My cat Missy hiding behind the computer display

Here we go again! Who is this hiding
behind my computer display? That’s right! This is my fourth cat Missy! Hey, Missy,
say “Hello” to the audience! Love you, my sweetie. She likes sitting behind the
display when I’m working on my computer. Missy watches my every move. Missy is a
Maine Coon cat with a glorious tabby coat. Her hair is very fluffy. This is the latest cat, that I brought home. She was living for about 3 years on the
street since I saw her first time. Then, I started carrying food to her. She was
sitting and waiting for me everyday to bring her some food. I so get used to her,
so I decided it’s time to take her home with me. She is very good with people. She likes when people touching and petting her. You may think it crazy to take four
cats home, but I say it’s humane, not crazy.

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