Hi guys What’s your name? Kelsey, and my name is Becky, and we’re the Sorry Girls and today we’re at IKEA. I know we usually start this outside, but like It noisey, It’s Canada outside also We’re doing an As-Is challenge where we find something in the As-Is section and make it over and today We’re gonna do pet themed because you guys have been asking for it Yeah
You asked for it in Ikea you asked for it in a dollar store challenge you asked for all the time So we thought today is a good day to do it. Okay? Well. Let’s go check it out as is So weirdly empty today, let’s do a fridge I Love this brown chair because it has no arms like super wide and chill I know could it be like a really fancy. Dog bed. It’s like not that cheap though $149? it’s so nice My I addressed there’s only 20 of us so basic hmm like we’d need a door If i’ve learned anything, it’s that you need to get your thing and get it on a cart so that nobody steals it cause they will Those are only $1?! So cute! Make a holla honey boo boo child there’s gotta be something in here sweet ply wood art Patterned cat things Thanks check these out. They’re like little mini plant holders, and they fit these sized bowls These are even different you can put like two sizes in it depending on how you flip it put a little pot in there Not quite all right but we can make these work, I think so give a try back at the old workshop OK! We are back with some pretty exciting things. And I’m feeling good! Yeah, we got a couple of bowls these are the most beautiful pastel like pink bowls ever and they were a dollar each originally We don’t know But I’m guessing not more than a dollar, so two dollars for this project so far isn’t bad! And then our thought with these was to make little pet dishes, so we went to go check out the plant aisle and sound Can’t work things these little plant holder things which Are you kidding? So cute these were only five dollars each not as is But still five dollars so that anything and then what we got over here. We got like this cabinet which was twenty two dollars Thirty six and it’s already built, which is like ah that’s priceless worth money priceless We also found this door that was only five bucks I don’t know is originally, but honestly probably ten bucks So this whole cabinet only cost is like 27 bucks you want to start with our simple bowls And then I’ll show our lovely folks at home what we’re gonna do with this later I’m interested, and then we might get to bring in some pets! Let’s get into making this little pet dish cool, okay? All right So the plan here is to take these really cute pink bowls and make like a little feeding dish for your pet These bowls are actually perfect the way they are, so we’re gonna leave these until the end now with these little plant stands I’m gonna join them together because we don’t want the bowls kind of going all over the place when your pet is trying to eat So the first step would be to take off these random little hooks that I don’t think we need at all I’m gonna try and snip them off with these heavy-duty wire cutters, and hopefully it’s an easy thing to do It’s kind of working, but it might take a while We have the hacksaw. That’s really good for cutting through metal Ok it’s working it just might take a little bit so uh catch you later ok So I was able to get the little hooks off it did take a while But I found once I got the one side cut the other side was easy because you can kind of bend it and it would Snap off I’m gonna use some sandpaper and just lightly sand it I will be covering it anyways, but it’s a little sharp, so well as well, okay And the next step is to join these two together and obviously we want to join them at the part that I cut so we Have this stuff which is called steel stick and it’s a super strong like putty epoxy glue so to do this I’m cutting off as much as I think I will need and then I’m mixing it together and kneading it using some gloves to protect Your fingers of course and then I’m just gonna place this over the area that I want to stick together, okay? So the putty has dried, and these are now permanently joined together and the next step is gonna be to paint it so I think we want to do white because I Just feel like white and like a pastel pink vibe It was just so cute, so I’m gonna take this to our trusty little spray paint tent and cover it all in white To the spray paint tent! Okay, so paint is all dry and it actually it looks really cute It’s starting to look like actual like pet bowl product a little like tips wash hack You don’t have to do this, but it’s really useful You can do this trick on the bottom of rugs or anything that you want to grip better? So we’re gonna put some hot glue Just on the tips here that would touch the floor because I know when my puppy gets hungry He can be a little aggressive, so this will help it to stop slide so help it to slow stuff. What is the grammar here? Help it This will help it to stop sliding across the kitchen floor when you’re a puppy or Kitty or whoever it’s eating their dinner Okay, hot glue is dry and oh my goodness. We are done, so now I get to take our as is items.. and see if this whole thing worked out. Oh my goodness This color combo has my heart. Are you kidding like this in like a bougie pet store? But we made it for how much Twelve dollars That’s really cute. Okay time to show it to puppy and do some styling shots Okay, I’m gonna tackle this little litter box cat thing that we’re gonna make Oh Toilet was going off my stomach was like hungry, okay? All of a sudden we live on like the loudest street in the world I think the first step is taking this side off and then We’re gonna cut our cat cat cat flap by using a jigsaw. I think actually if we’re doing on an angle We’ll figure it out Also, just thought about this IKEA professionals, built this when’s the last time an IKEA employee built your furniture There’s probably dowels in here right that’s how it works, and the whole thing’s nailed together in the back Can we get like a laser cutter like just like? Like is that thing? Should get one of those. Is there a laser company out there? sponsor me Nails are in here So then I just use a circular saw to cut out a little triangle shape I know cats aren’t triangle-shaped But I think this is really cute, but I’m gonna reassemble this guy and we go on to the next step My next step is going to be adding my handle onto my door We got this cute little guy off of Amazon for a really inexpensive. Honestly. I can’t believe it This is like my new go-to for hardware, and we’re just gonna add that on like so Before I put the door on the front of this cabinet I’m going to add the legs because I don’t want to Ruin the door when I’m flipping it upside down got these guys from the hardware store on the bottom I mean we’ve done this a million times. You guys know the drill We’ll link a video above and below that explains how to install some furniture legs onto some furniture Feet are on obviously the feet are like an instant upgrade To any cabinet like this and now we’re just gonna add on the door We’re just gonna be a cool like what’s the cars that like where’s this door opens like a mase… maserati? Okay, those fancy cars. We’re like the doors open like this This is basically what we’re doing for a cabinet because like what cabinet has a door that opens like this, but that’s so cool Hopefully it works Okay hinges are on Got our supercool car door except it didn’t go this way obviously Not this way this way Does it look cool?! It’ll work like this. Okay, so last step. We’re going to add a cat scratcher ala our triangle on this side We’re gonna do a triangle on this side you can do this kind of out of any material carpet Maybe you could do like a rope spiral thing I’m gonna use cardboard because that’s what we have lying around the loft And I’m just going to trace this triangle that we cut out from the other side to attach so they like match both sides Okay, so we got a litter box cabinet you can store your cat stuff in it cat scratcher on the side It’s really cute, and I think we like kind of nailed this IKEA pet as is upcycle bring in the cats! All right, I hope you guys like that IKEA as is upcycle as is you might know? This is a series and we have other two other To other as is up cycles on our channel and let us know what theme or what thing you want us to do next Time we’re in Ikea, cause we got inspo for this one from you guys last time I hope you guys got your pet cute animal fill for this video I know you’ve been requesting pet stuff for so long! We always need more though.. But we have so many things they plant videos like coming up this spring wanna do wedding like a whole wedding thing There’s like so many different like themed weeks that we have ideas for but more pets too okay I know we get it we get it cuts are cute. I like filming them too alright Thank you guys so much for watching if you like this. I’m sure you like it. OH! Oh, yes. Oh yes. I know you guys love the pets and if you want more pets I mean. We vlogged while we’re filming this video, so make sure you check out the vlog channel and while you’re over there subscribe vlog cham is.. cham? vlog fam? is growing and we’re really excited about it, and we do weekly vlogs. I think they’re fun. I yeah, I think they’re interesting like my puppy is done all the time. You’re family kitties are in all the time, so yeah, check you guys out there. And if you liked this video make sure that you give it a like if you love this video make sure you sub it. And we’ll see you next time! The end.

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    Nah I'm just kidding I was bored

  2. I saw the cat litter box all over pinterest and want to build one. Yours is the only tutorial I've ever come across. Great job! Personally I would make it larger and use a litter catcher mat (because trust me, those devils get EVERYWHERE!) right outside the litter box (but inside the cabinet). Don't think it's a great idea to put the cardboard scratcher outside the litter cabinet though because eventually it's gonna be shredded and then you're just left with an ugly mark at the side. We made one for our cat – just a wooden board, elevate it slightly on one side by attaching wooden feet, and wrapping thick jute twine around the board and keeping it in place by stapling or hot gluing it. She loves using it. You'll find it on pinterest too.

  3. You should’ve did a carpet sample for the scratched or bought one and cut it up. And a regular tub like that would destroy the inside. You should’ve got a mat to protect the bottom and put a bigger tub and put a hing for the scoop

  4. There are way too many comments to see if it's been said but there have been a number of times when a multi-tool would have come in so handy for you guys and they're not super expensive (especially if you can get a sponson who sells one) I have both a Dremel MultiMax and a Fein Multimaster and they're both great depending on budget. I've see Chris Palmer using one on some of his cameos so you could ask him for his recommendation

  5. Does anybody know the exact name of the cabinet and door they bought from ikea? Trying to find it online to order😍

  6. Reuse the cut triangle piece on reverse side, screwing it in from the inside to secure some twine or carpet sampler. That way it's still whole, somehow

  7. No! Turn that cabinet sideways. Gives more room on the floor for litter boxes, no need for it to be that tall. Door opens from the top (WAAAY easier to remove & clean litter box). Handle can go on the front still, but on the tiny, narrow edge of door. On top if necessary. To clean? Just turn sideways & dump excess litter onto newspaper. Dipping yourself in & out of there is easier than crawling up under the door while trying to hold it open… Brad (finishing nail) in top corner for hanging the scooper.

    GREAT IDEA for front room corner (if there's no where else in the house & you scoop 2x a day) vs the super expensive furniture made for it.

  8. This was my favorite so far of all your videos. I have been bingeing on your channel for about a week. Both DIY projects are gorgeous!!

  9. 5:30 LITTLE TIP: when the hot glue is still warm and bendable, flip the holders right side up and put a board or a large but-not-too-h eavy book on them, so the warm glue on the bottom dries evenly in height, so that the bowls stand perfectly at a 90 degree angle

  10. I bought an old antique chest/tall cabinet with a matching nightstand,that a couple up cycled , in January…. I up cycled it more to be a litter cabinet and storage for our cats and they love it and so do I!!!! Plus company thinks it’s just furniture!

  11. Hey guys I love in Alberta Canada and I need your help my room is pretty small and I have a lot of things in it. This year has been really hard for my family. My parents are going through a divorce and I really want a new look

  12. I'm a year late, but I STRONGLY urge people not to do the pet bowl DIY. Never use spray paint on anything your pet is going to potentially lick! In addition to that, it's doubtful those bowls are food grade.

  13. making a cat scratcher
    showing some heavy duty rope that would be good for cat
    using cardboard instead

  14. The cat box is great but, I think the triangle should be turn around so the wider side is up so the cat doesn't have to duck. Just a thought.

  15. I love this diy’s! But, kitty owners, watch out because a lot of cats don’t like using a litter box in an enclosed dark space – if your kitty stops going to the bathroom swap to an open litter box and see if that helps!

  16. My cat needs multiple litter boxes bc she's a princess and her favourite one is right in my entryway, so I've been trying to figure out how to hide her box and get an entryway bench and I stumbled onto this video and y'all saved me. I'll be trying that FOR SURE and putting little feet on it as well.

  17. i love this idea! i really want to make a diy cat tree for my kitty because they’re SO expensive to buy new. you guys have any ideas for an affordable, stylish cat tree haven?

  18. I will have to check out the plant stands. This is a very good idea for older pets. Sometimes it is hard for there necks. And some animals don't feel safe with there heads down. A real reason to go to IKEA yay!!!!

  19. You should really consider phasing out the "dumb blonde" schtick.. number 1-youre not blonde and number 2- it's not cute! 💩

    p.s. it's okay to edit your videos and actually cut out the fuck ups, we all know you're a couple of fuck ups just get on with the tutorial if you can even call it that 🤔🛠🧯🚫

  20. It's bad for the cats to conceal the litter box.. Makes them unsafe and not own their space, especially bad if you have a kitty with low confidence.

  21. Kelsey “and it comes pre built. That’s worth money!”

    Also Kelsey – proceeds to disassemble


  22. As a cat mom of 20 years that cabinet was cute but not functional for most cats as the litter box was too small. They need room to feel comfortable.
    The pet bowls , I bought mine for under $10 with a rod iron stand and 2 steel bowls that are much more sanitary than plastic ones. They are super cute too

  23. Hello! I was just wondering what kind of dog you have… (The one that was modeling with the pink bowl set!)

  24. The cat litter box is great and I have a (now in a new apt) unneeded undersink cabinet that is very similar that I want to convert in the same way. However, as someone who does not have the same kind of tools as you, I'm wondering if you have since come up with any alternate solutions for cutting that access hole in the side? Preferably without disassembling it as that doesn't seem possible with this piece I have. I was imagining drilling a few points in the wall and then trying to fit some kind of hand saw in to essentially connect the dots, but don't know…

  25. *Gets really happy because the cabinet is already built*

    *Dismantles the cabinet completely and rebuilds*

  26. ngl, this video makes me cry because it reminds me of my cat (she ran away two weeks after giving birth to her kittens), because I used to always want to make her a lil bed like this… and now I'm here watching it with one of her kittens that I kept, attempting to make her a bed❤

  27. Old video but if possible it would be good to cover everything with a sealant that a) protects the paint and b) protects the pets from the paint

  28. These were amazing!!!!
    Tip for the cat litter cabinet, it needs ventilation up top on the back where u can add charcoalfilters for the smell. They last a long time and makes the inside not smell.
    I would add a latch for the front door so you could empty the litter box easily without holding the door up.

  29. That litterbox is WAY too small. It'd be like using a bowl to piss in lol.
    Also seriously? Half of the vid for the bowl diy? Come on…

  30. You can also add hot glue to the inside of the rings on the bowl holder to help the bowls stay and not spill the food or water.

  31. Loved the cat box, but the bowls were not stable. Like, that is not realistic. You could however probably put some kind of rubber ring around the bowl(close to the top) and that would make it work. (:

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