Is Your Cat Talking To You? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #10

Is Your Cat Talking To You? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #10

Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat
Logic, we’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do,
today we’re going to look at ‘Body Language’ Well I’ve created this big fat
lovable cat who of course can’t talk so if I want to show an emotional how he’s
feeling I have to do it through body language and cats are fantastic at body
language and so it make some fantastic for animation so you can look at a picture
of a cat or an animation of a cat and understand exactly what that cat’s
feeling without using any words, so to draw an angry cat I’d start with two angry
looking eyes and then it’s ears would be back give him some little ruffled fur, because he’s really not really not happy at all sitting on his haunches a bit, waggling
his tail, he’s not very happy at all well Simon’s Cat is such a simple design,
he’s basically like a big fat bean really, he hasn’t really got any whiskers or
anything, so there’s not a lot to work with by just doing a few little simple body
language things like having a little tilted ear or a slightly puffed up tail
but I can get over a lot of motion in the drawing with Simon’s Cat there’s no
talking it’s all about body language cat body language is an area that’s
absolutely fascinating however cats are really subtle as a
species much more so than social species like ourselves and dogs and therefore it
means they can be quite difficult to really read as to how they’re feeling
what’s important is to look at facial expression and body language
particularly in the context so we can understand what’s going on, so if we look
at Nigel here he’s looking rather relaxed [Why do cats show their bellies?] what it means when a cat shows
their belly, it is actually a greeting behaviour this is because they’re showing the most vulnerable part of their tummy and it’s a sign of trust one of the things
that many people mistake when their cat rolls over and shows their tummy is that
they think it’s an invitation to have it touched, now unfortunately most cats don’t actually like their tummies being
touched and they may find they get grabbed or bitten by the cat [Tell Tails] cats can use their tails to express a variety of different emotions for example if the
tip of the tail is slowly moving and flicking like this it can mean they’re
agitated or something’s irritated them if the tail is moving from slowly side
to side and particularly if it’s at mid height this can indicate this feeling
indecisive if a cat is having its tail up high like this, but also curved at the
tip it can be a greeting behaviour you’ll see this both from cats towards other
cats but also cats will greet people like this two cats can also express
themselves using their ears position cats that are feeling nice and relaxed will
have her ears facing towards in a relaxed posture if we look at Nigel his
ears are quite alert and he’s listening in to his surroundings and like I say he’s
definitely very aware of what’s going on when cats are actually scared they will
move their ears both to the side and sometimes back if they put their ears
completely flat back on their head this is not only indication that they feel
extremely threatened but also that they are trying to protect their ears from
injury [Look into my eyes] There are lots of different ways in which cats can use their eyes to show different types of emotions from slow blinking to
having dilated pupils and also whether their eyes are half closed or actually
in the squinty position slow blinking where a cat slowly opens and close their eyes so a slow blink like this and it’s a sign that they’re feeling relaxed and
calm in the person’s presence they also do it towards other cats what’s really
exciting is if you slow blink a cat or so slowly opening and closing your eyes
and seeing if they do it back cats which are feeling stressed or insecure or
nervous will often have dilated pupils this is to gain as much information about
their environment as possible however cats may also have dilated pupils if
they are excited or they’re in hunting mode for example if you notice your cat
has dilated pupils it’s important to take its body language as well as a
context into account to figure out how your cat is feeling if the cat is
resting or feeling relaxed they often have their eyes half closed however this
are very subtly different to if the cat is in pain where they’ll have more of a
sort of squinty eye posture if you’re concerned that your cat may well be in
pain we’d recommend taking them to the vet for a health check, so by taking into
account facial expression, body posture and the context we can really start to
understand cat behavior and have a much more positive relationship with our cat,
well I think a lot of the charm of Simon’s cat comes from all the realistic
sort of body language and the little nuances and mannerisms that the cat does
that I’ve kind of learnt from having lots of cats all my life but occasionally
I tend to push push it a little bit and have him do things like ‘meow’ point to
his mouth when he’s hungry and pick up a baseball bat and I think that really
brings out the humour of Simon’s cat because that’s what cats would do if
they could I think

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  1. fun thing.. my cat can talk and tells me exactly what it wants.. he can say "out" and he has a tone for feed me thats all in german ofcourse becouse he is a german cat and im from germany.. 🙂

    we once had a cat that could say "mama", "milk" and "sheba" 😉

  2. здравствуйте, смотрю ваши видео каждый день, молодцы продолжайте в том же духе

  3. Our cat Tomas stands by the door turns to us and says …"Iiiiiiiwannnagoooooo oooooowwwwt!!
    Our other cat "Kuremame " (Blackbean), thuds his tail really hard on the ground and gives us a dirty look, when he is upset with us.
    He will only let hubby rub his belly and rolls over and screeches with pleasure when he does.
    When we scratch his head he actually smiles! He is very expressive with his emotions.
    Iggy another one of our cats jumps on my back and rubs his face all over my shoulder while he purrs and slobbers.
    And finally "Babygirl" says her name "Baaahgegill!" She cries when she wants to eat and she also loves cottonball sized pompoms. She chases them and brings them back for us to throw again!

  4. My kitten tries to nurse in my hair. She does this until she falls asleep on my head. Very disturbing at 3am.

  5. I love when you draw the cat, every once in awhile you see a dot for his butt.. It makes me smile for the sillyness of it.

  6. My one cat is my shadow she fallows me everywhere always talking away, talking away, and rubbing up on my legs.

  7. What should it mean if your cat will not meow, my cat knows how but just doesn't meow when I'm around unless if I take her outside of my room

  8. Actually my cat lets me touch her belly when she exposes it.
    I'm sure it's not the most comfortable feeling, but she lets me touch it, but it;s not like I go crazy. I just gently rub it.

  9. I have a cat that had kittens and her mom/grandma has two kittens that are ready for homes and the my cat that had kittens a couple days ago they already opened their eyes and their starting to walk!

  10. oh my goodness…I never noticed the cat doesn't have whiskers…lol…Simon…you are awesome…so are the kitties…more more more please

  11. One thing that I noticed my cat do is she will vibrate her tail when I walk to her and pet her. My mother did some research and says that it means they are excited to see you. Is this true?

  12. My cat actually is fine with belly rubs. If I rub her belly she just lays there. She doesn't seem to particularly like it, but she dosn't dislike it.

  13. I once meowed at my aunts cat cause im really good at barking and meowing so i once meowed and he started staring at me like an owl XD 🐱👀

  14. Our cat, Thor, is super hard to read sometimes. He keeps a blank face when he's playing or whirly eyed. Like, his body will be attacking the toy or the couch and he'll just have a 100-yard stare into nothing. He's a weird one. Likes armrests on chairs.

    Edit: His sister is also an odd one. She Loves belly rubs. She'll walk up to you, meow, flop onto her back, and meow at you until you scratch her belly. She'll give little chirps if you stop or slow down. "What are you doing! Cuddle me!"

  15. Why is my kitten not moving her ear to nothing? But you do not even hear me calling my name … I1m so very sad… 🙁 But why?

  16. I guess my cat must love me and trust me. His favorite sleeping position is on his back and totally streched out.

  17. My cat can speak purrfect English. ‘Kitty, you want to go outside?’ ‘Meow!’ ‘Kitty, want a treat?’ ‘Meow!’ ‘Kitty, can you stop hitting the damn kittens?’ ‘Meow!’ Yep. Kitty got some skills.

  18. This is exactly my cat. My Nigel. If only he was a black instead of a tabby, but still. This was also the first Simon's Cat short I saw, about seven years ago. Neat.

  19. My cats, and I am not the only person who has heard this before anyone says well you're just reading into it like that, spoke words. Not like full sentences but they used words associated with certain things. If one wnted in the room I was in it would call hello. The other would call mommy if it was ill. It was a unique and wonderful experience. They were the absolute most beautiful creatures.

  20. I'm in awe of people who can draw so simply and express so much! If I had any natural talents, the ability to draw and paint, particularly cartoons, is the one I'd really love to have. Wonderful stuff, Simon!

  21. My cat is really affectionate when there's cool weather but as soon as it's summer he leaves me alone in bed. Thanks for making me fall asleep all alone 😢

  22. I have an older cat. He usually just keeps his tail low. Unfortunately we just found out he has cancer, but is way too old for surgery. He about 14 now. You Should do a cat logic for medicine. Liquid and pill

  23. There are several components to care sheets for cats . One place I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Turbo Feline Roadmap (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the no.1 blueprint that I have ever seen. Check out all the great information .

  24. Hi, Simon and Nikki. I love these video animations. Thank you. They make me happy, and they are so ‘right on’

  25. I always find it remarkable when artists do drawings with sharpies. That's like the ultimate when it comes to confidence in your skills.

  26. I slow blink list all animals not just my cat, to not look threatning, Chipmunks, woodchucks, even Birds!!! I have a cardinal, well, kind of, I feed them nuts but I can get the Cardinals to slow blink so awesome

  27. Tip of tail twitching, eyes dialated, hunched over with but-wiggle… translation: I'mma gonna pounce that thing!

  28. It's kinda like you're explaining the potential cartoons you should have composed.

    -No Explanations Needed.

    Go back to the shorts. No Experts, please.

  29. BTW… Most people that began watching your clever skits… ALREADY know all these "expert things"… and much more.

    -Multiple Cat Owner, Rescuer.

  30. I have to 4 cats and 2 of them don’t like their tummy’s rubbed and then I have the other 2 who are both sisters and they love their tummy’s rubbed I’ve been doing that since they were a day old 💜💜

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