Pet Store Employee Fired After Video Shows Puppies Being Roughly Thrown Into Cage

A video taken in a Colorado Springs pet store
went viral after a woman posted it to Facebook, causing an uproar from angry and disgusted
people all over the country. The video shows a Pet City employee roughly
tossing puppies back in their cage several times. As the puppies tried to get through the door,
the employee then slammed the door repeatedly on them, leaving them confused and possibly
in pain. The pet store took swift action, immediately
firing the employee who mistreated the puppies. Pet City has also since responded to the incident
on their Facebook page: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Pet City is wholeheartedly committed to the
care and well being of our pets. We found this behavior unacceptable and the
employee has been terminated.” “Puppies are currently undergoing full physicals
with a licensed veterinarian and we will update their status as soon as we have a full report. We are conducting a mandatory team meeting
to review proper handling and care instructions of our animals. Again, thank you for bringing this matter
to our attention.” Please ‘SHARE’ to pass on this story to a
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