LOOM KNIT Cat Kitty Doll (Round Loom)  | Strickring | obręcze dziewiarskie | Tricotin | نول

LOOM KNIT Cat Kitty Doll (Round Loom) | Strickring | obręcze dziewiarskie | Tricotin | نول

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  1. Thank you, I ran out to Michaels today and bought my first kit! My young cat will be so excited when I fill 'her toy' with catnip. Amazing video.

  2. Hello.
    Can you tell which machine you are using..I knit by hand..so can u give online site where I can buy

  3. Will this work on different sized round looms? I plan on making one for my 2 year old nephew. Im scared he might try and shove in his mouth.

  4. Hi, first off these are sooo cute.. I just bought a loom set so I am going to try and do this.. My questions is… When you do the U stitch around then it says knit 25 rows… do you U stitch 25 additional rows… Or does that include the one you showed us?

  5. Hello! Super cute cat! Do you think you can help me make a model boob/breast for my lactation education? With the round loom

  6. New subscriber here. I'm learning so I can teach my hubby. He enjoyed making hats and scarves last year, but he has a terminal illness and is a little weaker now. So, I'm trying to find things for him to make that doesn't take so long and is great for a little instant gratification. These will make really cute gifts for our grandbabies as well! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. When u look at the back the tail placement looks odd and it bothers me so much but idk what it will look like if I placed it closer to the bottom would it be messed up? Help me!

  8. hey 🙂 I dont like the ears of my cat, what can i do to make them nice and equal? thank you <3
    i post you a pic on facebook 🙂

  9. I receve the kit from Walmart and I make my first took and I see what you do I love it and I'm gone try to make my own I really like the video thank you

  10. Thank you for all the great videos,,just finished my cat's body and ears. You have such a calming voice on your videos. Do enjoy watching and learning from you. Again thank you.

  11. If I want to make this toy but I want to make it a large size can I just use a 36 peg loom and follow this video and it will come out the same? Do I use the same amount of rows and stuff?

  12. Do you have any additional stuffed animal patterns you could post videos of on here? All others I see on YouTube are Scarlet Royale, and I feel like I can barely see what she's doing in her videos. 🙁

  13. I have been looking for a good video to make a dog and haven't found one. Looking at a few of your videos i put together a few things from each of them to make a puppy. You inspired me to attempt to make a puppy.

  14. I love this tutorial! I've made 3 now. The first one I doubled eyelash yarn with plain and ended up with the scruffiest looking "kitty" ever. So much fun!

  15. Hello! I love this video I’m going to show it to my nine-year-old and see if she would like to try it. Thank you for showing it to us and welcome to our YouTube family!

  16. How creative You are 😊 these would be so cute for little children who have very little. I guess this could also be turned into a doggy? Thank You. You’re 😎

  17. I love your videos. It was my first time using a loom to knit but I was able to make a kitty (a Voltron version) and I loved how it turned out.

  18. Thank you for sharing; I've wanted to do some minis, but hadn't any idea how to even start! Your instructions are easy to follow & the outcome is so cute, I'll have to try.

  19. I love your videos…bought a loom set and a book and almost give up as everything looked so complicated. Then I started watching your videos and it was so easy. I’ve made a few of your hats and I’m going to start practicing with the toys as soon as I get some stuffing. Thanks so much!

  20. These are soooooo beautiful. Im excited to make some. 😁😁😁
    Thanks a ton for this video.

  21. Hi. Just wanna ask something. Do I need to use a thick yarn when using loom ? Because mine look so UNACCEPTABLE 😂

  22. Yo traté haciendo eso pero el hilo se queda muy apretado Yo estoy usando red heart super saver 100% acrylic
    Que hago

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