New PJ Masks Cat Car / Catboy,Owlette,Gekko Vs Indominus Rex Jurassic World Unboxing

New PJ Masks Cat Car / Catboy,Owlette,Gekko Vs Indominus Rex Jurassic World Unboxing

wow guys it’s great to see you again i’m New PJ Masks Cat Car / Catboy,Owlette,Gekko Vs Indominus Rex Jurassic World Unboxing so glad you came back fine I’m WD and welcome to my told Channel let’s see what new also toy we have today Wow today we have bj mass can’t car that looks totally awesome and later we’ll have today secret word an awesome in part one more fun videos wow haha i will turn these tiny eggs into huge dinosaurs with them I will rule the world I will be the most powerful and no PJ masks are gonna stop me fetch my little legs heart’s working grow dinos grow haha still not enough keep growing grow grow grow haha yes yes now I will unleash you on the city and calls great destruction and the PJ masks are going to stay that our way haha hi go by dinosaurs in destroy the city oh no guys red alert red alert there’s dinosaurs destroying the city Romeo invented a giant spray their huge red alert Connor becomes careful I maya comes I’ll a Greg becomes ghetto pj mess to the rescue everyone to the cap will be all over here hurry hurry let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go to jump let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go oh I let you’re always rushing us why you always in such a rush we gotta go get it done get it done get it done oh I’ll let you gotta stop and think sometimes and they’re off to save the day with my super our eyes and see them off in the distance hurry hurry hurry get him with y5y oh wait we need a plan slow down let quick super get going to get go get going wow he appeared Dino doesn’t over here is soup I think we’re gonna get soup forget go stroke I’ll show you who’s boss wow you picked up the whole Dino super Gekko struggle forgot there was another 10 we wind wow they’re okay Romeo we beat your dinos shrink them back down again our foiled again okay whatever you say huh they’re shrinking wow they’re tiny haha he shrunk the right back two eggs ok guys let’s get these eggs loaded in the car and the Romeo’s gonna be in big trouble here hey throw me away ok eggs in the car and they’re off what great mysteries with a soft tomorrow we will c pj masks to the rescue ok guys this pgms cat car is totally awesome it’ll fit all three heroes and it’s just like the show cool let’s check out the back of it ok so here is all three of them in the spooky town with a full move also I must open this up okay let’s go ahead and free cat-boy from whose packaging and his also cat-car cool ok here’s a good look at cat-boy his head does turn pretty good mom his arms will turn 360 degrees he’s got the cat symbol on the front of his suit his legs will turn and also go up so he could sit dog and his tail will turn in a full circle he’s got cool blue boots and he does look just like he does in the show and let’s take a look at who’s awesome cat car while these things fast it looks really cool got the blue wheels blue with like lightning stripes on the side the back of it looks almost like eyes over here it’s also there’s a look at the other side and the front is cool it’s got like a Batman eyes almost this would be like a model with things lightning strike and also three tiny seats in spite of everything like small these seats are blue for cat-boy read for Luna and green for gecko so you go ahead and his tail fits in this slot in the back there and it is also i mean he snaps and you’re perfect i mean look at that he does not fall out if you shake him i mean i really like the detail that they did on that so overall guys who set is also i really like the PJ masks show and the toys it is super cool wow that bj mask at car was totally awesome if you wanna see more fun videos go ahead and click that subscribe button right there and also like thumbs-up button under the video and today secret word is the word can spell c 8 t go ahead and put that in the comments section down below the video i know you enjoy the video and you remember my club with to the video ends there’s some car work all right Wow guys check out the awesome videos by clicking on them and also click the subscribe button if you want to see more

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  1. This really makes me want to watch Jurassic World again! I seen it once but I really would like to see it again 🙂

  2. Its Impossible for gekko to carry Indominus Rex Next Time make it real Listic For more subs you know there are people that love indominus

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