Mario Gets A Pet

*Glitchy boy intro comes* Mario: Ooooohh Mario: Lalala hmhmhmm Mario:La-OHOHOHH! Mario:OH YEAAAH!! Mario:Who’s a good boy? WHO’S A GOOD BOY? WHO’S A GOOD BOY? Mario: mmmm? Mario:Ohohohoh!! Mario:O Yea! Mario: Yaahooo! Mario: Oh.. boy Pet Mario: FUCK YOU! *old guy makes noises* Mario: Woah! Old guy: Please help… Mario:OOOHH YEEEAAAH!! Mario: Ohh boy.. Mario: Look at that FISHY FISHY! Mario: I’LL TAKE IT! *gibberish* Hoohoo! Mario: *triggered* Pablo:Iimmm… deeead… Mario: SHIIAT! Mario:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA *Mario Flushes The Pablo In The Damn Toilet* Well,That was a load of Shit!! Mario: Ohoh Lets-a go Mario: I got it woooo *fetch* *chomp noises* Mario: Hoohoo! *gibberish* Mario : … Hm? Mario : Im-a looking for… Koopas *koopa sound* Mmm? *moar koopa sounds* Mario : OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Mario:HEY! Mario:Have you seen koopas? Mario:ooooooh LETS-A GO! Mario:lalala Hmhmmhm Hmmmm… ????:WOAH! *Mario gibberish* Oof! *mario shows turtle to big man* Mario:Hey,You-a Like? Mario:NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mario : Let’s-a get-a going ! *Bird sound* mario:come on you f a t b * t c h le Bird:SHUT THE F*CK UP MAN Mario : YOU WRONG *mario throws the bird into the damn sand* *Bird becomes angry* Mario : Oh no *BOOM* Mario:can i have some money now? … … Mario:PIECE OF SSSSSHIT! Thanks For Watching! Hope You Enjoyed! Subtitle Edit By Andriux Animations! And Check Out TheAwesomeMario’s Other Videos! 😀 (Substiles made by Billel PGM (EDITED BY RandomGuyOnInternet) ^^) B( I’ll confess something… I have Asperger Syndrome Whatever, thanx. Byeeee-! 😉

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