Make Homemade Cat Toys : Keep Cat Toys Safe

Make Homemade Cat Toys : Keep Cat Toys Safe

Hi, I’m Grace Fitzpatrick here on behalf of
expertvillage. Today, I’m going to warn you about some dangers in cat toys. It’s not that
homemade cat toys are really dangerous but there are accidents that do happen so there
are some precautions we can take just to make sure our cats are completely safe when they
are playing with our homemade toys. The first thing I want to warn you about has to do with
our cylinder toy. When we made our toy, we put about this much rice in it and one thing
you want to be careful about is not having to many small parts to your cat toys. The
worse thing is that could happen is that your cat might choke and we don’t want that to
happen. So, we want to make sure that we make a cylinder toy using small parts and that
our cylinder is something with a closeable cap. Because this is a film canister, I can
take the cap on and off and make sure it is secured so that I can turn it over and no
little pieces are ever going come out. So, that’s one way I can be sure that my cat will
be safe when playing with a cylinder toy. Something to be careful about when your making
your balls are little edges that could possibly hurt a cat. So, here for example, with my
papper ball, the reason I rolled it so densely is that, that way there is no sharp edges
sticking out and its relatively smooth and you want to be espcially careful when your
making tin foil ball that it’s pretty evenly compacted so that we don’t have any sharp
edges sticking out. You also want to make sure you use a big enough piece of paper or
tin foil that the ball, the finished ball is not going to be so small that a cat may
swallow it. So that’s something to think about swallowing things, and also sharp edges that
may cut a cats paw. It’s good to give our cats exercise but another thing to watch out
for is over exerting our cats. Luckily, our cats self regulates somewhat and if they get
exhausted they probably going to got take a little nap and charge up their juices. But,
if we have a toy, especially if the toy has catnip on it, they may so be distracted by
the toy and be having so much fun that they forget to take a rest or they may run around
more than they normally would and this can make your cat pretty exhausted and sad. So
we have to try when were playing with our cat toys not to do it for too long. I would
probably say in ten minutes spurts. But it’s not as if we want to keep running them around
for hours and hours one end.

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  1. How small does a cat's throat have to be to choke on rice? Also, if your cat is too excited and running around alot, just hold it under water and scream stop it. This has effectively worked 3 out of 45 times I've done it.

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