Meghan Trainor Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

Meghan Trainor Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

(Meghan squeals) – Oh, my God. I’m gonna cry. “What is your idea of a perfect day?” Today, playing with puppies. No one wants to play with me. Come here, hi. (energetic music) Hi, I’m Meghan Trainor. And I get to answer some
questions with rescue puppies. Best day ever! Oh, my gosh, you’re all so cute, okay. Aw, they’re fighting, aw. That’s so cute, okay. I’m gonna answer these
questions, here we go. “What’s the biggest
thing you’ve splurged on “since you became famous?” I bought a Tesla! I did it, oh, no, now
they’re gonna eat the papers. I just did that for myself, yes, I did. They have plans, look at them, hi. “Did you grow up watching your fiance “in the Spy Kids like the rest of us did?” – Whoa.
– Of course I did. The first time I ever met him was at a party two years
before our first date. A song writing party I was at. And I went up to him,
I went right up to him, and I’ve never done that
to like a celebrity before, and was like, “Excuse
me, are you Spy Kids?” And he was like, “Yeah.” And I would yell, check
this out guy, “Spy Kids!” And he would yell, “Meghan!” And I was like, “He remembered my name.” So, I had my whole fan girl moment. And sometimes I told
him when we were dating, in the early days, that
sometimes when he laughed, I would see Juni, little
young Juni (chuckles) Cortez. And I had to get over that. Now I see a man, a very handsome man that I love very much. Okay, “Which music video of yours “is your all-time favorite? “Are there any that you would
change now if you could?” Oh, great question. I would say my favorite
is “No Excuses” right now ’cause we worked really hard on that one, and there’s a lot of me’s
and I got to be triplets. Hi, and which one I would change. I don’t know, I probably
wouldn’t change any. Oh, “Bass”, yeah, even
though that was a big video, I feel like I didn’t have
makeup squad at that time, and I was very new to everything, and I didn’t say a lot of what I wanted, and I would’ve changed,
I think, some looks up. But they’re so famous and
iconic that it worked out well. Okay, “What is the most ridiculous “rumor you’ve heard about yourself?” That I died, got a lot of those. Got a lot of I’m pregnant and I’m dead. So, I’m good, I’m healthy, I’m alive. I sent the passing of our
sweet, beloved Meghan Trainor, sent that article to my
mom, and she was like, “This is not even funny,
do not send me this.” So, don’t say that if I’m alive. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah. Oh, that some sweet lovin’, oh. Hi, okay, okay, where’s
my question, where is it? “What was your inspiration behind “your new single, ‘No Excuses’?” I wanted to write a big
anthem for my way back, and I wanted it to mean something, and I’ve had personal
experiences with respect and people respecting
each other of all ages. So, I wanted to write a fun, happy song that was like a modern day version of R-E-S-P-E-C-T, respect me, you know? There’s no excuse. Treat others the way you want
to be treated like puppies. You are so pretty, you are
so pretty, what is this face? You’re a special mix, look at you, okay. “What is your favorite memory
while writing this album?” My favorite memory (gasps)
while writing this album (chuckles) is having my
family singing on backgrounds, and trying to record
them, and not make a mess. Oh, you want this? It’s really hard to focus on the questions when you got puppies in your face. Oh, yeah, you want a question? Okay, sweet thing. Oh, you get one too, okay. Okay, here’s one. “Can you give us a hint as to what “the rest of the album will be like? “And inspiration behind
some of the songs?” Okay, the rest of the album’s
gonna be pop, pop anthems. A lot about love, a lot about happiness. The song is about loving yourself. Every song is like a
dance song, except one. There’s a beautiful ballad in there. And the inspiration was my life, and experiences I go through. (growls) What are you doing? (growls) Come here. Hi, hi, hi, no biting, sir. Okay, “Who has been the most inspiring “to you during your
creation of your new album?” I listened to a lot of ABBA before this. And OG pop, like young
Britney Spears, like– ♪ She’s so lucky, bum, bum, bum ♪ Listened to that a lot. I love how the backgrounds are in there. I love the vocalists all over these songs. Max Martin back in the
day, that was my jam, that’s what I grew up on,
NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. I listened to a lot of
that when I was writing. So, you’ll hear big pop songs like that. Yes, you will, yes, you will. Come on in, okay. Is it ’cause you want this? That’s why you want me, okay, here we go. All right, “If you could change one thing “you’ve done in the
past, what would it be?” (upbeat music) Yeah, many. If I could change one thing in the past? I wouldn’t ’cause I’m here now and that’s all that matters (gasps). Did you want this question? You can’t eat it, let me read it first. “What’s your favorite
song to preform live?’ “No Excuses” ’cause it’s easier than every other song I’ve written. And it’s actually a fun time. Girls, guys, come here. I got the bag, oh, look,
it’s my hand, okay. Okay, “Which celebrity left you “starstruck when you met them?” Adele, yep. Oh, you got in the bag,
don’t get in the bag. Here you go, here you go. Everyone calm down, okay? This one’s chill, chill out, yeah. Okay, “Your fiance, Daryl
Sabara sings on your new album. “What was it like to work
together professionally?” Aw, it was always fun, it didn’t fee like professional work. He was really good, he’s a good singer. Something’s happening here
that is rated R right now. Are you a little freak, you
little freak (chuckles)? Oh, oh, yes, babies, yes, come on in. “Which celeb would you die to
have sing at your wedding?” Oh, Lord, can they be dead or alive? I would die to have Frank Sinatra, even though can’t do that one. Who should sing at our
wedding that won’t (laughs)? Oh, Bruno, Bruno, come sing for me. Sing at my wedding! I went to your concert, you know? It’s like the same, okay. “What is your favorite
lyric of all of your songs?” Is, “We’re not promised tomorrow,” “Like, I’m Gonna Lose You.” That song, them lyrics. “If you could go back and give “your teen self some
advice, what would you say?” I would say, “Don’t stress so much. “Stop having so much stress. “Like, relax, you’re a kid. “You’re not an adult yet,
adult life is much different.” But also, “Time will heal all.” And, “You look better when you get older, “so don’t freak out, you know?” I think we did it, kids. If you wanna adopt these
amazing, sweet puppies, go to North Shore Animal League America. That’s all you have to do, and you can take one of these home. (squeals) You’re excited, you want a home? (lighthearted music)

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  1. I like when celebrities are happy xD and I had NO clue that Meghan was ENGAGED?! to spy kids' Daryl Sabara. that's crazy cool

  2. y'all who say 'SHE LOOKS LIKE THIS AND THAT'

    nobody gives a crap about what you think about meghan, she's perfect the way she is and you all are the ones that make her question herself. STHU. she does not look like adele at all, being her fan for three years, and no way in hell does she care.

  3. I love how Meghan's songs are not all about breakups and cheating and love. It actually gives you something called hope!

    BTW She looks the healthy and living to me.

  5. Who else loves Megan when I was 8 I would always jam out to her songs and she still is my favorite artist

  6. I love SPY KIDS so much!!! remember Carmen and Juni, I know it was pretty weird and cheesy at parts, but the second one was the best, The Island Of Lost Dreams *Ohhhh SHIT…AKE MUSHROOMS

  7. "Oh there fighting thats so cute" laughing soo hard when she said that and anyone who has sibling and parents is it cute then????

  8. Love this!! She seems so chill and down to earth which is nice and refreshing // would love to see her and Daryl do a couple version of this

  9. I love all your songs so much your my favorite singer but my favorite song that you made was me too by the way the puppies were so CUTE!!!!!!!

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