PET STORE (Krogzilla #7)

Whoa, are we at a club?
Is there bottle service? Shut Up! Cartoons Born at the edge of the world,
Product of science, a fire-breathing giant, At war with the folly of man
And man nearly destroyed him, The change unemployed him,
He’s KROGZILLA: the monster who got down-sized. You know, slavery was abolished in 1865. Yes, I am aware. Of course you are. I’m just saying that
I’m having a moral dilemma here. It’s really cruel to see them all locked up… Getting fed all day, sleeping on an electric
heating rock? Yeah, that sounds brutal. I’m just wondering, does each cage come
with a tiny harmonica or an orange jumpsuit? Maybe a some chalk to mark the days off with? He’s just a joker, this guy! Will you cut down on the crazy? We can start right away and we know a lot
about animals. Yes, I hold several degrees in Animal-ology
and… Pet Math. Mmm-hmm. You don’t have to do a whole lot
during the day except keep them fed. With THIS? Fake food? What kind of a sick– Those are chew toys. Well that seems silly. You mean like… Mmm. That’s good. That is satisfying. I had no idea. You gotta try one. I will not try one. Let me show you the other poor defenseless
animals we’ve enslaved over here. I just had the craziest dream! It was me and
Nipsey Russell and Lady Gaga– Not a good time, Jeff. Woah, are we at a club?
Is there bottle service? So with the cats and dogs, it’s okay if
customers pick them up, cuddle them a little. Smell them, sure. This one looks delicious. Dee-what?? So soft! I bet you can just pop one of these
in your mouth. Is this another joke? Because I have to take
something seriously before I hire you two guys. I thought these were all “your brothers
and sisters.” The ones with scales, sure. Anything else
is fair game… To take home…and love. Look, I’m willing to overlook the fact that
your friend is a Sea Dragon. Monster. — Mmm-hmm, because that sounds better — But
if you can’t keep from eating the merchandise I’ll need to… We’re fine. Krogzilla came from the depths
of the ocean. He’s a part of the animal kingdom. When
you think about it, he’s probably the best salesman you could have to– Eat ALL MY BIRDS? Oh, come on. You’re telling me these little
things aren’t appetizers? They’re like little bon-bons with wings! We’re done here. You can’t just stand there and smile? Smile? Smile at the cages? You can’t just be normal? Im not normal! I was tearing
the head off a hydra six months ago. What’s a hydra? Excuse me, over here. Right here.
Where did you get this guy? They got any more in there? Oh, no. I didn’t BUY him in there. He’s
my friend. I’m not a pet. Do you want to be? No. What? How much to just take some pictures? Pictures? Just a few shots. Tasteful. Maybe shirtless,
with a snake. Wrap a snake around your neck. You’re making me uncomfortable, dude. I bet you love snakes. Okay, we gotta go. Now. Fifty bucks to pose with a couple
crocodiles. I feel dirty. Awww. Why don’t I have any friends?

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