Jason Derulo Gives Cat Acting Lessons To Nicole Byer And Kelly Clarkson

Jason Derulo Gives Cat Acting Lessons To Nicole Byer And Kelly Clarkson

– So, did you have to go to cat school? Like, you have to learn
how to be a cat, like– – Literally. – ‘Cause I know I really
remember Jennifer saying she had to, you know,
learn how to actually embody a cat. – Yeah, definitely, so everybody
had to go to cat school. Me, I stayed with– – Okay, what is cat school? (laughing) You can’t just say we
all went to cat school and everyone’s like, mm-hmm! (laughing) What is cat school? – Yeah, I’ve been there before, yeah! (laughing) So, cat school basically
is, there’s a woman (laughing) who is very, she’s… (laughing) You gonna let me finish? – Yes, I’m sorry! – I’m sorry. – Okay, so she’s a… (laughing) she’s not like a cat psychologist, she’s like, so basically
she gives you all the… (laughing) Now everything I say sounds– – Oh, it’s silly, yep– – Ridiculous in my mind! (laughing) – It’s not ridiculous,
it’s gonna be awesome! – It’s gonna be amazing. – Yeah! – So, the actual cat school, so basically she just tells you everything that you have to know about cats. (laughing) What’s in here, you know? (laughing) (clapping) – So, but you have to kinda learn– – I’m so sorry. – Okay, here’s the thing. Instead of having to talk about it, teach me one thing. What’s one thing you gotta do? – [Jason] Okay, so– – I wanna be a cat, meow– – You have to learn to… (cheering) – Right, so show us. – Okay so… (laughing) – So, cats walk in a different way, right? They walk same arms, same legs, so, it’s a little different than us. So, I mean it’s all those little– – Oh, that’s odd– – All those, yeah. (laughing) – I just pictured myself. – Yeah! (laughing) – So, it’s like that because we go from two feet to four feet
’cause we’re not, we’re not just like, regular cats,
we’re like, cat people. So, we go in, you know,
from standing on two feet into going into all fours. So, you’ll be in a
conversation with somebody– – Ohh, this sounds like
Junior High athletics. – Yeah! Yes, a lot of core! So, you’ll be on two feet– – I’m out! – And you’ll just be
having a conversation. – I’m out, that’s why they didn’t call me. Oh, shoot! (cheering) – [Nicole] I’m in. Okay! All right! – I said I was out, but I’m in! – Okay! (laughing) – Wow! – I’m gonna show my man that clip, I’m gonna be like, I want
you to do that tonight! (laughing) I want you to do that, I want you to come at me and be like, (purrs) – I swear!

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  1. what is with yalls speculation about his sexuality? i feel like you need to do some introspection before you start projecting onto others 😉

  2. It looked like they added some special effects when he did those "cat moves".
    I know he's a dancer so I bet it plays a role; that makes me wonder how those moves would look with Jennifer Hudson & Taylor Swift.

  3. I don't care how attractive a man( and I don't find Jason Derulo all that attractive) is if he gives off gay vibes he loses all attractiveness in my eyes.

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