New White Tiger At Big Cat Rescue

New White Tiger At Big Cat Rescue

Meet Sapphire a nine-year-old White Tiger. Like all white tigers, they are a product of inbreeding and have cross eyes to some extent. Unfortunately for Sapphire. hers are severely crossed. Sapphire arrived at Big Cat Rescue in August of 2015 with two other Tigers and a Black Leopard after being confiscated from their owner. They stayed here under our Witness Protection program while their court case was still litigation. But now after four years all of these big cats call Big Cat Rescue their forever home. [Music] Sapphire loved spending time with her favorite keeper Afton and she definitely has a big personality. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] If you want to learn more about Sapphire, please visit big cat rescue. org slash Sapphire.-EDITED-MB-DQ

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  1. I would pet it in a heartbeat, lose my arm and pet with the other one. She’s so cute and playful. Hope she enjoys living there.

  2. So glad that you all decided to video tape whilst they were under protection rules.
    We get to see all the fun stuffs you got to over the years!!! (YEEHAW!!!)
    Keep on being you Sapphire!!!

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  4. White tigers are not only the product of incest!!! Some are simply genetic mutations, like albino humans..What i cant stand about this channel. Yall try to hard with the drama! Carrol was once caught lying about these animals backgrounds/ailments, to boost donations! Beautiful tiger!

  5. Hello Big Cat Rescue
    I just wanted to say that i really appreciate that your rescue give these big cats a new change, thank you really much for saving her 🥰❤️
    Keep up the great work! 👍🏻

  6. enjoy your time while you can Sapphire. Unfortunately they don't tell the public this are you animals but the minute you hit 20 years old they will kill you they will put you down they've done it to four tigers now I guess when they hit 20 they should be put down to

  7. She's so pretty! But I can definitely see the crossed eyes. 🙁 Does she have a cleft pallete as well? How did you keep the "witness protection" cats hidden from guests that came there in-person during those 4 years before you were allowed to reveal them?

  8. So kind hearted. You can see her sweet personality thru the lens. I'm sure you folks wish you could give them great big hugs!!! But saftey first. 💖💐

  9. 😱 She’s so pretty!! Maybe she’s Zabu’s substitute, despite she can never be replaced. WE HAVE BEEN SENT ANOTHER ANGEL FROM THE HEAVENS!!

  10. She’s beautiful!! I know that because she is in your care, that she will thrive and live a long, comfortable life.

  11. Thank you for providing a safe place during litigation for these sweethearts. We ♡ you Big Cat Rescue!

  12. OMG – the big cats often behave like our cats at home!

    „Open the door“
    Door is opened
    Cat lays down

  13. I've seen white Tigers born in the wild and it had nothing to do with inbreeding so I'm lost at that statement.. There is a national geographic documentary showing 2 white Tigers and 2 lions born to one mother and growing up successfully in the wild and still alive… It isn't due to inbreeding, it's due to a mutated gene… Facts please!

  14. I miss you Zabu 😢

    We will never forget you
    I hope I can come see her some day like I wanted with Zabu

  15. I wanna throw my arms around her and snuggle her. She can't possibly handle my snuggle. She will be helpless yet I will be merciful.

  16. We have to have more formidible laws to prevent abuses of these wonderful creatures. Just cause you have the money to buy one doesn't mean you have the intelligence to take care of them. Sheesh. Many thanks for Big Cat rescue. Bright blessings and hugs.

  17. Ma belle sapphire . en toi c est zabu qui nous manque terriblement. Ma belle sapphire je t aime déjà et du fond de mon cœur je te souhaite de longues années de bonheur d une meilleure santé du bien être pour ta tête des wagons d amour et de bisous. Saches qu a big. Cat rescue ils sont tous la pour ma girl. 🌟💛💙💜💚❤🍗🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. Really is a shame white tigers are generally borne of inbreeding. That such a striking creature can be produced only by foolish, destructive, hurtful practices is completely unfair to us and them alike.

  19. Is this Zabu's old enclosure? Or at least, did they include the platform from Zabu and Cameron's enclosure into hers?

  20. Seriously seeing so many footages from BCR, it's so apparent that every big cat's face is different even she/he is the same species with the other one.
    Sapphire's face is so different from Zabu's.

  21. I know they’re dangerous predators, but I swear every white Tigress always ends up being the most sweet, playful.

  22. Is there any girl name zabu or I love big cat rescue or Christiana or Christina if any one there plzzzz msg me on kik

  23. I love stats fire where is Cameron I still have Cameron and zabu what is white snow leopard I just I just have my mom tummy I still love all your Wildcats what is your best Squad kind of hold her sanctuary is it really hot there today it is November for 2019

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