Jaguar VS Leopard – FAQ Friday

Jaguar VS Leopard – FAQ Friday

Hey everyone and welcome to another one of Big Cat Rescues fact Fridays. Many of you have a hard time telling the difference between a Jaguar and a Leopard, but Manny and I are here to help you out. Their coloring and markings are so similar that it is difficult for people to distinguish them. The difference lies in the center of a Jaguars rosettes because unlike the Leopard the Jaguar has spots inside of its rosettes. The Jaguar also has a much stockier build compared to the Leopard with shorter legs and tail giving it a more pit bull-type appearance. Besides their physical differences, these two big cat species are found on completely different continents. Jaguars are found in North and South America, and Leopards are found in Africa and Asia. Hopefully we are able to clear up some of the confusion. That’s all for today, we’ll see you next time for another fact Friday. EDITED-BT-DQ

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  1. Their both gorgeous animals. Unfortunately we have a childish president who won't help protect them but encourages sport hunting so people it's our jobs to preserve and protect these gorgeous animals…..👍🙏🇺🇸

  2. I have a question, since jaguars are known to swim a lot in the wild, did you guys put a pool in Manny' s enclosure?

  3. I always have been able to tell the difference between the two cats. Because I watch your videos a lot and I’ve learned it all through watching your videos.🙂😉

  4. Were I worked the leopards were the meanest cats in the whole compound. One attacked a woman that was feeding them and mangled her hand and wrist. The babies were so darn cute and playful, but watch out when they grew up a little.

  5. Jaguars may not be the biggest big cat but with a bite force that neither a lion or tiger can match it's certainly not body size that counts in their case. They remind me of Pitbulls too with the sturdy body type and, not intended as an insult, big heads. The turtles better watch out because it's not playtime with them, they can bite through the shells.

  6. Also, when leopards kill, they go for the throat like other cats.
    BUT Jaguars like to bite the skull and kill with a brain bite.
    Jaguar teeth differ from Leopard teeth because of this too!

  7. I can usually tell pretty easily. The Jaguar has a wider face and taller forehead, more white underneath, large rosettes with the spots, and has that more arched or higher curved back, almost like the spine is more compressed and the body more compact with a real low ready to slap someone walk. Haha but yeah they look a lot like pitbulls while the leopard has a more streamline look. Sometimes leopards look almost like something out of a disney film, very dainty, but sometimes they can look pretty muscular like a jaguar.

  8. Thank you for the informative video, and may all, both furry and nonferry have a wonderful Christmas with family, loved ones and friends.

  9. Random question, but I was considering visiting a zoo with my friend and don't want to go to one that doesn't take care of the animals as they should, is there any website or something that lists which zoos we should and shouldn't be supporting?

  10. Thank you. I have usually been able to tell a Jaguar when I see one. In fact, before I saw the video of Manny's rescue, I saw him in the background of one of your fb-message videos. I thought, "That looks like a Jaguar, but BCR doesn't have one." I am happy to know that I can still tell the difference. haha Thank you so much for all you share, including information on how to help the big cats. <3

  11. This should help when I'm telling my domestic kitty how beautiful she is…and comparing her features to the big cats…lol…she eats it up.

  12. +Big cat rescue Jaguars are more stocky and their spots are different usually darker thicker spots leopards are thinner and the Jaguars have bigger more muscular heads and are alot bigger I really like leopards though I went to this place before how come you guys don't have cheetahs?

  13. The species spotlight videos are cool. You ought to do one of Manny, to explain to people more about jaguars. And also one of Nat, to give more info and about the plight of Amur leopards.

  14. 0.48 I initially thought the one on the left was a jaguar as I was listening to the video. On 2nd inspection both are leopards

  15. I can tell who s jaguar and who is leopard. Jaguar has much stronger jaws then leopard and i stronger body so its not so hard tell to me.

  16. Just like there are subspecies of tiger, there are subspecies of leopard. The Jaguar is the biggest of them all. They share a common ancestor, but followed different evolutionary paths. Jaguars are adapted to live in the Amazon. African leopards are adapted to live in the dry African Savanna. Indian male leopards are as big and dark as jaguars.

  17. I just see Jaguars as Leopards on Steroids and u get bit by a Jaguar u probably losing a limb😢

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