Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #14: The Party of the Century)

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #14: The Party of the Century)

Previously on LPS Popular.. BROOKE: She’s gone too far. Nobody, gets in between me, and my boyfriend. I am going to squash her, like a bug. Attention, everybody! I’m having the party of the century at my house, tomorrow night. Who’s coming? – This is going to be awesome! GENNY: OMD! Are we going to this party? SAVANNAH: You bet we’re going! TOM: Will you be my date for the party? Yeah, okay! We need to give you both a makeover! Tomorrow, we’re going to skip school, and spend all day making you girls, even more beautiful. Operation Fry the sausage, is happening today. So, are you ready to go through your side of the deal? Okay, Alicia. Are you absolutely positive, that this is the right kind of hair dye? ALICIA: Of course, I’m positive! It’s black, and permanent. It’s so permanent, that the cashier lady didn’t want me to buy it. She said, that everyone who’s tried it, could never get it out of their hair. Isn’t that hilarious? Oh yes, so hilarious. And Rachel, you got the super-bonding glue? RACHEL: Um, yeah but– Fantastic. Brooke, but– What was that, Rach? Oh, never mind. Mmkay! Why are you putting them in there, Brooke? We’ll keep our supplies in here, until we need them. I’ve also added a touch of my own to the plan; it involves expired eggs, and a bit of hair-removal cream. Hair-removal cream? Mmhmm! Let’s just say, we’re going to have a bit of a hairy situation. Now, come on. We have a party to start. Yay! Ugh.. Yo, DJ! Get this party started! Perfect, perfect, and perfect. This is my night. Well? What are you waiting for? – Huh? Let the guests in! Woo hoo!! – Ahem, alright. In, you go. Woo hoo!! O, ooo, o, ooo! Hey, Brooke! Hi, Brooke! Woo hoo!! Oh yeah! Wow, Brooke! How many people did you invite? Um, it’s called, the whole school. Huh? Baby!! Really? Huh! There’s Nathan! Ugh! Hey! Hey, boneheads! – You mean us? Yes, I mean you. I’m paying you, remember? Oh, yeah, we know! Yeah, uh, we haven’t forgotten what we were supposed to be doing. Not at all! What the tail are you supposed to be? Uh, obviously a zombie! Can you even see? Sometimes. I told you all before, that I need to know exactly, when Tom Dawson, Sage Bond and Savannah Reed get here. Is that clear? Uhh, Sage is already here. And, so is Tom. What?! Why didn’t you tell me? Ugh! Where are they?! Uh, I don’t know. In the crowd, somewhere? Ugh! You’re all useless! Well, geez, someone’s got fleas. Excuse me! Uh! Rude! Ugh! Oh! SAGE: Hey, you! Hey, baby! I was just looking for you. Oh! I was looking for you too! What are you supposed to be? Snowboarder, but uh.. I.. lost my snowboard somewhere. Wooooo!! Aww, well you still look great. Thanks! You look, uh.. very..devilish. Like? Um.. Well, it’s a little skimpy, but.. Shut up! It’s not like you’ve never seen a bra before. Uh, yeah.. Right. Listen. I’ve got something planned for us later, in honor of our third anniversary. I think you’ll like it. Oh, okay! Well, I’d better go greet my guests. You’ll save a dance for me, won’t you? Uh, yeah, yeah, of course! Great! Uhh, hey Brooke? I hate to interrupt, cause you seem, pretty, busy.. But, uh, I’m just following your orders. So, Savannah Reed just got here. What?! Look! What? Wow. Is that.. Savannah Reed? Wow. Wow. Holy Chihuahua! There was no need to stop the party for us, guys. ~Growls~ ANGELINA: Let’s get this party started! Woo hoo!! Yeah!! Ugh, for Dog’s sake! Turn the music back on! Woooo!! I told you, you guys looked hot. Everyone was staring. You can’t call it a party, until we walk in! Well, don’t you guys look amazing. Hey, babe. Hey. Whoa! Easy on the PDA! Come on Lina, let’s dance! Okay! You look, angelic. It’s pretty hot. You’re looking pretty good yourself there, cowboy. Should we get out there? Yes! Let’s go! Wooo!! Ugh.. Uh, babe? You okay? Uh-uh, what? You seem distracted. Oh, no, of course not! – Let’s keep dancing. Whoa.. Dude! You have a girlfriend! So do you! Oh, right. I forgot. Brooke! What are you looking at?! What?! What is so interesting over there?! I’m sorry, babe. I-I think I’m dehydrated. I’m gonna go get some punch. Uh, okay! WOOO!! Confetti!! Wooooo!!! Woooo!! Excuse me, coming through! Girls! Girls!! What? Yeah? It’s time for Phase 1. WHAT? PHASE 1! Ohhh, okay! What? Ugh! PHASE 1 OF THE PLAN! Ohhh Ohhh You know what you have to do, later. Wait, what was it we had to do? You’re a good dancer! Thanks! Hey, what’s wrong? Oh! Nothing’s wrong! Hey, I’m getting a little thirsty, why don’t I get us some punch? Sure! – Stay right here! Uh, hi. Shh. We need to talk. Let’s go somewhere a little more, private. Upstairs. Rachel! You keep stepping all over my paws! I’m sorry Nathan, it’s just the way I dance! Yeah, um, I’m going to get some food. Hmph! Wow, Genny! Hi! Hey, Nathan. Wanna dance? Definitely! Excuse me, sorry! Where is he? Oh! Hey, have you seen Tom? Actually, I thought I saw him go upstairs. He was with some girl, but I didn’t see her face. Some girl? What? Yeah, but, uh, you’re welcome to dance with me, instead. Thanks, but I gotta go. Ugh! Never get the girl. (Oh, Tom. You’re so handsome.) (Brooke, I’ve been waiting.) Shh, baby. I know you’ve been waiting. Are you ready? Did you hear that? Stupid cheater! Ugh! Uh! Huh?

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  2. Anyone know the name of the songs that play when the party stuff starts? particularly the first one? (at 3:10) I've been looking for it everywhere and I can't find it lol. If it's in somewhere obvious like the comments or description I apologise lmao

  3. ive only seen a few episodes but my number one otp is still those to side chracters that Brook called bone heads (idk wot their names are)

  4. i’m watching this rn and feeling like the blond doggo (i forgot the name don’t judge me) actually doesn’t want to be in the “Barbie Dolls” anymore
    anyone with me?-

  5. I'm having an LPS Popular Marathon since episode 29 came out . I need a recap! ._.

    Edit: iM SoRrY nAThAn iTs JusT ThE wAY i DANCE!!!

  6. september 2019 anyone?

    schools starting soon and ill be in grade 10, i hope i’m not too old to be rewatching these amazing lps videos..

  7. omg i just searched my childhood like i used to watch this when i couldn’t understand english and now i watch it again when i can understand everything

  8. i will forever love these videos they have played such a big part on my childhood i will always have these in the back of my head

  9. I’m kinda like brook if u get involved with my relationship but I’m not really mean I’ll just cause u out I won’t. I won’t do anything Harmful endless u hurt someone I love

  10. GOSH! I remember watching this episode at age 8, it was one of my favorite episodes as a kid,now I'm 15 and I miss these days sooo much! ;w;

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