Lions Tigers & Bears – Rescued Animals Need Your Help

Lions Tigers & Bears – Rescued Animals Need Your Help

– [Narrator] There’s no question that wildlife
is facing exploitation by humans on an unprecedented scale. – You gettin’ this good?
– [Cameraman] Yeah! [laughing] – [Narrator]
They are paraded, [circus music] – [Narrator]
smuggled, – [News Reporter] …tiger cub found shoved in a car… – [Narrator]
manhandled, [baby tiger cries] – [Narrator]
kept as house pets, – [Vlogger] Today, I have my new tiger. – [Narrator]
and so much more. [paddling] [camera click] Giving a voice to the voiceless
is it formidable undertaking. Luckily, there are those courageous enough
to take on that challenge. – [Bobbi] When I first see an animal
in a really bad situation, it’s heartbreaking. But then it kicks in, you gotta think with your brain,
not always your heart, in order to rescue. Animals are still considered property, sometimes the law isn’t working on our side, and then there’s sometimes
when you just can’t let it go and you’ll just keep working on it
and working on it until we can get the job done. – [Narrator] Sadly, Bobbi has seen firsthand the number of ways
in which captive exotic animals are being exploited. – [Bobbi] Just about any kind of
animal abuse that you can think of, we have an animal here
that’s been through it. Like Cherry and Albert,
Teddy and Baloo, who grew up from cinderblock pits, and then the babies are yanked
from the mama, the mama can hear and smell them
but she can’t see them, and they cry back and forth, to the entertainment animals here that have been poked and prodded,
and electricity has been used on them, and when they step off the mark
or they do something wrong, they’re beaten or whipped, to Melanie and Punkin who were housed in a ten-by-ten
for nothing more than breeding, so what Melanie related people
to when she first came here was, ‘you’re gonna come
take my babies.’ And Crystal and Hank,
the same thing, used for nothing more than breeding. And then, you know, one that really
breaks my heart is Clarence, kept in a little, teeny wire rabbit cage
and the cage shook to make him pee so they could collect his pee
to put on plants for hunting. So, of course, you would even
get near Clarence when he came here, he’d see people coming
and he’d start peeing all over himself. I mean, what is wrong with people? – [Narrator ] Bobby has learned how to
channel her emotions into action. She works tirelessly year-round not only rescuing animals,
but building them a world-class home. – In the past year here at Lions Tigers and Bears,
we’ve accomplished quite a bit. Of course, rescues, we’re continually working on rescue cases. We’ve been working on building Diego,
our small Bobcat, a habitat, but we had some setbacks
in the winter with the flooding, and we really got wiped out
by the flooding. We’ve been able to clean it up but it’s gonna
take a lot to fix it so it doesn’t happen again, and it put the brakes on Diego’s habitat. But good things from bad,
it’s actually better. Now we are going to be doing a little bit
of different engineering and rebuilding it. We’ve done a ton of infrastructure. Lots of plumbing repairs underground, we’ve added fiber optics
so you can all do online bidding out here and have your wifi when you come to visit. We’ve been able to rebuild some platforms,
and fix some fencing, add some new safety gates, and we’ve upgraded the office, we’ve been lucky enough to add some staff
to help take care of our animals. Lots of accomplishments this year. – [Narrator] Since 2002, Lions Tigers and Bears
has rescued over 400 animals. And now, LTB is going abroad
to extend a helping hand. – We have accepted the challenge to help Lyka,
the lioness who’s in the Philippines. And a lot of you might have
seen her on social media. We got hundreds of emails and calls,
people asking us if we can help Lyka. Our team has been
over to the Philippines, we’ve met with many,
many government officials, we were actually able
to do a physical, not only on her,
find out she is blind, but on the other tiger, Edmund. There’s two lions, two tigers
we are committed to helping and then lots of other animals at the zoo, some of them in a lot worse
conditions than Lyka. We will be going back
to get Lyka’s surgery completed so she can be pain-free. We are hoping they let
them come to the U.S. That opens them up more funds
to help all the other animals. We’re also hoping to help them to form the first accredited sanctuary in the Philippines, which would just be huge. And the education
for opening the sanctuary, and everybody working together,
the collaboration, let’s just see if we can
get the job done. – [Narrator] Lyka’s a story reminds us
that rescue is only the beginning. Every animal needs a lifetime of care, a spacious home to roam around in, a healthy supply of food, and the best veterinary care we can provide. To do this takes the cooperation
of many different players. – Every day, I feel really blessed to be here
and do what I do. I love what I do. It’s heartbreaking,
you can get super angry, but one of the things I have
is the support. My team that works here every day,
and is heartfelt about these animals. They’re passionate,
they give a lot. To work around animals,
you’re not going to make any money. You’re doing it because you love what you do,
and you love the animals, and the members that we get
that come out here, and the children, they come out here
and they learn so much, and they’re smiling, and it just goes to show you the most important part
of this whole thing is education. It’s the younger generation
that’s going to help us to fix this. Wild animals,
they don’t belong in cages, and we know it. In our heart,
we know it. – [Narrator] Passion and heart are never
in short supply at Lions Tigers and Bears. But there is one other essential ingredient to running
a world-class, accredited wildlife sanctuary. – Our donors provide the life and breath
to Lions Tigers and Bears. Without our donors, we can’t rescue animals, we can’t get animals out of small places,
into a proper habitat with a good quality of life, we can’t step up
and be their voice and get these animals
the life that they deserve. – [Narrator ] The use of wildlife
as a commodity must end. Animals must be free
to live as nature intended: in the fresh air, with space to roam, and with the freedom of choice. And now, you have a choice. Take a stand for animals and give like their lives depend on it.

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  1. We are absolutely thrilled and over joyed with what you have done with these majestic animals, Bobbi! Keep up with the awesome work!

  2. I see that the date is April 2019, but I tend to not believe that this was done then. I know you went to the Philippines but what's happening now with Lyka and the others in need. I'm writing on 25 Oct. 2019. I sign petitions, donate money and more…but not just with this wonderful sanctuary but too many others, it seems we rarely get a positive result. Keeping the faith in the USA.

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