Is It True This Dog-like Cat Hangs Out With Doggos And Even Eats Dog Food?! (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

Sir~ Help me! My kids! I think I might die of their cuteness Hi~~~~~ We are cutie-pie six-siblings♡ Peekaboo~★ Unlike their appearance They act like devils 3:) The cutest devil .. lol *Escaping from devil doggos* “Their mother dog is rite here~” Rush to suckle~! Owner : How old are you that you’re still breastfeeding! No more stop stop stop! If you don’t listen~ You’re going to be disciplined ha(why r u smiling :p) Everyone, alert and gather up It’s family time Ooo~ Pretty Good~! A cat…?! Owner : His name is ‘Simba’ and he’s a Maine Coon Naturally~ Participating in the dog gathering PD : Even though he’s a cat he gets along well with the pups? Owner : Yes, they say the Maine Coon breed is known as the ‘great gentlemen’ They have good manners and they get along well with other breeds.. After the six siblings were born Since they were babies ‘Simba’ has been with them With his natural character Because he fulfilled his uncle role well~ From a tiny baby to a grown-up dog-kid..☆ They even eat dry feed well~ Time to eat PD : The cat, Simba, is eating (dog food)? “They say that the Maine Coon breed is the ‘great gentlemen’ ” Owner : Don’t eat don’t eat! You said he is a gentleman;; “A gentleman is hungry too” Were you hungry kiddos~? Pups : Yes!!!! Guess they were extremely hungry;; PD: Seems like their food bowls are useless?
/ Yes, they are of no use A chaos.. But~ *Absorb absorb* PD: Wow~it became clean Now that it’s clean next step is~ Time to make it dirty☆ Oh gosh.. Good luck! It is because they grow up with a gentleman~ The children are dang lively They are also not shy at all You raised them we~ll? Owner : Socialization is very important, isn’t it? Since I have to raise them to become ‘therapy dogs’ Therapy dogs!? These little pups~?! Their talents are sufficient as well What kind of talent.. Owner who is shocked : Hey hey hey hey hey! Lift~! LOL She is losing awareness…?;;; PD: What’s the matter? / Argh! The dog ate the poo PD: What?(Doubts his hearing) / Ate the poo Ahh! The doggie (who at the poo) bit my foot! Poo-vampire?! “Their talents are sufficient as well” You guys are going to become therapy dogsㅠㅠ To be continued..

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