Milo Ventimiglia Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

Milo Ventimiglia Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

hey Milo Ventimiglia here at BuzzFeed today gonna be hanging out with puppies my life sucks and answering some questions that you guys may have about the art of racing in the rain or anything else okay so as you can see I’ve got puppies so let’s answer some questions what do you think about answer a question what is your favorite memory from working with Amanda Seyfried on the art of racing in the rain I got a lot of memories about working with Amanda she is fun she’s fiercely talented I was so grateful to have her as my partner hey my wife there’s no cookies in there delivering cookies there’s no cookie you got puppies but no cookie he’s out of here she’s out of here you think you’ll ever want a golden retriever now that you’ve gotten to work and bond with Parker in the art of racing the rain I want Parker there was a guarantee hike there was a guarantee that any pup any of these pups could be just like Parker well then I’d love to have a Parker yeah see come on you want to read that one what does that say who do you think you have more in common with Jess or Jack Jack I think it’s just age right now Jess liked to read but Jack Jack and I these days you got a lot more in common like love this is actually pretty distracting oh oh okay back to a question what’s a role that people would be surprised to find out you auditioned for I auditioned in an open cattle call to play Robin in Batman and Robin when I was 16 years old at Warner Brothers and there were thousands of people there they just kind of eyeballed people looked at people and decided if they wanted to see them more and they didn’t they just wanted to see Chris O’Donnell in reference to heroes if you could choose one superhuman ability what would you choose teleportation that’s been my con yeah me too teleportation has always been my constant cuz like you could be here at the puppies or you could like go to maybe your own couch hi you got big paws freaking big or you could go like home and hang out with your own pooch if you were so inclined which of any of your cast mates from any project you’ve worked on would you choose to go on a backpacking adventure with I’m gonna say Mandy Moore because she likes to go up mountains she kind of knows what she’s doing with regards to that right now so I’m gonna save me anymore let him go up a mountain with me anymore I’m gonna try this one that’s a bad one do you still hang out with any of your Gilmore Girls co-stars no I haven’t seen them in a long time but I do still talk to Dan and Amy Amy sherman-palladino and Dan Palladino who created the show wrote the show and did everything on the show give me a question okay I’ll get you that which of Jack Pearson’s styles of facial hair is your favorite usually it’s the mustache because that’s the constant but we go back in the past a lot these days so yeah I’m kind of getting used to just being clean-shaven for a little while which is not too bad oh is that the spot I’m from the spot oh there’s the spot looks like I got an audience of one now come on up come on what is one movie that you would always enjoy watching one movie Goonies everybody in the room is collectively knotted cuz yes Goonies but what’s your favorite comfort food burritos bean and cheese they’re everything it’s a little burrito right here little nugget brutal would you rather eat no food on Thanksgiving or no candy and Halloween I’d say no candy on Halloween like you get older candy just kind of like you know affects you makes you stay up late I’m cool without the sugar come on guys which question should I do the right hand to the left hand somebody sniff one I guess neither of those questions are getting read that’s just not gonna happen today what would be your perfect day off can we just appreciate this moment right here how about a perfect day on it’s a perfect day on what TV show from your past you wish you could have done one more season of mob City mob city whole cast of amazing actors Jeremy Luke I think that would been an interesting season – have you ever kept or borrowed something from the this is us set no just kind of it all stays there stays on set so we could come back and revisit and use it later you guys want keys what’s your favorite Jess and Rory moment from Gilmore Girls I can tell you it’s actually from the episode called teach me tonight it’s when they’re driving around getting ice cream and cones and calling that was a fun episode of film flex it’s not a good time what’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard any pickup line is a bad pick-up line guys girls everyone just walk up and introduce yourself say hi I’m so-and-so and that’s it and that’s it no pickup lines right Milo I’m a fellow alumni of al-madinah and I’m curious if you still keep in touch with mrs. Herto from the drama department she was the absolute best I do from time to time catch up with my high school drama teacher she’s amazing she’s one of the ones to thank I think for me being in front of the camera and acting because without her encouragement I might have gone a different path I might have done something else so thank you mrs. Harry what have you learned most from playing Jack Pearson I don’t know what I’ve learned most from playing Jack Pearson but I think the thing that I love the most is Jack’s love of his family okay last one who do you think Rory should have ended up with Dean Jess or Logan none of the above they’re from the past people were already needs to move on forever in life okay hey guys thank you so much all of these puppies all these beautiful beautiful beautiful puppies that you see with me here today are available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America they can be kissing your neck just like that it’s really it’s months go see art of racing in the rain it opens August 9th I know he’s excited she’s excited I hope you guys are excited to go to the movie opens this weekend [Music]

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  1. Well its easy for you to say! Your face is the pickup line!!!
    When you say hi im so and so the girl will most probably faint….

  2. Rory and Jess are better as friends. Jess and Luke are two vv different people. Luke being okay with always being there for Lorelai and he is settled down too. He's very much consistent and doesn't do much change. Jess however changes a lot, and he is constantly on the go, similar to Logan. But the difference is is that Logan, had to get to the spot he is now through his parents, despite the fact that he doesn't want to. Logan wants to be Jess. Logan wants to be able to go against what his family is and stands for but he can't seem to do that. While Jess can do that, but goes overboard with it. Maybe it's because off his intense childhood that he is this way, but he is a little too rambunctious for Rory despite the fact that he eventually found his calling. I think Rory and Jess should remain best friends for life. They have similar outlooks on life, both enjoy writing and reading, and always have a fun time together. They are too similar. Luke and Lorelai however couldn't be more differernt. Similar to how Chris and Lorelai are too similar. Rory and Logan shouldn't end up together either because Logan's lifestyle will simply never be able to accommadate Rory's lifestyle. Logan will have to find someone in his world, because of how forced his parents are. Unless Logan complelelty escapes his parents and starts anew, he and Rory can' t be married. I say they date for a while and then eventually Logan or Rory will find someone else that makes them happy (but not Odette or Paul) Oh, and the father of Rory's baby is Logan. But will she tell him? Idk and How will this affect her career?

  3. Ummm your life does not suck. Youre hanging out with puppies shesh. Plus you fine so no worries honey 😂👏💃💋

  4. Dear Buzzfeed, the next time you got bts would you be so kind to make them read thirst tweets. That would be very much appreciated.

    p.s. Don't milo ever aged?

  5. OK, but How The F*CK have u not done a puppy interview with Chris Evans yet??? Have you Seen the man with dogs??? Give the people what they want!!!

  6. Why is he so sweet and normal? You don't see that a lot in stars. Good trait. He's the best and very relaxed and down-to-earth. Love Milo. 😍😘

  7. Lmao I love Milo but Rory should have ended up with Jess, he literally put her life back on track, just as she did when they were young. Meant to be <3. Also the pick up lines part was so great!!!! Milo + puppies is great.

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