Pet Breed – Which breed Are Best – Bhola Shola

Pet Breed – Which breed Are Best – Bhola Shola

HI Friends I am owner of Grewal Pet shop And Farm There is a good news for you There are some problem in our websites and i have totally solved out You can watch in New look And can update ,open and do shooping Or Anywhere in India I wil give you all things in your home Hi friends todays topic about With your lots of demand and which dog is suitable for you People asked me Some time people ask me which dog will choose FROM TWO OR THREE BREED So i want to make a small video so that You know which breed is suitable for you Which breed is good for us Which breed like by us Like that is large and small But as a same Dog has demand For them which house is And How many space required Suppose you have a small house So you can keep small breed whenyour house in a medium range And count in medium category So you should keep medium breed that is much better Similarly you have a farm house And if u have big villa you can keep large breed But that is not compulsary In small house we can not be kept large breed you will do more hard work you will provide walk at least two time in a day There are some breed who did not find need suffiicent place Like our home is very large and very small they feel uncomfortable to live in that house , then not easy to adjust for them i will explain you chart dog Mostly what is difference between small breed and large breed In small breed you can watch this like Pointer,Daschund,Boston terrier And Count in large breed suchas,Doberman,Great Dans,English Mastiff In medium you can check this Boxer, Weimaraner and our indian breed also include Rampur Greyhound And many friends tell me about Indian dog Also this is rampura dog bull dog Or this will come in smoothly And In short I keep only short category till here you also take Basset hound,Beagle and so on And also Pugg. In a madium range Include Labrador,Rottwiler And in Large CATeGORY Bull Masttif,Daimatian If we talk about Long court According to hair In small catatgory Yorkshire Terrier And Lhasa Apso Shih Tzu Maltese And in long Afgan hound,Bearded collie In Medium, Tibetan Terrier Again have more category like German Splitz,,Cocker spaniel And Siberian husky also include Austalian shepheard And Also in Large In catagory I have a catagory according to Hair LIke Saint Bearard in also large category German shepherd also And this is a small breed For that friend who live in a small house They can take care of small breed This is a very costly breed But its very cutable But in short catagory this dog you can keep them Other then in a mediunm breed other in Bull dog This is a very costly breed Other same the most important is If you want this breed You can manage him Put very effort for take care Hair is Tengle free There are some breed like German sheephed Sorry Labrador Rottweller German shephed You can watch medium range in every home But some breeds are aggresive That time 90% happen That house where dog live That space is not sufficent for them Similarly in winter season which clothes we wear like we have our dream i have also big house In along room Same dog has also dream If you take care of according to them so our dog will be away from diseases They will not aggresive We are expacted from our dog Like love ,caring Firstly we should give proper care and keep in a safe zone is must so please my friend one a simple purpose for this If you have a small house so i suggest you for small house If your dog in medium range please kept medium range dog If your house is very large So you kept large breed you can kept them THis is my small video SO now you will understand and decide I hope after this video Ok friends take care of your family,kids and specially parents Thankyou In fan of the month This time i have a new topic Who will download my app and give us five star ratting Who will unique comment that comment will judge by you which comment people like more we will give him Rs500 gift voucher ANd second change we update picture or video on facebook Who wiill send more comment then other who will comment on facebook and who will topist Of the month we will give him 500 Rupees gift voucher And thirdly, In you tube give first comment First cmment in you tube and facebook And third please download my app Send unique comment Who will more like and accept thumbs up more than other That catagory we will give you 500 Rupees gift voucher for every category every End of this month If you like our video so please give us more thumbs up if you dont understand or want any information And give us any suggestion SO please give us comment And for information please Subscribe our channel…. Thank you Very Much……

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  1. सर मैंने लेबरोडोर 4 मंथ का है में
    उसे ट्रैनिंग दिलवानी है क्या करूँ

  2. Hi, sir, i'm Firoz from kerala south india, sir my friends rott got milk infection and his puppies died according to that, i had a doubt that if we mate her next time, the infection will be there or not. If so is it cureable. What are the prevention for that sir.

  3. Ser please app mp. Manawar me bi app ki pet shop kolo na year sir please into ser app je nahi kr sakte to app jab bi kabi dog so karne ki soche to ser app ko hamare hi ha aana hoga app ka favorite friend or subscriber nikhil verma🐯🐒🐆🦁🐴🐶🐺🐃🐈🐖🐎

  4. Sar hame ek ashi female labour dog mil sakta hai bina kharch kiye jese waha first bar Bache de to usme se first bar ke aarhe bache le le

  5. sir need a help. i work from 9am -5pm and stay alone in my flat. i want to keep a dog . can i keep ? if yes which breed and how to keep

  6. Mere shihtzu di death hoi a hune . Tde kolo e lea c. I mis him😭😭😭😭 menu same oda da e chida hai. Ditto dubara .

  7. Bhai Bangladesh me koye acha breeder nahi mil raha he mujhe, dogo argentino ke. Me india se le sakta hu dogo argentino ki puppy. Asa karneke lia koi process he?

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