çok güzel olmuş 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  16. Hey, Onur and Cansu! It's a great house! The cats are so tranquil in their new home! They loved your visit. Have a good Friday night with your family.🏡🏡🏡🐈🐈🐈

  17. Kardesim bende sokak kedilerini oksuyorum.fakat hastalik kaparmiyim diye endişe ediyorum.sen ne dersin?

  18. That is such a wonderful idea Onur! The beautiful kitties can now be safe and stay warm and dry.Thank u so much for ur love of these precious ones.God bless U and Cansu.🐱😾😻😺😽💟💜💙⚘⚘

  19. Beyenilmezmi bu kış gününde çok güzel olmuş ellerinize sağlık olsun Allah razı olsun 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐈🐈🐈❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏

  20. Love your creativity with boxes, great job! So funny how these two cats snuggled up in this box – like a pair of lovers in hotel room.

  21. it's so lovely and those cats can protect themselves a bit. thank you onur. and that black cat remind me of my black cat also who is lost… you are so kind.

  22. Onur I got this before the notice for community posts. I didn't know kits had died. Parasites are horrible. I am praying. 🙏

  23. That. Calico looks just like mine that was in the hospital! She ate today for the first time for my husband…ground meat for babies. Thank God. This girl at your grandfather's, She a beauty too! and so dark and lovely the panther cat and his roommate. Peace and Blessings to you all. 🌹Ara

  24. Looks really nice, and roomy for them! What is the opening made of, I like it! You'll need many many more!!!
    You're a good man Onur, you have a good and caring heart!!
    ❤️ 🐾 ❤️ 🐾 ❤️ 🐾 ❤️

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