LaurDIY’s Bull Terrier Is A Complete WEIRDO | The Dodo You Know Me Now Meet My Pet

LaurDIY’s Bull Terrier Is A Complete WEIRDO | The Dodo You Know Me Now Meet My Pet

What are you doing?! Don’t you wag your tail at me. Moose! Hey guys, I’m and you may know
me from YouTube. Now you’re gonna
meet my dog, Moose, I don’t want to
make this weird, but So his legal birth name
is Moose, but I call him I think that’s all of them. Moose is He’s like a not like a Moose came into my life I had been following all of
these mini bull terriers forever and found the
Moose Moose who was And I was like, Moose has changed
my life in so many ways, not only just being a dog mom and having the responsibility
of taking care of this little fluff nugget, but he’s also
been such amazing for and, you know, just Moose, you just gotta
let me know if you need help. He’s been such
an amazing distraction and it’s so much
easier to find ways to focus my attention
on Moose rather than what I’m going through. For some reason,
I feel like it’s the So he’s been
amazing support for anxiety and just getting through some
really tough times. Moose’s personality,
I’d say, is more But I’d say the weirdest
thing is that he loves being smothered in blankets,
like to the point where I make him an airway because I’m nervous that
he’s gonna just like drown in the blanket. He started doing zoomies where it was just to
the point where he would knock off every
cushion on the couch and the pillows. We love a good zoomie,
they’re usually around If Moose had a human voice, Moose is just like
lazy and just like, OK, so Moose’s favorite
snack is peanut butter on toast with a piece of banana on top. But when the
toaster goes off, Moose will come
running around this corner. Have you come
here for some toast? Get yo paws off
the kitchen island. Don’t you even
think about it, Moose. Get off the table,
you psycho. Yes. OK. Good. Good.

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  1. Laur just got a new subscriber 😃🤣 I like chocolate on everything like with hash browns and bread I like to eat mayonnaise on bread and I like pickle juice

    Anyone else like these? 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Moose Moose is a MINI bull terrier. Now he lives with his momma and stepdad. R.I.P Laurax. Huge fan of Lauren, Alex, and the Dodo

  3. It's okay, Moose is just doing his own version of DIY – with his paws. (Every single time they are on the table…)

  4. So she purchased a designer dog instead of adopting a dog in need thus perpetuating the puppy mill cycle. Okay.

  5. Omg i have a bull terrier and he’s so goofy and hard headed. He also will sleep with his blanket wrapped around him!! 😂

  6. You found yourself an AWESOME dog. The bully breeds are pure magic when raised by loving people. FYI, my wife's personal dog (Pit/Boxer rescue) has always LOVED blankets & pillows. And… ALWAYS rescue from a shelter w/ these breeds!!!

  7. Often people ask me if Bullterrier's are great dogs to own.
    This is one video I'll recommend so they can see their true character.
    I had 14 Bullterrier's over the last 32 years. They are all goofy and such a blessing to own.

  8. Omg I have two bull terriers and one named Rocko goes up on tables sometimes too! Leia likes to spin around when hearing music or chasing her tail 😂. They are wacky and entertaining dogs

  9. Moose, such an appropriate name for your little rabble rouser. I have a male JRT whose real name is Dylan but for the past three years I have always called him "Moose".

  10. Hahaha love this HER: get off the table moose! MOOSE: but it makes me taller 🙂 awesome video very adorable dog

  11. K so I love all dogs equally with a few slightly above average. But for the next week or so I'm gonna be all about bull terriers. I'd be a terrible dog parent cuz I'd get one of each breed

  12. I have a female mini bull terrier and she is exactly like this cute little dude. They’re the clowns of dogs 😂🤓

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