Karma Kitty – Feed Me Hooman I’m Hungry – funny cat videos

Karma! There’s no food on the TV stand
you silly kitty karma that’s not food that’s a llama Kharma that’s a plant maybe that’s not
kitty food you must be really angry this karma wants you to the feeder right
now silly kitty she knows today’s national taco day
doesn’t she she wants some of our fish tacos look at karma she’s so hangry look at
the look on her face she wants that taco bag she’s loving now she thinks he’s gonna
get food oh look at that face you should see her face right now she is changing karma
that’s not kitty food you silly karma you don’t eat people food you need kitty
food oh good karma kitty oh she was so angry so that was a cute little video I really
enjoyed that I got to share with you guys what it’s like for us to have
dinner at the ray-ray house we see it literally every time we have a meal
together as a family kitty jumps up on the table and she she
thinks she needs to eat a weave so we don’t give karma any people food
now that’s just a personal choice I don’t have anything against anybody who
does but check this out guys we’ve had karma kitty for eight months
now where is the time gone for all of you and the ray-ray family you know
karma story if you’re new to this channel and you don’t know the awesome
story that karma has you know how she was adopted by Cory if you don’t know
Cory it’s that’s the main kitty guy check out look for a card right here and
to see where her story started in a how she came to be with me and my family
what our incredible journey this cat his head you know what a blessing she’s been
to us but anyway let’s let’s move on guys I appreciate each and every one of
you checking out this video to get if you’re in the ray-ray family you know I
love you guys I literally say it every week I appreciate each and every one of
you I love the comments I love the conversation if you’re like what I’m
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every day to make somebody else’s day great see you guys you

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