origami 3d siamese cat tutorial part 1 – easy

origami 3d siamese cat tutorial part 1 – easy

paper size for the head 2,5 cm x 3,5 cm

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  1. muito bom o vide só precisa detalhar mais como quantas pecas utiliza as cores como se faz cada camada like

  2. would have been nice if you had given the dimensions for the pieces. I made the head and it turned out way too big for the body.

  3. How many pieces all together? I can't understand also what the numbers mean at the start of the video? I would really like to follow this tutorial but it's rather difficult to see the pieces as the video is going along when I also don't know what pieces I need at which time, or how many. Help is very much appreciated!

  4. seus vídeos são muito bonitos, mas seria bom ou melhor detalhar as peças que você usa de cada cor que eu digo como assunto

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