Katzenzitate Teil 1 – Cat quotations part 1

Katzenzitate Teil 1 – Cat quotations part 1

Cat quotations Part 1 Educating cats is very easily, after a few days you do that what they want. (G. Cooper) If a cat is offended, then every square centimeter of her is offended. (AP Reilly) When I play with my cat, I’m never quite sure if I am not her pastime. (Michel de Montaigne) Cats are the most considerate and the most attentive shareholder, which one can wish for. (Pablo Picasso) The symbol of peace is a sitting cat. (Jules Renard) A cat can change the coming home in an empty house into a “coming in a charmed home”. (Pam Brown) Two things are suitable as a refuge for the adversities of life: Music and cats (Albert Schweitzer) A kitten is for wildlife what a rosebud is for the garden. (Robert Southey) You can not own a cat, the highest, what you can achieve, is a partnership. (Sir Harry Swanson) A dog is sitting next to you, while you work, a cat is sitting on top of your work. (Pam Brown) Thank you for watching!!!

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