I’m FINALLY Getting A Puppy! Come and see my new dog and LOTS of other updates | EMZOTIC

I’m FINALLY Getting A Puppy! Come and see my new dog and LOTS of other updates | EMZOTIC

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    Hey Creatures! Here are the timestamps! Sorry this video is so long. I desperately NEED your feedback on the Documentary/Patreon and Dog discussions. Please let me know your thoughts!! Also… PUPPY!!! <3

    – My Personal Struggles: 01:08

    – My Birthday Meetup: 03:05

    – Spring Merch: 04:29

    – My Bee Necklace: 05:08

    – My Documentaries: 07:59

    – H.E.R.P.S Conroe – Texas Meetup! 10:25

    – My Wedding is… not happening for now: 11:48
    – My Dog: 12:06

    – PetFest: 23:45

    – Babakooks Girlfriend:26:00

    – New Custom Cages Build: 26:25

    – Grinchy’s Girlfriend/Boyfriend: 27:23

    – My House: 28:50

    – Writing A Book? 29:39

    – Clearly Loved Pets: 30:03

  2. please do not share the breed, its very common for craze to start and the breed isnt that important for us anyway. please please please

  3. We would respect your decision not to tell us the breed, and we would never bye an animal just cos you have one we all know that raising any animal has it's challenges (e.g. my family have a Jack Russel and we all know how they can be 🙂 😀 (hyper to the max XD)) you trust us and we trust you it's your choice what you want to do or tell us as there your animals and were your Creatures were with you every step of the why.

  4. Honestly I’m completely on board! I have a dog that isn’t that common and it’s actually becoming more common and they say “wow that dog is badass” “ oh man! I want one of em!” When they see them And with every dog there comes a different set of needs for the breed and characteristics and not every one is suited for it. People need to find a dog to fit their lifestyle not their wishes even if they do adopt or else they may not enjoy or build a strong relationship with their dog and see them as “work” and don’t get me wrong dogs are a lot of work bbuuttt if you’re doing it right it’s just another family member you care deeply about. You keep him a secret for as long as you want! 🙏🏽👏🏽❤️

  5. I like and respect your decision of not telling the breed, I think most of us respect that BUT they are gonna be curious anyways and we are going to find out when Kiba grows but I'm totally ok with it, I.. Personally don't like when someone buys a dog, maybe I can understand it better, It bothers me a little bit from you but is your decision anyways, I adopted all my dogs and I saw how much they suffered waiting for a new home, I respect your decision because you are soo good taking care of animals, I just don't like people buying an animal, exotic or not (sorry if my english is weird)

  6. Please tell us because I would love to know no matter what you think you are a lovely person we won’t judge you on your decision sorry I’m a bit late to comment and

  7. Share the breed, but make sure that videos involving little Kiba are not flashy "look at this dog" videos. Treat the pup like they're another rare reptile or whatever. It is okay to buy dogs, sometimes the breed is very rare and needs more love and exposure, or if a dog breed fits a family or lifestyle perfectly then it makes sense to purchase a dog. I don't think you're being a hypocrite for buying, truly. I have two dogs of a rare breed in the UK. And a Basset (less rare but he's so perfect and I adore him and I would die for him). Anyway, reveal the breed but encourage people to do research on dogs, a lot of people just see a pretty dog and want to buy it. Maybe show how another breed you like the look of wouldn't be suited to your family, but because you've done the research you won't be getting the other dog, and chose Kiba's breed instead.

  8. I think u should tell the breed cause if this is a not so common breed then people with this breed could get info on how to take care of this specific breed, but it is your decision to make, not mine.

  9. Hey em! I’m newer here and have only been watching for a few weeks but you seem like such a beautiful women. I’ve learnt so much from you. the way you’re so open and big hearted inspires me to be a better pet mum but also just a better person in general. I respect you and all your decisions, I know you’re going to be an amazing dog mama (as you are with all your animals) I personally think it’s totally your choice to realise the breed of ur dog, as long as he’s healthy and happy that’s all that matters. As you said,the breeders are responsible and trustworthy people. It’s not your job to protect the breed. Just please take your time and think this through with the least pressure you can. I know you care for us all a lot but at the end of the day, you are more important. Much love x

  10. Hi Em, Happy belated b-day. I just wanted to say that whatever it is that is hurting you right now please stay strong, believe that you can pull through anything. YOUR IMPORTANT! We love you! Your so informative and fun to watch.

  11. As much as I'm sure the dedicated majority of your fans wouldn't go out and disrespect this breed, it is a risk to say and cause a dilemma. Eventually if you decide to say, I'm sure you could wait until he is older and the puppy fever has faded, and those of us who might adopt him would be more dog lovers than fad people. Anyway, your choice…I would stick with not saying, at least for now, as much as I want to know 😂

  12. I think your choice about the dog breed is probably best for now. Perhaps is it becomes more solidly established in the US or if you see wn influx of the dogs breed being acquired you could make an in depth educational video about the breed.

  13. i think you are incredible for this. for being so considerate and actually acknowledging how your platform can have negative effects. any time i see a “my new puppy” video from a large account i am genuinely disappointed because i KNOW show easily people can be influenced into getting dogs from movies or celebs or influencers. shibas, huskies, akitas, frenchies, aussies, goldens, doodles, pomeranians (i work with a pom rescue and we get tons of puppy mill poms who were being sold as micro/mini multicolored blah blah blah to the huge market of people out looking for them), all those breeds. it’s heartbreaking to see how many end up in shelters and rescues or end up with poor socialization and behavioral issues because people genuinely have no clue what they’re getting themselves into. there is NO easy breed of dog. ALL have their own issues, even “family” dogs like goldens and labs. i am very interested in dog breeds, especially rarer/lesser known ones so i personally would love to know what kind you’re getting just to learn about them, however i completely understand why you wouldn’t want to. plus i’m a huge advocate for adoption and rescue so at least i know i wouldn’t go out and get one of them after finding out the name 😂

  14. may be a bit too early to tell based on such little information and photos but i’m pretty sure i know what the breed is 😅 however i won’t say anything. it’s not my place and it’s totally up to you to disclose it. i wish you the absolute best in your puppy raising journey, whatever breed they may be 💕

  15. Oh well I’m looking for a good breed of dog not to big not to small so and I agree with your decision congrats on getting a little furball of your own

  16. Em, whether or not you tell people the breed, people will figure it out. Characteristics in dogs can be easily identified as specific breeds. Not telling people may even make the dog more sought after, and even just not sharing it could make it seem as more of a “vip breed”. It’s like Belgian Malinos, where people got them and made them seem easy to care for and everyone got one, and now a ton are in shelters because of their higher energy levels.

    So honestly, just share the breed and tell people that this breed is still be established and maybe even how someone could be sure this breed is right for them, and how it might not be. Share it, but share it carefully.

  17. I'm also voting for saying the breed. Like everyone else is mentioning, eventually someone will find out. The breeders know you and they are the ones who must be certain if the future mom/dad of the pup is qualified enough. I don't think that is a ''burden'' you should put on your shoulders because you can't control human's curiosity. xD eventually someone will find out. So it would be best to Educate, say the breed and what to do with it and help as best you can like you've always done with other animals. That's my opinion. Don't get too anxious about it Em. 🙂 We all support and respect your decision though. 😀

  18. I am a little late to the party here. I just watched this video. Eh, I feel like you have a lot of animals that you need to trust that people don't just go out to buy, and if these breeders are as good as you feel they are, then I am sure they won't sell puppies to people who don't have the right answers to their questions and seem like responsible owners who can handle the dog. Some of us will most likely recognize the puppy anyway. The little guy is too little to recognize now, but I have guess just based on my stomach feeling 😉

    And please don't feel bad for buying a puppy and not adopting. I support rescues and I have a rescue dog. But that is also a rescue dog with huge issues and who will never be 100% normal. Next dog I am having will be a puppy that comes from a responsible breeder (spent months researching already).

    And last, but not least. So happy to hear that you feel better, Em <3 That is wonderful news! The part of you that you are letting us see on YouTube is such a great, positive, professional, energetic, inspirational and friendly person, I wish you all the best!

  19. Frankly the reason for buying a dog instead of adopting? You get an animal you can raise the way you want, bond with and a dog that is going to have the best possible chance for being genetically sound and behaviorally sound when you reinforce that soundness through training and proper socialization.

    As for the breed, I don't think there is any reason to keep it a secret. Inevitably it WILL be revealed. Even then as others have said, breeders being so selective about their homes then it just means not everyone who did try to get one would end up with a pup. Also as others have said, frankly, your best bet is just reveal the breed BUT also make a full educational video on the breed, their traits and things to be mindful of IF people do indeed get a dog of that breed. Education will produce better results over keeping secrets.

    Honestly though even if you don't reveal the breed, I personally WILL find out. I know enough on working with canines (professional dog trainer AND confirmation experience so being able to identify breeds and their traits is almost too easy for me) from years of personal experience that I definitely will bring it up. Not to be malicious, but because I think you really do need to make an educational video about the breed and again if the breeders are as responsible as you claim, they won't let any random person get their pups. They'll be incredibly selective with their homes.

  20. don't worry about telling us the breed honestly I never really understood the whole thing about that

  21. The more you make a big deal out of its breed, the more lucrative you're making it. I think you should delete this video, and just treat it like any other dog. If they're that rare, only the most dedicated people will get them anyways.

  22. i'm 99% sure he's a swedish lapphund based on his appearance, and everything she's stated about him thus far. he's medium sized, he's pure black, he has pointy ears (but floppy as puppy), he's a rare breed, so yeah. if he's not i'd be surprised lol. i know a lot about dogs and i'm pretty sure about it

  23. It's truly your choice, to tell us YOUR dogs breed. I won't be mad, but as the puppy grows. It will be easier to tell what the breed is, and you may have someone spill the beans, or you may have alot of people deciding what the breed of the dog is for us/you.

    Sadly there are just dumb people in the world. And sadly we cant stop/help them all in an educational way.

  24. I think it’s completely okay to not say the breed name of any dog. I know with my own channel, which I plan to make dedicated to dog training, I will very rarely say the breeds of my dogs. I personally think If you don’t know enough about a breed to identify it on your own then you shouldn’t own one.

    Also about buying dogs from breeders. I would normally say to adopt instead, but since this is a breed that can’t be found in shelters, I think it’s okay. A lot of times I get my dogs from breed-specific rescues. That way I get the breed I love while still giving a home to a homeless dog and supporting the rescues that way the can help more dogs.

  25. Given the community surrounding the breed and the community here which is overall respectable, I think it would be okay to share his breed. I have three beautiful Cornish Rex cats which are just gaining popularity in the states and have a similar community around them that love and protect them. While I find that most people are interested in them, squee over them, and tell me they “have to have one,” they tend to find them cost prohibitive. Plus with Google it wouldn’t be too hard for anyone really interested to figure out his breed. Congratulations, mama! You’re living the dream!

  26. I think it might create more of a "craze" if you dont tell people, plus if it's not common or in shelters it might not be financially viable for most people so people probably won't be able to get their hands on them.

  27. While I would love to know the breed I respect the fact that you don't want the breed to be a craze etc. If you feel better keeping the breed private then that is the way to go.

  28. Em, I reckon you may be overestimating the effect of you getting this puppy, honestly. But I suggest that the very first video you make about him is EDUCATING everyone about the responsibilities of owning this breed. Just my opinion.

  29. I feel you should do whatever feels right em, we trust you and want you to do whatever your comfortable with !

  30. You don't need to share, random people will come across your videos too and not just harcore fans. We'll just enjoy seeing your puppy (:

  31. No need to share the breed of Kiba, his breed doesn't matter as long as he's a good boi. I think it'd be interesting to speculate what he could be, but it's not important or what matters. Keep his breed to yourself :>

  32. Em it is completely fine with us we don't care the breed of the dog we don't want you to give us the breed of him if you don't want to all we want is to be a part of your and his life through YouTube.
    Em you don't have to explain yourself to us <3

  33. I’m very curious as to what his breed is but I definitely understand why you wouldn’t want to share. There will definitely be people who will do exactly what you said and just go out and impulse buy it but that is a very hard decision.

  34. i would a little bit sad about not knowing the dog’s breed, just because i’m a very nosy and curious person, but i don’t think you should tell us.
    in every community, there’s always gonna be at least one person that’ll ruin it. they’ll like, somehow get this dog and improperly care for it without knowing (or with the knowledge of if. you never know.), because they’ll likely do no research of them.
    i do NOT think you should tell us.

  35. If you're not comfortable sharing his breed then don't hes your dog you do what you want if but remember you might be responsible but other won't be it's not just us who's seeing this anyone can stumble upon It

  36. Honey- you are not 'FAMOUS' enuff to warrent copycat purchasers. You AINT PARIS HILTON.
    If, we live in California- we Cant own skunk, ferret, or hedgehog.
    It realy dunt matter

  37. I completely understand your reasoning for not sharing the breed of you puppy, however if they truly are such a rare (and probably expensive) breed and that there’s a waiting list, it’s very unlikely someone wanting one on a whim is going to actually wait and spend so much on that specific breed. And the breeders aren’t going to sell to anyone who isn’t the right home.

  38. Pets are not a pop culture commodity, you are right in that, and you reasons, but I'm more concerned with the fact you feel you need to defend and explain your positions and decisions, just go for it when the time feels right. those who gripe look past them because the supportive community will have your back. That being said you speak quite a bit about what we shouldn't be doing, this wouldn't be a covert attempt to increase impulsive fashion statement pets, then I would feel as if the community has been played

  39. I really think that not sharing the breed is the best thing 2 do if u think it's a bad idea then its your dog do what u think is best

  40. i dont think it’s selfish to keep the breed from your audiences knowledge. We have a lot if dogs, partially from hoarder homes or were former strays and partially from friends who are good breeders. All the dogs we’ve helped rehome from bad homes or from shelters or that were strays were wonderful, wonderful dogs but oftentimes shelters dont treat them the best or they dont stay long before they get put down. It’s completely understandable to not was this breed to end up in a shelters after all the hard work that was put in to keep these dogs as healthy and happy as possible

  41. Turns out KIba's actually not that all new of a breed. The Eurasier has been in development for quite a while, actually. For anyone curious, Kiba is out of Heartland Eurasier's "G" litter. I met a Eurasier years ago at a local dog park, even.

    The Eurasier is a very nice breed of spitz-type dog but they tend to have issues with skittishness/shyness, so I hope you'll be okay with being very patient and willing to really reinforce positive interactions with a dog that may often get spooked a bit more easy than other breeds tend to be. Obviously this won't apply to all, but it is a trait of the breed I feel will be something most important for you to really consider and take into account, Emzotic.

  42. I never comment on anything through YouTube and I don’t know whether this will get seen or not, but I’ve watched your videos for years now and I look up to you as an animal educator and advocate. I totally respect and understand your concerns about sharing the breed, trust me. I own Bengal cats and although they have reached the “fad faze” I always want to warn people to do their research before. You’re lucky that you’re in a position to reach out to people and enforce how important it is to do your research. I think no matter what you choose, you know will be the right decision to make and we as your subscribers and friends respect that.

  43. Honestly I dont think it would be selfish of you at all to not share the breed. Of course people are going to be curious but I totally understand your hesitation. I would be the same way. Do what you think is right and I think your true fans will understand if you don’t want to share his or hers breed. Love you boo. 💜💜💜

  44. Honestly I just thought that you would adopt and not shop,I would never have thought you would buy from a breeder

  45. Don't tell people about the dog breed because we don't need even more dogs going viral and being abandoned if someone truly wants this dog they would already know about it and would do their own reacherch to find it I mean like years of reacherch. Also don't mind my spelling im a terrible speller

  46. I'm gonna snitch, I think it's a Tamaskan. Educate about the breed and make people aware of the risk, what with the irresponsible, lying breeders of fake Tamaskans, and just the challenge of even owning a working dog in general. Also it's kinda hard to impulse buy an actual Tamaskan, most genuine breeders do home and background checks, and wait lists, not to mention the cost of a puppy.

  47. First off I really love your videos!! I have actually been watching all your bearded dragon videos because I will be getting one in around 2 to 3 months time and I am so excited!! and I am so happy that you are finally getting the puppy of your dreams!!. This is my personal opinion, it is really no one else's business about what breed your dog is and if you don't want to share the breed then that's perfectly okay. I am sure people will understand and honestly if they don't then it's just to bad. It's not going to kill us if we don't know 🙂 And yes some people may find it or know of it already, but then they should respect you and the animal enough to not go and purposely or impulse buy one because they want one.

  48. When the dog gets bigger people are going to realise what breed he is at some point like there’s bound to be someone who knows, but the way she is going around this is so responsible and having two dogs myself (a Staffie and a Frenchie – both rescues btw dw!) I would hate to start a boom in those breeds especially the Staffie as I’ve always felt dogs are like family not a fashion statement

  49. I feel like it would be better if you announced the breed. Ignorance isn't bliss. Educate us and tell us the facts. The pros and cons. People will see the dog and assume it's xyz and get xyz without any knowledge about it.
    I don't know much about dogs, but the pictures I've seen of these puppy seems like it's going to grow into a relatively big VERY fluffy dog. So people are going to look at big fluffy dogs which are all very high maintenance.
    A lot of people are getting poodles or doodles which are behaviorally easy dogs generally, but their coat is expensive to maintain but people still get them because they're uneducated.
    Education over ignorance IMO.
    No one will hate you or judge you or hold it against you if you choose not to, but again. I think it's better to educate us over withholding it.

  50. I know what breed he is based on pics I've seen on your channel and the clips here, and why the breeders are selective because of it. Really exciting to see you getting one, they are very amazing! I agree people can be impulsive and fad-y with breeds, so I understand your reasoning. Education is a good choice, but some people just won't listen, so it's tricky…

  51. I love Eurasiers.
    That's my guess on the breed.
    Or a Chow Chow but those aren't rare
    Sorry if I'm right XD

  52. I would donate hundreds of dollars but my mom won’t let me because she doesn’t know who you are and she is afraid if being scammed but I 100% love the idea of documentaries would watch all of them !!!!!!!

  53. I'll be honest, the only reason I clicked on this video was to find out what kind of dog it was and I was VERY disappointed when you weren't going to reveal it. That's my 2 cents.

  54. its… not gonna matter whether you tell or not… people are gonna find out. like all people gotta do is, if one person finds out and comments what breed it is and then everyone will know… like its not a secret you can keep.

  55. I would tell us because people will find out anyways but education people with disclaimers but its not selfish at all. I think it would be best to just educate vers say nothing.

  56. I would love to know the breed just out of curiosity but as an adult I have 5 children, 3 small dogs & 3 ferrets. I have all I can handle! I have no desire to have anymore pets any time soon! But as for the younger generations those are ones who are more prone to make impulse buys & the ones to get caught up in fads. I can’t speak for them. And depending on how expensive they are will have an impact on who could afford to buy one on an impulse. Me personally, the dog I always wanted was an English bulldog. We just happen to get lucky enough to find a rescue from a bad breeding situation. So I have the dog I’ve always wanted other than a bull mastiff. My children would have to be completely grown & I wouldn’t want any other dogs if I chose to get one of those. I hope this helps and good luck with the new puppy! There isn’t anything like puppy breath! It’s irresistible!!!

  57. I would love a Patreon reward to be some kind of photo book like a coffee table book with clear, detailed shots of the reptiles scales and your notes on caring for your individual animals

  58. 100% find it weird that you're 31. I don't know why, but I had a feeling you were about that age and it kinda threw me. No idea why. Also, why don't you make a video solidly trying to put people off having dogs as pets with as much information as possible on their care and time needed? there's too many dogs and most are not well cared for.
    LOVE the necklace BUT I don't support this modern, toxic, oppressive feminism. You spoke of bees for 2.5 seconds then a couple of minutes talking feminism and women so which is it? bees or feminists? I won't give money to an alleged cause that's also funding hate speech and sexism.
    Sorry bees 🙁

  59. Em I totally know where your coming from and respect your choice and decision for the best of it. And if you do decide to tell the breed you would help me and others understand more about him and why, thx Em so much you’ve been an inspiration.

  60. Please share the breed, there is low chance that we will all want one because we watch you because we love animals and we respect animals, I will not buy a breed of any animal until I’ve researched for a long time xx

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