Multi-cat households – Planet Cat episode five

Multi-cat households – Planet Cat episode five

Contrary to popular belief, domestic cats
are a solitary species, who often prefer to spend their time without other feline
companionship. However, cats can tolerate living together under the mutual
understanding that each of them can access important resources. On this
occasion though, we’ve come across a rarity in the domestic feline world – two
cats behaving as if they are from the same social group. This uncommon
situation sees two cats happily coexist as best buds in a stress-free
environment. Not even waiting for food brings tension to their loving bromance.
Cats have yet again proven to be an intriguing and complex species.

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  1. I'm lucky to have two cats that have grown up together as kittens so live together comfortably. However, a prolonged vet visit meant that one cat smelt differently and so wasn't recognised by the other cat and unsurprisingly … hissing and growling ensued. I had to go through the steps of familiarisation with the help of Feliway and they are now friends again!

  2. our cat Lola is jumpy around plastic bags, (changing the bins) sheets of foil (cooking) & men's feet
    (walking by While she is eating) shall we just avoid the items when she is about, or will there be away around it.

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