Ollie and Snoopy – The Kennel Club Friends for Life 2019

Ollie and Snoopy – The Kennel Club Friends for Life 2019

When I was really young my mum said do you want a dog and I said yes and we were suddenly driving to go get a dog. I felt like Snoopy was just a perfect dog and I really wanted him because he was really cute. My name is Ollie and this is Snoopy. I like to cuddle him, I like to feed him and also especially I like playing football with him. Yea he is my best friend…….really. Ollie became really, really poorly He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia Ollie was 3 and half and then they told us the treatment for leukemia was 3 and half years. He was unable to see friends and family. It was like wow that’s a lot of his childhood that’s been spent in hospital. Snoopy’s just been the constant friend that
Ollie couldn’t have anywhere else. Because he had to learn to crawl and then learn to walk again, Snoopy helped him because he had to go out for a walk. I think that encouraged Ollie to be able to put some more effort into learning to walk again. I kind of feel that he wants me to be able to run with him. So that’s why I want to be able to run with him. Even if I was in a wheelchair I’ve still got to walk him. I always hoped they would be best friends but I never ever in my entire life thought they would have
the bond that they do together and you know it’s just a constant friend, always there
no matter what, really. Wherever Ollie is, Snoopy is never far behind. Their bond has just been amazing, he kind of follows him everywhere. It’s almost like his protector. He normally cuddles up to me without asking him so that kind of tells me, he is my best friend.

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  1. What a beautiful story – made me cry. Snoopy was a huge source of comfort for Ollie. I'm so happy Ollie was able to recover that must have been so scary for the family. I'm sure Snoopy and Ollie will always be incredibly close after all of this.

  2. Another example of the love and healing experience between a person and a dog. The connection is incredible. Snoopy knows how much he's needed. He gives Olli a reason to get better, a reason to live and keep trying. I hope they have many wonderful years together ♥️

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