Japan’s dog amusement park | WanWan Land!!

Japan’s dog amusement park | WanWan Land!!

Please throw your ball at the stage! He’s having hard time picking a ball. So the number is…7 You can punch 7, 17, 27, 37, 47,….. Number 5! Please pick one. Wow, your prize is 5th (second from the bottom). Here you are. Cat house! Number 6, kuromame (Toy Poodle). He thinks he’s the cutest dog in the world. 3..2..1.. Kuromame is winning. Obstacle means nothing to him. Kuromame came in 1st! First one is jumping rope. Our leader, Botan will try first. You’re so ready. Okay, calm down. Aibo! Ringo. Come this side. Botan. You did great. Perfect. Aibo. Start. Walking on a thin ladder. You can do it! The last trick is standing on the ladder. Now, you can jump at me! Dive! Please give him a big applause. Than you very much. Bye bye!

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  1. I have 3 cats and 2 of them sleep every night together in a Basket ,its so cute i die every day when i see them together ,they are like an old maried cuple😻

  2. I'm a HUGE dog lover, I would definetely visit WanWan Land when I get the chance (if I'll ever go to Japan, that is)

  3. I wish the dogs had soft places to sit and toys to play with like the cats. And maybe a back room with a doggy door they can go if they need to get away, like they have for animals at the zoo

  4. The cats in the middle part were the best part of the video. Cats will always win me over dogs in a heartbeat, hands down.

  5. In the cat room I noticed all those cats scratched less than my single cat could… I'm shook😎😎

  6. (Please Forgive my ignorance)
    But do these canines belong to anyone or are they up for adoption? I hope all of the dogs and cats have families to love, snuggle them and take care of them. Every Animal Deserves to Be Loved. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome video!! 😊👍
    Hugs to All!! Peace and Love to everyone!!

  7. I wonder if you can set up a Dog pound like this.
    "Come play with lonely puppers. You can take one home after"

    Something like that is a thing right?!
    Tell me that's a thing Dx

  8. This would be a godsend here in the states, imagine it as a giant shelter, capable of handling thousands of dogs because it's handled like an amusement park, and it pays for itself as an amusement park

  9. nobody:

    not even the huge fracking dog:

    me: * frantically squealing and giggling throughout the entire video *

  10. When i read the title i was doubtful but i am so glad i was wrong, those dogs seem happy and perfectly taken care of. Very good to see

  11. The cat that was so vocal was a bengal cat. Have to be the sweetest cat race out there <3
    So loving, playful, social and curious.

  12. I hope those trainers take gud care of the dogs and Love them genuinely …and not just using them for shows 🙏

  13. What happens to the animals when they get old or disabled? What if they turn out to not have the right temperament for interacting with people all day?

  14. That was so much FUN!!! I don't especially like cats, but the cat's paradise was coOOOol!!!:D The dog petting zoo was quite nice too!!! I Just love Dogs sooo much!!!! Very Nice, Thank you two!!!:)

  15. at 7:03 the cat making all that noise is a savanna cat. they are actually part wild and they grow up to be huge.
    that cat is desperate to be outside.

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