Mr Rex ; Episode 1 –  Discovery

Mr Rex ; Episode 1 – Discovery

(Thunder sound) 30 seconds until within firing range. The Isaux have conquered 99% of the Empire, They’ve pushed their territory retreating our own close to our home planet! If they make us extinct The Earth will be the last place they conquer! Prioritise the Earth! 5 seconds until within Firing range! Incoming Demonics, Left flank! Take evasive action! They’re not going easy on use today! Inbound transmission! Accept! Mrs Rex, it’s Maria! Sorry to interrupt but this is really important! The prototopia Project has been completed, and will be ready to activate in 50 seconds! The 10 local galaxies will become separated from the external Universe. This should shorten your battle! Good luck; Mrs Rex! Very Well! WHAT THE! A harpoon?! (Explosion) WHAT THE?! It’s aiming to destroy colony #01… …Unless (Beeping) Subbed by DynoStorm (city ambience) Mr Sid. You have mail! Thanks! (audible gasp) (BEAST ROARING) (Yell) Hey Mr Rex! Wake up you have Mail! Coming! Here! I believe it’s a space Diploma! Space Diploma?! You recently learnt how to Pilot a Spaceship did you not? Oh Right. Derrick? Yes! Morning Sid! Here! (Blast sound) Wow wow wow! WHAT THE? Wow Sid Gees! Was that really necessary? Surely they would’ve made Mail digital by now? No it (spit out paper) It is Digital, these are semi-real emails. They’re all semi-transparent and can be digitally organised. See? Oh! Well er… I guess that one ran out of battery! Great. Now I question why they’re digital to begin with? (Door open) Hey what gives Officer?! BRUCE?! Sorry Mr Sid but this Creature was out paintballing… …WITH REAL GUNS! Mr Rex: Awh not again! Officer: He`s not going to Prison for his age but… I`m issuing a fine of 25,000 spirals! WHAT?! Understood Goodbye! As Bruce has been fined starting today you 3 are going to work! Mr Rex and Derrick: WHAT?! Don`t get so worked up about it, you`ll like it, I used to do this myself Before I became a Dedicated Engineer! Eh? Follow me! Mr Rex: WOW! Since when was there an elevator here?! Always, the ASR Mothership has many secrets! ;This is one of them. I`m taking you to my space launch channel! WHAT?! Are we going to space? Most Dinosaurs work internal of the ASR Mothership but… You will explore the Galaxy and choose your clients who provide freelance work of all kinds! Could be delivering a special item… …Reinforcements for a planetary or interstellar battle or… …Fixing someone`s toaster! Er… what?! Mr Rex: Ssh! (Be quiet) I have appropraitely created 3 ships for you each… …that can also combine into a hub for idle! They are; The X-Lab The X-Scape and the X-Batlr All designed by yours truly. Are you ready? Yeah! This sounds fun! Let`s go. but I don`t like toasters! Mr Rex: Well too bad! (Rather epic music) Narrator: …and so begins the Zealous Adventures of Mr Rex. Some random guy: We know! (Natural Ambience) (city ambience) (falling) Finally Earlion! HUH? RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Oh well, at least we got to the right place safely right? Eh, I… I Guess. Mr Rex: Oh Bruce are you alright? Derrick, contact Sid! Say the X-Batlr needs a cockpit upgrade. Mr Rex: So! Our Mission; Decrypt and dispose of an unidentified object 3 miles south of Colony #3 on planet Earlion in the Par system. Pays; 10,000 Spirals Well, Colony 3 is just over there! Derrick: We’re 6 mile south so… Mr Rex: Wow! It’s big! Derrick: That’s what she said! Mr Rex: Shut up Derrick! Derrick: So that’s why they sent us! You found something Derrick? Affirmative! The local colony is still holding encryption technology from 700 years ago. The technology isn’t appropriate for decrypting matter like we have here! Mr Rex: I’m sorry what? Derrick: Allow me to explain! Encrypted matter is matter of which the atoms are arranged so they cannot be interpreted. In order to interpret the encrypted matter, It must be decrypted to restore it into readable matter! Some encrypted matter is encrypted more strongly than others and therefore will require a more complex decryption key. The matter here can only be decrypted using the technology current and exclusive to the ASR Mothership. The technology is incredibly expensive. and the occurrence of encrypted matter is so rare… It’s a poor investment to try and keep all colonies up to date. That’s why we’re here! The X-Lab is equipped with a super computer that can sample and materialise the matter using a powerful ray So that we can dispose of it or deal with it as necessary. Well that didn’t make any sense to me but ok. Mr Rex: How long will the decryption take? Derrick: The X-Lab has pretty high specs, even by todays standards the decryption could take anything from 3 seconds to an hour but likely it’ll just take a minute or less. Most encrypted matter cases are just Hydrogen ash. Mr Rex: Hydrogen ash? That sounds safe enough. Derrick: As long as no one sets fire to it I can’t imagine any of us getting hurt on this mission. All I need to begin the decryption process is to make contact and focus the X-Lab’s super computer onto it! (beeps and computer sounds) Mr Rex: Hey Derrick! Since when did you have acne? Unless it’s a… Uh Oh! GET DOWN! (loud gunshot) ?: Awh Crikey, I missed! HEY! Who’s there? Bwa an Alien! Mr Rex: So, who are you? That’s not important! I just needed to get that thing you have in your hand! What thing? Wait! Oh hang on… How long have I been holding this? I’ve never seen this before! I’ll be paid a fortune if I collect that, and out of my personal interest I really want to kill you for your head! NO! Not my head! No not you ya mouldy orange! I’m referring to the Handsome tyrannosaurus in red! Oh why thank yo- (stutters) Well You’re not getting anything from me! So long we have Bruce… NOT EVEN a top level sniper can beat us! Right Bruce? bruce? Both: Awh, we’re screwed! ?: Considering you’ve been so kind and handed it to me. Mr Rex: HEY! I think I’ll kill you some other time! See ya! Hey wait! Where do you think you’re going? you little creepy Derrick: Mr Rex? What is it Derrick? Mr Rex: WHAT THE?! Mr Rex: A Hill?! This must’ve been what was in that encrypted matter! Ouch (audible gasp) Huh? What the? Hill: Awh Crap! (Explosion) Mr Rex: Hey Derrick! Are you alright? Derrick: That was way scarier than a Toaster! Speaking of Scary. Where did that ‘Tuxedo Woman’ dash off to? AND WHY WERE WE ATTACKED BY A PERSONIFIED HILL? Mr Rex: Exactly Anyways let’s contact the client. Get paid and let’s get out of here. Medi: Yo Mr Obalead! How’s the Obapreed Operations of mass destructions going? I’ve come with this thingy you wanted! Obalead: Excellent work Medi However Where the item appeared There were some Dinos’ doing something I grabbed that thing and legged it but they might be suspicious of our stuffs ya’ know? Obalead: These Dinosaurs you speak of… Look like members of the ASR More specifically space mercenaries or freelance travelers. YA WOT? Obalead: We cannot let a race like Dinosauria get in the way of our plans. I’m going to set up a trap, so we can get rid of these Dinosaurs if we can! Maria: What? What’s that? Captain, captain! What’s wrong? Maria: Something, something has changed. (Ending song)

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  1. Whoa, it's a reboot! And the hill monster is back! XD
    The animation definitely looks way better than in the original one, pretty funny stuff, I can't wait for episode 2. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Awesome! You're a great animator, and that episode was full with awesome effects! I can't wait to watch more!

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