MoCHA Cat Café in Ikebukuro

Hi everyone! Today I want to show you a super cute cat café I visited the other day. It’s called “MoCHA”, and it’s located on the west side of Ikebukuro station. It’s relatively new – it opened in February this year, which means there are a LOT of kittens here. Right now I’m at a cat café called MoCHA Cat (I got the name wrong lol) And there are tons of cute kittens here! In comparison to other cat cafés, this one is rather expensive; they charge 200 yen per 10 minutes, so if you stay for one hour, it will cost you 1200 yen. You can also drink as much coffee, tea and soft drinks as you want for 350 yen extra. And you can also buy snacks for the cats for 500 yen. The atmosphere is super cozy, and I think the interior is really nice. And despite this place being in the middle of Ikebukuro, you can’t hear any of the traffic on the outside, something I believe the cats appreciate a lot. I think MoCHA cat café is one of the best cat cafés I have ever visited in Tokyo, and I would definitely recommend you going here if you ever find yourself in Ikebukuro. If you found this video interesting, please click SUBSCRIBE And please check out my previous video! Bye bye!

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