My Girlfriend Identifies As A Cat | EXTREME LOVE

My Girlfriend Identifies As A Cat | EXTREME LOVE

Kat: I have always been different. I just always had a fascination with cats. People are like Oh, you’re not really a cat. I’m like, I feel like I really am though. I am a cat. Rob: I’ve never had anything so much on the, on the kitten side of dressing up in past relationships. Kat: I get the negative stuff. It’s just not accepted to a lot of people. Vanessa: I think Rob and cat as a couple, I don’t know. Kat: Today we’re going to actually try me, licking into the bowl like a normal cat would. I’m really excited about it. Rob: Okay, that’s milk for you. Kat: Mainly, my whole signature look is the cat eye black. It just started when I was in high school. I have always been different. I’ve always been into cats. I mean that’s my name came from. I was bullied a lot for wearing the ears and just being a nerd. So I kind of kept it a little bit hidden. Rob: I’m kind of a geek myself. Love science fiction, fantasy, basic Doctor Strange, this is Doctor Strange. So here’s some of my Jon Snow stuff. I call myself old Jon Snow sometimes so, the older version of Jon Snow. This needs a little touch up. I’ve never had anything so much on the, on the kitten side of dressing up in past relationships. Hi babe.
Kat: I don’t know who’s going first, are you?
Rob: You go ahead. Kat: No you go first.
Rob: I’m first. I’m Rob. I’m a retired Army Colonel and now do various pursuits including artwork and cosplay. Kat: I’m Kat and I’m a model. The struggle of being a cat girl is keeping your ears up perfectly. This is not just dress up for me. It’s an everyday thing for me. When I first got into pet play, I just felt a sense of home. It was just me. The tail is challenging sometimes, especially the heavier the tail. The more materials on the tail, the heavier it’s going to be. I have my Hellcat outfit on. So I’m ready for the day now. Rob: Pet play was something new to me that Kat introduced me to. I was willing to be experimental and try new things. So was willing to do that. That was fine especially the cuteness of the whole kitten thing. Kat: Some of us have sirs and our masters. Here’s one of my leashes. My master bought this forme it’s kind of heavy, but I really, really like it. Rob: The master side of it I’m not as comfortable with, the more dominant role. Kat: I behave most of the time so I don’t need the leash a lot of the times but it’s also fun to just play around and have them hold the other end and pull on it, when it’s on my collar. Today we’re going to actually try me licking into the bowl like a normal cat would. We are always open to try new things. I’m really excited about doing this because that’s another part of the whole like regular like kitten stuff. Being on the table and just licking through it I just think that it’s fun. Rob: Okay, that’s milk for you. Let me feed you some pastry. You’re being so shy. She looks good on the table, that is really cute. Kat: Well being a cat I like doing this kind of stuff. It’s fun for me. Interviewer: Like, this is not surprising to you here? Rob: I don’t mind I’m kind of old so I’ve seen a lot of things in my life. As a Kinky person, you’re always doing things that other people look at strangely. Kat: Getting into the mindset of being a kitten is just me being myself in away but getting to play. Rob: What is normal by now?
Kat: I don’t know what normal, is you know. I don’t know what normal is anymore, you know, and I think it’s not just the pet play stuff. I think it’s the age gap too. That’s a problem. You know, it’s just not only it’s like okay, well not only you’re doing all this but yeah, you know, you’re with someone that’s like, way older than you. Rob: Most of my friends are supportive. Maybe a few don’t understand or maybe a few have an odd impression. I, I don’t think about it too much. And I think Kat thinks about it more. Kat: It’s, it’s hard. But I’m going to be who I am. No matter if people are going to be accepting of this lifestyle or not. I get the negative stuff.You have more supportive people, I think in your corner than I do mine. I think I get more judgment.
Rob: Vanessa. Vanessa: Hello?
Rob: Hello. How are you doing? Vanessa: Good. Good to see you.
Rob: Good to see you. This is one of our Kat’s, cat mugs. Vanessa: I know. No, I love it. When I met you in August were you wearing cat ears that day? I knew that Rob was into cosplay and I see a lot of your pictures on Instagram with him. And I just you know figure Oh, it’s part of the cosplay but, now I find out that it’s called pet play? Is what it’s called the ears and the tail. And the persona that Kat does is actually a 24/7 pet play. So you guys met and then started hanging out dating blah, blah, blah. So was there like a conversation of like, Hey, I do pet play? Rob: I kind of knew a little bit about that. Vanessa: You knew a little bit about it?
Kat: I think people when they see me it’s like, oh, she’s just doing this because you know, for attention, or she’s just you know especially when holidays come out. They’re like, Oh, she’s doing for that. I’m like…
Rob: So it’s more like… Kat: It’s a more …
Vanessa: You’re like this ****. Getting to talk to her helped me understand why this is part of her identity. And I really don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that. Rob: People are going to be what they want to be I think in general. I’m pretty accepting of that. And that’s I think, probably why we get along so well, too. I think people should be unashamed and unafraid to explore what they want to explore. If it, if it happens to be pet play, yes. Vanessa: When Rob met Kat and found out about the pet play he embraced that. And I feel like even if Rob wasn’t into cosplay, he still would have embraced that. It’s beautiful. It’s unique. Kat: I grew up and I had to pretend, to pretend to be normal, you know and not be the cat person, but now it’s I get to be myself I get to express myself you know, I am a kitten. I get to climb,if I want to climb on something I can. If I want to drink out of a little bowl I can. If I want to wear a collar, if I want to wear my ears, I can do it. I don’t have anybody stopping me saying okay, well, you need to be normal. Now I can just be myself. I’m with this person who accepts me for who I am. And it’s just sometimes it gets overwhelming because you’re so supportive and everything and I’ve never, had anybody so supportive so if I just … stop it you’re going to make me start crying. Please don’t do that. Rob: Give me a kiss. Kat: Do I think that people should explore pet play? I think so. I think that it’s fun. Rob: She got me to try it out.

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  1. I feel sorry for the cats.
    Human involving innocent creatures in their psychopath sick fantasies.
    Poor animals.
    I feel I’m a cat !!!
    No you are Not you are human been who needs serious help.!

  2. Rob seems very knowledgeable n serious about cosplay etc. I get the vibes from her thats all just a game for attention.

  3. Honestly I dont think the age gap thing anyone would honestly have a problem with. It seems like a really weird girl found an awesome guy whos just older then her if I was her or a girl in general I'd be with him hes a great guy i dont even know him just the snips of his personality we could see he seems like one of those people that are awesome.

  4. im interested in that guy he seems fun and nerdy and just overall a cool chill guy. the girl just oversexualizes the fact that she is "a cat" like cmon now.

  5. I tried so hard to find something attractive or interesting about Kat and I just can’t find anything….she’s not pretty and not interesting…she just hides behind the idea that she’s a “cat.”

  6. She looks like a 45 year old so she needs to get over the age difference and fix her teeth if she really wants to be a model. He doesn't even look older than her.

  7. I was not expecting him to be older. That surprised me! They're so weird. I like them! Go be weird and enjoy yourselves!

  8. I mean if your going to go through the trouble of making it your "identity", at least do it well. Or at least do your make up well… (like an actual cat eyeliner maybe)? I feel like this isn't that uncommon, like, there's probably a percentage of the worlds population that thinks cat women are sexy or dressing up like a cat is sexual.

  9. So you're telling me but I get yelled at for leaning up against the table but she gets to lay on the table like a cat and drink milk from a saucer?? yeah something don't add up🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Dud you are sick u need help having sex with a cat that's just wrong..people let's help this cat find a new home

  11. This creepy old dude wants to bang a hot chick and this girl doesn't want a job. There ya go, video explained.

  12. Wait, I thought pet play is a sexual thing and identify yourself as anything but human is otherkin or therian?
    And um… Are there cats that like leashes??

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