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  1. lol.. on the gloves. I assume the people complaining don't drive cars. Don't use consumer products. Don't eat poultry or bacon. lolol hypocrites… Especially if that was an American commenting lolol I assume he doesn't turn his lights on at night. lolololol jajajaja

  2. you wear the gloves, so your hands wont get dirty 😅. Have you ever heard of a construction site, i belive its a bit more rough there and nobody wears gloves there

  3. Hey so…keeping a betta without a lid hasn’t been a problem here?
    Also hot tip I use a small cup and line the edges with a dark coloured substrate when I am adding a bacteria layer in the middle so there is no stray grains. 🙂

  4. Is the driftwood bonsai recommended for betta fish tanks? Did the betta get any fin tear from the tree?

  5. Hi Green Aqua

    I’m following your channel excellent scape and videos
    I know this video is pretty old so not sure if I will get a reply!

    I’ve realised you are not based in the uk and I really like your Betta tank in this video,
    I would really like to buy this tank, where can I purchase it from ?


  6. Hi green aqua

    Hi thank you for your reply,
    I’ve been in contact with them so thanks.

    I would like a modern looking led light for this tank something like the ONF slim but unfortunately they do not stock these lights.
    What led light would you recommend that would look really good and modern above this tanks?

  7. Breaks my heart to see Betta fish in little jars at the fish store, they seem absolutely miserable.
    And eventually I'll have a bonsai tank 🙂

  8. love this video specially the talk between Betta fish it was funny, i am planing to make first time ever planted tank a nano size, without Co2, bcz its out of my budget to put Co2, can you please please guide me what type of plant i should use for my nano tank without Co2,

    thank you for your consideration

    And thanks to Green Aqua team for posting beautiful videos, i really love it


  9. woah so with this light you guys have 66 lm/L or so, it isn't pretty high ilumination for a low tech?

  10. Why would you not prefer dirty hands than plastic waste in the ocean? No matter how hard you try save the animals, it won't make a difference if nobody is willing to try save our planet.

  11. …..I was terribly distracted by that horrible shirt. I get it that some folks find that word regularly in their vocabulary and think nothing of using fact, find it funny. But there are many who see it as the most foul and offensive word in the English vocabulary. I get it…freedom of speech and all, but since I imagine you'd like everyone to be able to enjoy your video, it might be prudent to find something to wear that 'all' of us can enjoy or at least ignore ?……just a thought… <:-[ Now…I'll finish watching your video and try really hard to ignore the shirt…..

  12. What water conditioner you put there that fish can be added next day? Can you please share the name of it?

  13. can you please make videos without anyone talking? just a nice therapeutic aquascaping vid cuz that would be amazing

  14. Honestly the guy behind the camera is super annoying. I watched with the sound off. Just let the guy doing the scaping talk will ya dude???

  15. You could reuse the gloves so you don’t just throw out plastic everytime you make a new tank 🙂 that’s what I do when I dye my hair coz I do it somewhat regularly.

    It would greatly help the motherfucking nature.

  16. Did you guy time this and put a talking fish in it to keep people watching the whole video? Haha I would of watched it if it took you an hour.. but I still like Mr. Gruber.

  17. That fish can easily Replace Avi Kaplan of ptx official or Tim Foust of Home Free with a voice that deep ( low note). :V

  18. I think he hates nature cause of his shirt!!!!!! He should not be doing this kind of videos cause its working with lots of nature ♥♥♥♥ or somebody explain me what kind of message his giving by wearing that kind of shirt ???.

  19. Always enjoy your videos, no matter how long they are. Would love to see Gruber's tank now that it's had a chance to grow in!

  20. Well in my opinion…its not that good wearing gloves…gloves could spread the chemicals from itself to the water,and ofcourse its going to affect the living things…i prefer bare hands,we can clean our hands b4 doing the process…

  21. Im from Thailand.
    I have a picture to help. I like Betta splendens.
    Thank you all.

  22. like the facts within the video, very educational however im kind of confused as to why the fish talks. it gets abit annoying.

  23. Aquarium Plants tank : Betta fish 2, lemon tetra 6, gold mystery snails 2 and ghost shrimp 2
    These are combination how it's Good Or Bad

  24. Sziasztok!
    Szuper amit csinàltok,csak….kàr,hogy Angol nyelven!
    Persze fontos a nézetség,de mi lenne ha alatta Magyar feliratoznàtok?
    …még szìvesebben nézném a vidiòkat!!!

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