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  1. Nasty ass hunky bitch parents didn't teach the bitch shit.. Ediomites are losing control. Locking kids up like they are dogs in a cage… Wow.. Nasty white trifling bitch..

  2. When those 5 black kids killed that country music artist, there were nothing but racist comments on the videos. Just like with that case, this is a case a piss poor parents who need to be removed from every occasion anywhere. If this is what you do, or if that other situation is what you let your children do, you are not a human being or even an intelligent being.

  3. And so the latest: Kids remain in foster care. No suitable relatives to care for the little ones. While her ass stays in jail and he's out on bond.
    Sad they have no family members who are suitable. They are better cared for with strangers.

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