LIGER?!  What Is That?

LIGER?! What Is That?

What is a Liger? A Liger is the result of breeding a male lion to a tigress. A Tigan is the result of breeding a male tiger to a lioness. Since lions and tigers do not exist on the same continents this is not something that happens in the wild. Crossbreeding big cats is done in captivity by disreputable backyard breeders to produce a freak that ignorant people pay to see. These cats suffer from many birth defects and usually die young. Because Ligers are larger than either parent it also puts the tigress at great risk in carrying the young who are much bigger than nature intended. Most Ligers suffer from a condition called gigantism. That means they keep growing and growing until their organs can’t keep up and it kills them. When people stop paying to see Ligers, the evil people responsible for breeding them will stop this cruel practice. You can stop the abuse; don’t support places that breed Ligers. When you see Ligers in the news or on TV write the station and let the reporters know the truth about Ligers. If you see photos of Ligers on social media don’t share them; give them a thumbs down rating so that the people who exploit them will stop. Take action at [Music] EDITED-ME-DQ

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  1. I don't disagree that the existence of ligers and tigons is totally the result of human interference with big cats' lives, but uh… tigers and lions do exist on the same continents. Asiatic lions are rare, and becoming rarer, and they are totally deserving of as much respect and conservation effort as African lions.

  2. should we thumbs down this video and never share it then ?

    to be frank I'm not sure how to react to this, on one hand I'm not aginest cross breading between animals that are living in captivity, on other hand I hate it if its done just for the sake on money

  3. Bravo! I absolutely HATE that ligers and tigons are displayed at ‘zoos’ (y’all’s display is perfect, ‘look what some idiot did to this poor animal and his parents’). I can’t even find room in my heart for Savana or other artificially created cat breeds. Just why? Why do people need to breed ‘pet’ animals when the US kills millions of healthy animals each year?! And cross breeding wild animals? Just no!

  4. I wish only kind humans existed on the planet. And then if someone even thought of doing something bad we would kill them.

  5. I fully concur with the content of this video. Ligers/Tigons shouldn't be exploited for profit.
    However the statement that Lions and Tigers don't exist on the same continent is not completely correct. The Asian Lion, although no longer abundant, does still exist in the wild.

  6. You should contact Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness to see the sanctuary, also do a video of "A Day of Life for A Fishing Cat" show the activities that the fishing cat does

  7. Thanks for making a clear, easy to understand video about Ligers.
    It's terrible that there are still many people out there who think these freak animals are "Cool"
    If it doesn't occur naturally in the wild, it shouldn't be forced in captivity.
    Those cruel, greedy humans must be stopped!

  8. Cross breeding lions and tigers for fun and profit is bad, BUT preachy propaganda that contains scientific inaccuracies and mischaracterizations hurts the cause. Lions and tigers have lived on the same continent since they evolved from a common ancestor: Asia. The Gir Forest of India has a population of wild lions. There are tigers occasionally crossing the forest. Leopards too. And until a few years ago, Asia was home to wild cheetahs.

    If someone who watches this video is trying to convince another person that breeding Ligers and Tigons, as well as Leopons or Liguars, is bad, it might be a less convincing argument if basic facts are wrong. For example, India is a country with both species and a culture with a rich history of using animals for entertainment – snake charmers, dancing bears, elephant rides are common even where illegal. India has a large portion of well-educated people. It might be important to base arguments against Ligon-breeding in facts to help convince some people there.

  9. There are lions in Asia, India to be exact. The Asiatic lion, however the one commonly crossbred with the tiger is the African lion. I don't know if there is a captive population of Asiatic lions. Barbary lions went extinct.

  10. I agree with most of the stuff you guys say but whenever you people talk about Ligers you tell common misnomers and flat out lies for one when you said that lions and tigers do not live on the same continent it's for the most part true but there are a small amount of lions that naturally live in India and tigers that live in Africa. You also said that Ligers are breed by "disreputable back yard breeders" which is also not true – many highly accredited breeders and zoos have and condone the practice of breeding ligers. You also said that they have many birth defects and usually die young which is true about tigons but is not true about ligers. In fact, they usually live longer than lions and tigers. When you said that it puts the tigress at risk to give birth to the liger you completely lied ligers are born the same size as lion/tigers, they just grow a lot more and a lot faster than lion/tiger. The thing about giant-ism – they do have it but it will not kill them "because their organs can keep up" that's not how it works. You calling the people breeding ligers "evil" is complete propaganda trying to make uninformed people go on your side and to stir up anger. And telling people to get the reporters to tell the truth about ligers, well, how about you tell the truth first. Giving a thumbs down rating won't make the people 'exploiting' them stop.(also ligers do not have manes like your pictures show. In fact, its tigons that have manes sometimes).

  11. The only chance a liger could have ever existed, and that would be extremely remote, would be an asiatic lion cross breeding with a tiger. There has been no documented case of an in-the-wild tigon or liger.

  12. What is necessity of Cross breeding of endangered ones…it's time to protect them with high caution, we already damaged their ecosystem. Save big 🐈 for better earth

  13. I'm sorry, but you lost me at "evil people". I know there are people out there using animals with no regard to their well-being, but to blanket EVERYONE who breeds ligers for money (regardless of species) as evil? What if they used to take good care of their animals, but are on hard times OR think they're doing something to help animals. Or maybe they're uneducated, or stuck, or feel like they can't get out of that business? There's often more to the story than just a black and white statement. Like the people who adopt pets from the shelter until they overcrowd their home or neglect their own health and the animals' – they think they're helping (even if they only think that because they feel good about having the animals), but don't realize they're doing harm. Those aren't all evil people.
    The video is okay, but please don't paint people one way or another. Just saying "don't support/pay money to people who breed ligers" would have been enough. Anything more is opinionated at best and fear-mongering at worst.


  15. I honestly don't now how many years I've been subscribed to your channel. I think it started with the video when the big cats are eating watermelon? Love your channel, I've never heard of this Tigon/Liger concept. However I do live in Sweden and we don't have to many experimental breeders here.

    Very glad to be informed about this however. Even though it breaks my heart.
    Thank you.

  16. It's kinda like white tigers, someone decided "Hey, that looks cool, I want to see more of it." and they've been bred in captivity, the only place they could really survive given the health issue that come with the look they're being bred for, ever since.
    Protect the cats that are already here, rescue them from cruel and exploitive conditions and for the love of God, stop breeding them!

  17. They are suffering because of cruel people who breed them to get a lot of money. If each of us keep sharing the truth of their existence, we can stop this cruelty. Together we can make a difference. Thank you for sharing this educational video! Shared to my family and friends so they'll know the truth behind it.

  18. What is a liger: a very cool animal hybrid…but crossbreeding is wrong…even tho a lot of dogs are crossbreeds……

    Wait but what about mules? Those hybrid asses are perfect!

  19. 24 people accidentally gave this a thumbs down because it contains pictures of ligers and tigons. I gave it a thumbs up because I want this knowledge shared.

  20. Good to know. Let’s let lions be lions and tigers be tigers. That’s it, plain and simple and as Nature intended.

  21. I saw a video called "The truth about Ligers" filmed at a place called "Tigers Preservation" in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. They said that Ligers being weak, sickly, and dying young was all just Myths. They also said that Ligers live just as long as Lions and Tiger (with one living for 24 years) and aren't prone to disease.
    Lions and Tigers may not share the same habitat today, but in the past when there were hundreds of thousands of Lions and tigers in the world, both species habitats did overlap and they came into contact like how Polar Bears and Grizzly Bears do today. There have been full grown Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear hybrids that have been seen or shot in the wild. Hybrid Coyotes and Wolves have also been seen in the wild it said that they number in the millions in the U.S.

  22. When I was in…maybe 5th grade, ligers were a big deal with a few students in my class. I never knew the dark truth about them. Thank you for this video!

  23. I have a question now? Is it the same for the savannah cat breed? (The disabilities and general forced breeding of the parents) should they be a breed?

  24. The narrator said lions and tigers don't exist in same continents but as far as my knowledge there are Asiatic lions and tigers live in Asia so…

  25. I am very against making such hybrids. I understand Liger is impressive cat, but against nature. Such creatures often have mental proplems like depression etc. Let's try imagine cat which has in 1/2 brain of solitary tiger and 1/2 of social lion ! It's kind of schizophrenia. We also shouldn't buy savannah to stop breeding it by unwise ppl, cause it's also hybrid of European cat species (popular home cats) and wild serval cat !

  26. Saying that ligers or tigons are born with birth defects and live short lives is irresponsible misinformation. Since both lions and tigers have 19 sets of chromosomes and similar anatomy due to having a common ancestor, interbreeding them produces hybrid vigor in the offspring. This vigor includes more diverse genetics which leads to less deformities and in general better health. Another example hybrid would be the mule that known for its strength in pulling carts. For both hybrids it is accepted truth that the offspring are indeed sterile. I am not sure myself why this is but I hypothesize it's due to the cytoplasmic differences in the gametes much like in plant hybrids.

    I understand and agree that these wild animals should not be forcefully breed in captivity for profit. Big Cats are not appropriate to keep as pets and should have limited time in zoo captivity. If organizations like this one are trying raise awareness of the unethical treatment of these animals then it only hurts their cause if they try to persuade the public with misinformation and biased statements. Please fact check before posting misleading videos.

  27. The reason ligers get so big is because tigeresses and male lions lack the genetics that controls growth, therefore the liger doesn’t have the necessary genetic material to stop growing at a certain point, male tigers and lionesses have something in their genes that stop their offspring from getting too big, thats why tigers and lions don’t get to a massive size like the liger does

  28. I love ligers even though people keep them captive but I already have a liger that weren’t forced to breed i also took care of him

  29. People should know that Nature did not intend for this to happen. That’s why they shouldn’t exist in the first place.

  30. The claim about Ligers having shorter lifespands, and weaker immune systems is a total Myth, created by individuals who are against the breeding of Ligers.
    The results of a research study in 2009 (looking into the effects of Pyometra on female Leopards, Lionesses, Tigeresses, and Ligers) suggest that Ligers are just as healthy, and live just as long a life, as Lions and Tigers. Do to the small sample size of Ligers they had at the time, they can't say that with absolute certainty. But according to the evidence they were able to gather from the study, Ligers are just as healthy as other Big Cats.

    Link the the Study:

    It is very pre mature to make the statement that Ligers have a short life span compared to Lions and Tigerd. In 1972, the only living Liger at the time, died at the age of 24. That's four years beyond the average life expectancy of both Lions and Tigerd. A Lions life expectancy in the wild is 10-14 years, but lengthens when in captivity to 20 years.
    A Tigers life expectancy in the wild is 16-18 years, but also lengthens to 20 years when in captavity.
    Lastly, a Ligers life expectancy is 18-22 years when in captivity and aren't found naturally in the wild today. When you compare the three big cat life expectancies, you will notice that they're all close to identical.

  31. The only place where a lion and tiger would meet would be big Cat Rescue R. I. P. Cameron and Zabu

  32. I agree that this does not happen in the wild and we should put an end to this cross breeding…but there is one factual error in this video. India has both lions and tigers…with urbanisation their areas are segregated but I am sure once upon a time there could have been an overlap in their hunting areas.

  33. As climate change shifts the environment both species can live in, is there any possibility they could intersect in the wild like with the famous nanulak? Probably not.

  34. Y’all know those photos of a chick sitting on a liger? His name is Samson or something? I feel bad for him.

  35. If i should cross breed…

    I would collect their hair from the ground and genetically create a hybrid… Would that be better?

  36. I used to love hybrids because I saw them as being wonderful, unique, and special, but now that I know about the forced breeding for profit and their physical problems, I don't want anymore to be bred. I do hope the ones that already exist will be liberated to sanctuaries where they are cared for appropriately.

  37. I didn't know any of these existed until an episode of QI. I was like, wtf are Ligers? Thankfully this video answers my questions and also highlights the consequences of it

  38. Most of this video is complete nonsense
    First of all:
    Ligers stop growing after about six years or so and the thought that every Liger has genetic issues to the point where they suffer is utter nonsense, sure there are some born with issues but that happens across all walks of life
    Ligers live about the same amount of time as tigers or lions if anything a little longer
    Cross breeding has been found in the wild throughout history
    Many aza zoos have or had ligers in the past and the majority of zoos that do have ligers use whatever money is made to Fund preservation causes

    Every point in this video takes a few instances and uses it to blanket every ligers or every zoo as if no other animal has genetic issues or every liver is used by a shady zoo keeper

    I’m a huge animal lover and really don’t feel strongly one way or the other on this issue because I can’t take one or two circumstances and use that to justify my points if that was the case than literally anything can be said is immoral
    And not for anything if ligers kept breeding after birth which they are sterile btw their genetic code would have a wider gene pool just like any other species
    A liger cub at birth is the same size as a tiger which is a pound or two which is .1% of the mother’s weight which is 350 Ibs agian are there some sea sections necessary? Yes but agian THAT HAPPENS ACROSS THE BOARD AT ZOOS, SOMETIMES THERES COMPLICATIONS AT BIRTH LIKE ANY OTHER SPECIES
    A lot of big cat sanctuaries have different cats all in one giant area to socialize and most don’t cross breed unless two of them get along all big cats are stimulation ovulators which makes artificial insemination almost impossible

  39. Liger almost look like a smilodon, of we released ligers into the wild they would become the ultimate apes predator

  40. I didn’t even know people crossbred tigers and lions. I always assumed the tigers and lions mated with their own respective breeds. I never imagined people would try this unnatural experiment. In the words of Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park, they were so caught in wondering if they could but they never stopped to think if they should.

  41. I like this video, but not because I hope that they keep breeding ligers, but because they tell people in the video that breeding ligers is wrong.

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