Minecraft – How to build a Pet shop (for real)

welcome back to its own playing
Minecraft yet again today a couple with one out intimates
last you saw meet rights bill his house was incident there because this is
something got messed up in the up loading sequins
and I actually messed up yeah per side I still needed the video on my computer
so I will show you what I feel and then I will its tell you all I and hug you do it okay okay let’s do that okay its speech over here and the sea and the first did
you use on tmobile this and again use came about and I’ve
just you ones where spoiled like right angle what it’s called so old but up well what you can’t do is this use chance these less split claim and little boxes around and put for the animals you wanna was its and as see yes slimes planted same thing you wat work on you can several balls in this the move of here and I schmitz this
self some some sense because I and best the new update first not out yet where
there’s aidid what they are call this so I that instead bookshelves use something see and for example I think that these as the cool for the the animal yet also what call a and then their all all I’m menus and always all that comes up then again on the box
your way perhaps also that the same thing you on that 1 but niche out as you saw or and the same thing here but didn’t some switched in tank years said and the same thing year as word list of key people will Ian’s the
and but he action and all also liked that and abuse following to lost hi you use and then here year from books and roof you can actually feel good first ball appearance all what you saw you soft us outside of work it’s derived 253 Windows she’s here yeah switch it up million makin feet in United on year first any out of something patents there but you can do whatever
you like and then I just the in something yeltsin give it a little more details some
plants outside year so wrestling year then I some bush’s so something like that here and nights some census with some thing down here you can always make a
sign right here ascites at shop something the some deals outside you know you
can’t use keanu texture well make it say something else
here for and again I should make more here
but you get just a bit with this year and I didn’t me buildings also appear so it was a
triangle and I didn’t want to do that because I I think it’s answer or something ought to do that all the
well in Minecraft so assets you can see here into a year but not fences gets and yeah I think it was just about it you can always play some
more pictures or rains or something like that
frames with that what you can feed your dog or something
like that on up here for example you what you should
feed him Anna and here again and some year again and as don’t know or world use maybe some restaurants symbolize Lux something
that’s there and the fact of you actually want
to build something out here likes ball or cafe or thing for the workers or something like that but I think
newt’s so yeah and yes you could see a just take
some all that popped into your eyes would the Florence awful like that too to make
a little hole for the animals here with walk all
around being grass call or but you can always
sick brown colour but I didn’t like that because it looks like
you guessed it something should out so yeah I think that was just about it aaron’s yeah if
you wanna see me doing something else you please leave a comment down below and
ask me if I could build it for you it might be the next bill so yeah you
should talk trouble do that for them switch out here but yeah and to issue really liked the
video please like that video unfair and show it to
your friends and your yeah if you really liked the video so I
wanna see more police subscribe to my channel and see more
videos coming up and yeah I will see you next
time do this all

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