Kids’ Puppy Present Surprise Compilation

Kids’ Puppy Present Surprise Compilation

Music: Spring In My Step by Silent Partner
WOMAN #1: Allright, you can go ahead and open it. WOMAN #2: This is your birthday gift! WOMAN #2: Those are outfits for your new puppy you get. -Are you serious?
-WOMAN #2: I am totally serious. Oh my gosh, are you serious? Oh my gosh. [crying] Oh my gosh! DAD: Emma!
EMMA: Yeah? DAD: Emma!
EMMA: Oh. Oh my gosh! MOM: Carson. [all surprised and excited] [screams] Oh my god! He’s so cute. [crying] Thank you. -BOY: [muffled]
-GIRL: [stunned] Oh my god. [barely audible] BOY: For us? You got it for US? Oh my gosh! You bought us a dog? We got a puppy! MOM: [laughing] WOMAN #1: I’ve got a special stocking for you to open today. -WOMAN #2: [gasps]
-WOMAN #3: Awesome.
-WOMAN #1: Guys! BOTH: [excited] OH MY GOD! WOMAN: What the heck? ANOTHER WOMAN: Oh my gosh. He’s cute! -[offscreen] Over here.
-[offscreen] Over here, what’s this over here? [gasps so much he… hiccups?] BOY #2: [quickly] Oh my god. BOY #1: [cries so much he can hardly breathe] [men laugh] [mixed voices] One more? One more? [mixed voices] OH MY GOD! [everyone laughs] German Shepard! Captions by Mike&ChrisProductions

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  1. all of that joy and surprise from those kids have a special animal companion come into their lives actually made me shed tears of joy

  2. No. Fair everybody ELLIS has a puppy but I don't have 1 because my mom and dad won't give me 1😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😓😪😭😖😫😩😩😫😖😔😔😔

  3. I always end up crying after these videos, because I've always wanted a puppy since I was younger.
    But we can't get one because our house isn't big enough… 😔 😥😥😥

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