Liger Big Cat Habitat Lion and White tiger Part 2 Lion Kiss

Liger Big Cat Habitat Lion and White tiger Part 2 Lion Kiss Liger video part 1. Liger video part 1 Liger video part 1

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  1. Come on guys, you can't keep saying "Abuse!". Not everything is abuse. Nothing was dangerous in this video or part 1 and the handler seems to genuinely care about them. They all look healthy and content and well cared for.

  2. I hope there's still tigers and lions around when I eventually have grandchildren and not go the way of the thylacine .

  3. This is a Barbary Lion lol . They are extinct in the wild , but a few zoos and sanctuaries have preserved the genome . Barbary lions are the only lions with a mane like that , that reaches all the way under it's belly and to it's hind quarters . They are also larger than the other subspecies of lions by alittle bit . They come from extreme North Africa not to far believe it or not from Spain if you look on a map , while all other subspecies are found outside of North Africa , in central , east , west , and South Africa . They are the furthest north of all the lion family .

  4. Compare to the tiger and the liger, the lion is the biggest among them. How old are they? All are males?

  5. Lion weighing more than 750 lbs, what a joke… that lion looked big but it looked thinner then that white bengal tiger and there is no way the lion weighed more than 550 lbs, even the biggest of barbary lions in captivity dont weigh more than 570 or 580. Yet this man deliberately set a fake example of lion weighing more than 750 lbs

  6. According this vedio i understood one thing..That "man is most cruel than lion also inthe world till when this nature destroyed by the God.

  7. Guaton culiao anda mal tratar a la wueona que te parió… por traer a este mundo tan horrible humano… cerdo asqueroso maltratador

  8. This is absolutely fucking sickening, The people paying to watch that it should be ashamed of themselves, CUNTS.

  9. Ud no saben algo. Esos pobres animales pueden estar drogados, o lo están.. K pesar … de verdad los drogan , miren como actúan , totalmente drogados .

  10. this is not funny…. people can hunt animals for meal, but we make fun of them for comercial aims, we make them suffer in vain..MOTHER NATURE will punish people roughly (not only for things such in this video) and it will be fair……………

  11. Quizás esté mejor el león ahí dando espectaculo y bien alimentado ,q en libertad perseguido por los malditos turistas cazadores de mierda ,es irónico pero al menos aunq en jaula pero sibreviviendo

  12. Esta bestia humana no tiene ningún derecho de mantener los animales que no están en su hábitat la libertad es un privilegio que no se le da a los animales

  13. Porque no lo sientan a ese animal panzon grasiento que viste ropa y lo humillan de la mismas manera que lo hace con el animal. Y la gente estúpida que aplaude y asiste a este tipo de eventos, sociedad hipócrita!!

  14. El León debería comérselo y después vomitarlo para q no se enferme con tanta grasa del guatón asqueroso..

  15. What a hideous debasement of these magnificent wild animals, sat on a fucking stool while a stupid fat twat with an ego problem makes faces at them. Hurry up and eat him guys.

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