Off to the Vet (Full Film In B&W!) I A Simon’s Cat SPECIAL

Off to the Vet (Full Film In B&W!) I A Simon’s Cat SPECIAL

[Birds tweeting] [Birds tweeting] Meow! [Bee buzzing] [Bee buzzing] [Ping! Bee sting] Meoooow!!!! [Sigh] Meow Meow [Belly rumbling] Meow Meow Meow. Meow Off! Meow. Meow. [Chuckles to himself] Meow? [Sucking noises] Get off… [Mumbles] Mew! Rarrgghhh! Eeeugh! Meow. Mew Meow. Go on! [Simon cheerily humming] Meow. Meow. Meow! Meow. [Simon casually whistling] [ Click! (cat flap lock)] [Kitten eating noisily] Meh! [Birds tweeting] [Birds tweeting] [BANG!] [Birds tweeting] [Foot steps] [Simon whistling] Wahheehe Mew? Mew! Mew. Mew!! Hmmm? Bye!! [Sigh!] Hmm… [DREADED CAT CARRIER DOOR SQUEAK!] IN! [Cat growl] Huh!? [Cat growling] Eesh! [Muffled cat growling] Hehehe! Hehey! Wooo! [Cat growling] Hehehe! Meooow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow!! Meh… Meow! Mew?

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  1. Make videos like you did in 2008, short ones, that’s what got you to this part of YouTube. I’m saying this because I’m noticing a lack of growth on the channel.

  2. I looooove it , incredibly funny and inspiring 🙂 great great congratulations for this Simon !!

  3. I see Simon has better furnishings. Every time his world gets a little bigger. It's been so fun watching this world grow!

  4. I can relate to the Simon's ordeal. Every time I need to take my cat Photon to the vet I need to start a whole campaign. I need to take the pet carrier from the storage several days in advance and then on the day of the appointment I don't approach him until the last moment and then have to grab him and stuff him into the carrier rapidly. I always have just one shot and if he wiggles away I have to reschedule the appointment.

  5. In the Black and White version, it is difficult to tell why the cat is going to the vet. In the colour version, his paw is red.

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