Our cats get new scratchboard beds and SPOILER they like them

Our cats get new scratchboard beds and SPOILER they like them

Hey guys! So we got some new cardboard couch/I don’t even know what this is For our cats Uh… And we thought we would show you their excitement As we open them So we have two of them on top of
our entertainment system But uh… one just got worn down over time Because the cats just used it so much And then the second got a little bit messy, they like tracked some stuff up on it. So we need to get rid of that one SO IT’S TIME FOR A NEW ONE! And we actually managed to find the same one we had– we have right now which is the pretty color one I like cuz it’s like the blue and pink one,
which I think is really pretty so I am super happy we found this And then we also have this one down here which is new and it’s got, like,
a little space they can go inside Uh… So we’re gonna see if they’ll actually use that So far, Nagi is the only one of our cats that usually likes going inside small… J: The other bed, the cardboard bed, Nagi loves it so much that yesterday when Poki was occupying that bed Nagi was so unhappy R: He– he had to sleep on top of the entertainment system, like the wood part, and he kept like lifting his head
because he couldn’t get comfortable he didn’t like it at all [laughs] Our spoiled little cats! They really love these J: Nagi used to fit that perfectly, but now he is slightly too big. It’s really cute. R: They all go on it. Even Haku still tries to fit on it. J: Isn’t that cute, that they keep becoming bigger and bigger but they still try to fit anyway R: Yeah. And the second one has a hole in it So I want to see if any of the cats go inside Nagi is the only one of our cats who kind of likes going inside small holes right now so, we’ll see. J: Poki is in the litter. Where are the kitties? R: They’re in there. They’ll come out once I… get this out. Oh, and if you’re curious, we s– here, can you show that? J: Show what? R: The cardboard thing J: Oh. R: If you’re curious, we’re still using
the cardboard thing for our litter We had to move our litter to make room to film this But it’s still working. Um, one of the edges, they like… kicked off, so it’s not connected anymore but, since we brought it back from Jun’s parents’ house, that edge goes up against here, so there’s nothing they can do with it so it’s fine. Works really well. Alright. Let’s see how long it takes the cats to come out. J: Someone’s in the bathroom. R: Oh, not anymore. Poki’s out. R: Nagi! Poki– POKI COME BACK! I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU! [laughing] Guys! You guys have a present! Uh, they usually– they come with catnip but we’re not gonna put it on this time, because it like, just slowly sinks through the holes and then there’s a huge mess underneath. Every single time we, like, lift this up to vacuum or clean out underneath it, there’s just more and more. It never stops coming. Haku! Come here! Oh, I think Nagi– nope. [laughing] WE BOUGHT PRESENTS! C’MERE! K, I’ll go– hang on hang on Oh, Nagi’s coming. Slowly. Poki’s coming. …kinda. [laughs] [gently] Come here! Nagi, look! J: Do you have, like, a plastic wrapper? R: Oh yeah, it’s fine. But Nagi’s here! He’s got it! Poki! [kissing noises] Poki! C’mere! J: Why don’t you open the other one for Nagi? R: Cuz we gotta let them enjoy their presents one at a time! [Jun does the nose exhale thing] R: It’s like in Christmas, you can’t just hand everyone their gifts all at once! You have to hand them out one by one so everyone can enjoy watching them open it! J: ‘kay.
R: Oh, Haku’s coming. [Rachel laughing] R: No! No! No! It’s present-opening time! You will enjoy your presents! Haku~! [Jun snorting] [both laughing] [Rachel laughing] You like it? They look more confused than anything else. [Nagi tries to escape] NO! [laughing] Poki’s goin’ at it. Alright, let’s open this other one Oh boy, what’s this? This is new! Yeah, this is a new one, guys! Got this too. I don’t know where you put the other– oh, it’s over there. eh J: Nagi isn’t here
R: Look at this! R: Oh no, Poki got stuff on it. [Rachel laughing quietly] [Rachel laughing] He’s good. Haku! [laughs] You found a new throne! You so cute, buddy! [laughs] J: Maybe we should get a couple. R: We’re running out of spaces to put them. This is go– this is gonna go on top of the entertainment system and I think we’re gonna put this one in this room on top of our old table, once we clear off some room. That’s where their big round thing is. J: Feel like we should’ve gotten more, but maybe we don’t have enough space. R: Haku’s occupying it. [laughs] Nagi’s gonna–
J: Nagi didn’t see it yet. Here. J: Why don’t you throw, like, a food in that hole? R: Nagi, look! Nagi! R: Can you fit? [laughs] J: Can he fit?? R: I’m sure he can.
I mean, I’m not gonna shove them in there J: Can–
R: He’ll probably go in when he feels like it. J: That looks really comfortable. R: It’s like, uh, we have– J: What about Poki? Can he go in there? R: I think he could.
J: Really? R: Yeah. R: Poki!
J: OBESITY TEST! R: Poki! C’mere! [Jun says something in Japanese] R: No, cuz then they’ll just stick their head in there and then back out. J: You can push them in, then. R: I DON’T WANNA SHOVE THEM IN!
J: Why not? R: Maybe Poki. J: Oh? Oh? R: Haku! J: Oh?
[both laughing] J: Haku can’t go in R: Yeah, this is really small for him. [Jun snickering]
R: But you never know, he still might try. R: Poki’s purring. R: They’re crazy about this thing. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh [laughs] [laughing] Uh-oh. [laughing] Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. [laughs] R: [laughing] He’s got it. NAGI NO! [laughs] [laughing] Come on! That’s not how you play! [laughing] [Rachel laughing] [laughing] R: Nagi! Nagi! [laughing] [Rachel laughing] R: Boi! He’s gonna break it! He’s pulling so hard. Good job! Good job, buddy! R: [laughing] Oh my gosh. Bud! I think you’re too big. [someone snorts] [Rachel laughing] R: He’s trying. J: [laughing] He’s just… sitting. [Nagi: HELLO! YES!!] [Rachel laughs] R: [laughing] Oh no. R: Poki! Poki~! [Rachel laughing] R: C’mere. C’mere. C’mere! C’mere! R: Dun da-dun~! We got two! Now they can both sleep happily again! J: Now all of them will prefer this one,
because it’s newer. R: [laughing] J: Haku seems to like it a lot.
R: [laughs] R: Where you gonna put it? Oh R: Poki! [clicking tongue] POKI! [Rachel laughs] R: Nice. R: I like how Haku has his own spotlight. Poki would too! If we still had the light in that. R: Okay. Well, I’m sure you guys will enjoy your new couches. We’ll take some more videos of you on them later. Alright. Bye buddies! Bye Poki!

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  1. 7:42 So cute !!!

    But don't know how think he can fits.. it's really idiot.. yes you can if you force him é_è but no one ever should done that !

  2. I love the most poki bc he is the most underrated cat there.. i get him he has anxiety bc of these cats…. he was a street cat… it is hard for him to adapt

  3. I love your cats, and videos. But, i don't really..like how you manhandle your cats sometimes? It's not cute or funny to drag your cat by it's legs.

  4. Haku is already claiming his scratch board . This is mine!!!!! Ur cats are soo adorable. What kind of breed are these cats?

  5. I have officially become a fan of your cats. I cannot have any of my own because I am allergic but it's fun to watch your cat's.

  6. My cat keeps jumping up to the screen when he sees the cats, then going behind it and looking confused as to why there are not cats there!

  7. Heyy new watcher of both your channel's! ✌💜
    My Siamese kitten Bixby loves to watch your cats! It's his favorite show now !

  8. I got my cat a scratch board pyramid that has balls and catnip! Hopefully she likes it when I see her again tomorrow

  9. You should shave other one side on the baymax eye shaped one off and face it towards the wall so one side they can go in easier or make the holes a little bigge for haku 😁😀

  10. When I found this channel I was like
    Wow this channel is the best it's two
    Amazing people with three cute halarious

  11. When your channel is literally a deep dive into cat love insanity, where a couple on the video surface pretend they are happy and love their cats. Yet when you look into their eyes you see the cry for help, the cats decide all of their lives … remember kids cats are adorable fluffy balls of evil.

  12. Please don't pull the kitty by the arms! that can hurt their spine love. That is a big nono. Same as parents that twirl their kids by the arms. Their
    spine is compromised. Not hating. Just not something you do ever with an animal.

  13. Love your cat videos….my significant other is also Asian and I lived there for 5 years. Now I am back in USA and miss it…except for my ever expanding gun collection lol…

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