Let Me In! – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #2

Let Me In! – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #2

[Simon’s Cat meows 4 times] [Simon’s Cat meows again] [soccer ball bounces against window] [gnome sound] [glass gets hit] [gnome gets dropped] [glass squeaks] [Simon’s Cat meows, & glass squeaks twice] [Simon’s Cat meows] [Simon’s Cat meows again] [doorknob gets jiggled around] [doorknob gets jiggled around again] [doorknob jiggles itself] [Simon’s Cat meows 3 times & vase breaks] [Simon’s Cat keeps trying to get Simon’s attention, as Simon opens the door] [Simon tries to get the cat inside, & is confused as to why his cat won’t come in] [Simon’s Cat purrs & comes in] [glass door breaks] [Simon’s Cat meows loudly]

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  1. I am a cat owner,I,spoil them rotten,my cats don't go outside,here in Ontario Canada there are too many predators. I just LOVE Simon 's cat cartoons.absolutely spot on.

  2. My cat: peacefully sleeping next to me on my bed
    Also my cat: randomly gets up and wants out
    Me: gets up and opens the door
    My cat: walks out
    Me: goes back to bed
    My cat not even 2 minutes later: scratches at my door

  3. This cat is like my cat that is called trakina, which means damn, her name already says it all 😉 lol.

  4. This video is 11 years old. And YouTube is 14 years old. This was released when YouTube was 3 years old, this is one of the oldest videos on youtube. Simon's cat has been going on for a really long time. Omg.

  5. "The cat came back…the very next day…." I'm just now getting the chance to watch these in chronological order, sharing them with my fur babies. I love the minimalist design of these shorts, as it makes it more focused on Simon's cat. Even though my kits are strictly indoors, my kits will do this if I'm in the bathroom, bedroom, or in a room I've closed where they desperately want in….for about five seconds ^O^

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  7. Sometimes I think they just want to check that we are still ready to serve their every whim. Sometimes I think they want us to go outside & keep them company. Thankyou for sharing.

  8. I'm not trying to show off but I watched this on my small purple LG Optimus it was on Verizon it was a hand me down from my mom when she got the best phone ever the galaxy s3 then when I was looking through old YouTube I found this video and in the end I laughed so hard and loud im sure my mom was like wot is he laughing about

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