Our Family Pet Is A Six Foot Croc | BEAST BUDDIES

Our Family Pet Is A Six Foot Croc | BEAST BUDDIES

COMM: For the past 20 years, Irwan has been living with a crocodile. COMM: The crocodile was named Kojek and he now lives in the house with Irwan, his wife and three children. COMM: Kojek is fed 4 or 5 kilos of fresh fish three times
a week. COMM: When Irwan first bought the crocodile,
it was just 30 centimeters. But has since grown close to 2-meters long – weighing 200
kilograms. COMM: Over the years, news of this domesticated reptile has spread throughout the community and Kojek regularly gets visitors. COMM: His owners have never once had any accidents with him and he is now seen as part of the family.

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  1. Robber : let’s rob this house

    : other robber : sure dude

    :crocodile : I’m gonna end this mans whole career

    Robber : never mind let’s go somewhere else

  2. Chubby happy crocodile. Strangely, this is what I imagine is every cococ’s dream life, and Kojec lives it every day.

  3. Poor crocodile.It doesn’t have place to swim and that’s not an appropriate environment to put a wild beast.Just sayin…

  4. I been binging on ppl living with croc and I’m starting to c there is a lot of crazy ppl this is like a norm I’m bout to go buy me a pet shark to start a new thing going lol 😂

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