Male Cheetah Tries To Mate With A Lion…What??

Male Cheetah Tries To Mate With A Lion…What??

you see now typically is now gonna try
and meet with a lion and that is just sharing dominance cheetah brothers have
a coalition for the rest of their life normally and that I can live in up to
groups of five or six the big thing is just that one of them’s got to be
dominant and because this guy thinks this is his brothers and he’s one of
them he’s not trying to assert his dominance the line obviously doesn’t
understand all this to him this is a beautiful animal and the sounds that
they make is really really beautiful what’s up guys so once again going to
South Africa all over again it’s midnight now I’ve checked took a cab now
with the airport check-in or the staff and and duty-free
I like the duty-free get me some scotch we’re in Africa again all over enjoy and
like you can see I have booted some Rufus and the cheetah with me all over
again I’m so happy to be inside again with my
friend almond I want you got beautiful place so clean every time I come and see
the animal they look beautiful given they grow up so much every time I just
two months and they’re almost double the size
put up thirty kilos in the nostrils you feeling good
yes you have to feel good but you can see the bone structure they’ve had lots
of calcium and and the stuff that they need to become awesome in a while the
line has got a very different life and this is not the world
it’s a receptive society but these animals will be happy for the rest of
their life and they will be massive and then you can see the cheetah yeah he’s
doing very well he thinks he’s alive and he’s about all
the is four months older than the Lions but I think it’s matching I feel like
every CPC is getting too familiar look what he’s doing and you can see how the clothes of girl
name I see two lines in one sheet on one page but you don’t see that dominance
he’s now trying to mate with whatever I in my house because he thinks he wants
to prove his dominance it’s definitely not a guy or a sexual thing it’s quite
common for cheaters to do that when they’re young he’s two years at least
two years away from writing himself but this is a domino mostly not they trying
to do good near the typical sounds he’s making they will also make that sound
when they call for a cheat a female

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  1. good for you. Bring me a bottle of whiskey.
    So we'll sit and see how Brazil or Croatia take the finals in the World Cup.
    By the way, nice video.

  2. That's just wierdXD💩😹😹😹😹😹😹 and I come from South Africa

  3. Dude what if it was a female lion and they had children that would a perfect hybrid fast and strong both very beautiful creatures

  4. Kion and fuli is that you!!!???😱😱😱😱

    3:46 & 3:52 kion x Fuli I knew u guys where a thing!! 😊😌💛❤🐆🐆

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