Picking Beginner Pet Lizards : Types of Lizards

Picking Beginner Pet Lizards : Types of Lizards

Okay, today, while we figure out what the
right beginner reptile–lizard–for you is, we’re going to be focusing on three different
species. We’re going to talk a little bit about bearded dragons, we’re going to talk
a little bit about leopard geckos, and of course, my friend that I had in my hands a
few minutes ago, the crested gecko. Now, what’s the difference between these guys? What makes
one better than the other? They’re all great beginner lizards, and they’re great places
to start. The first thing we’re going to talk about, is handle ability; how easily one is
to handle and hold, as opposed to another. Now, what we’ll start off with is the bearded
dragon, who of course, what we’re looking at here is a baby, but he will get rather
large, eighteen to twenty-four inches–though personally, for me, I believe that’s a good
thing, as far as beginner lizards go. He’s too–he’s going to get too big to really lose
in the house, say if you have a smaller–a younger child, if he does happen to lose control
of a larger bearded dragon, he’s not going to disappear into a crack somewhere, and you’re
never going to find him again. Chances are, he’s going to be–he’s going to be around.
Bearded dragons are a very, very, very handle able lizard; they tend to be very docile and
easygoing. As you can see, this guy’s just happy and content to sit on my hand and chill
out. Very, very easy to work with. The second lizard we’re going to take a quick look at
here is the leopard gecko, and the leopard gecko, as you can see, is a little bit more
flighty. This is a little bit, that while they are handleable, a little bit more of
a look at animal. They’re not going to enjoy being handled like the bearded dragon seems
to enjoy being handled. Really, he wants to be left alone. And then lastly, we have the
crested gecko, who–while they are a little jumpy, and do like to run a little bit, are
very, very tame, and very handleable lizard. And personally, I feel, to be one of the best
beginner lizards out there.

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  1. @poporules8 I don't see how that makes them hard to take care of. As long as you have the money for a tank and heating and lighting, unless there's something I'm missing.

  2. Hi my sister totali loves animals she likes furry animals but she is liking my chameleon mor and mor so wat kind of animal shud i get for heir burstday

  3. bearded dragon is NOT a good beginner pet for those people are under 18!! THEY FREAKING EAT A TON LOT OF CRICKETS!!

  4. Im a beginner lizard owner i got 2 leopard geckos 2 years ago and I know a little about frogs. I have experienced my gecko having mouth rot and one has trouble shedding. im a freak for lizards and i have two 20 gallon tanks. I want to know if I should get a bearded dragon or an iguana or if i need a bigger terrarium

  5. i've breed creasted geckos for 3 years they are the best beginner pet but i own all three in this video

  6. I got a bearded dragon pretty recently. He's a cute baby. He's about 5 inches but when I feed him he trys to bite me. Also sometimes when I go to pick him or her up he/she shows it's beard or try's to bite. Have any ideas???

  7. Leopard gecko…. Look at animal my ass ,, ive handled soo many leos, not to mention my own and they love to be handled , sure u can look at them but handling they alot of times enjoy !!!!

  8. are the regular lizards good to keep as pets because there's a lot of them in my backyard some people told me that they are dangerous is it true?

  9. Just to make it clear for anyone looking to get a lizard, Leopard Geckos are not "flighty" like this guy said. They actually move around pretty slowly. Leopard Geckos are extremely docile and are able to be handled quite easily. This guy just spooked the juvenile gecko in the video so it jumped.

  10. leopard geckos are docile it all depends on how they r when they are born so are commer than others mine is so docile never runs away just so advice

  11. Crested Geckos are the best ^^
    Especially scince you dont need to feed them crickets
    They dont need heating
    They dont need special lighting either.
    Worthy pets.

  12. I have a couple of plated lizards one yellow crested and a black plated they have been housed together for a very long time. Almost their entire life so far. What would happen if I had to split them up. Or would it be ok? Please help…

  13. So i got a Monitar lizard off the enternet and it arrived, i tried opening it by stabbing a large knife into it, i finally got it to open. The monitar dosnt seem to move, any suggestions? Also red styphs coming out of its bak. Guess it's normal.

  14. Is a black and white tegu good? It's my first time as a lizard owner. I want a lizard that's tail doesn't come off. So I pick the tegu but I don't know if that's good

  15. Have to say, I have four leopard geckos, and if you see my vids on my channel, they are extremely calm, they love being held, when i call them they come to the front of their tank and come out. I handle them for like 30-60 minutes, because they love sitting on your hand or shoulder. I dont think this video accurately shows what a leopard gecko is like. 🙂

  16. Bearded Dragon owner here! I would have never gotten one had i known i would be buying 100 crickets every damn week

  17. Leopard geckos don't like to be held? I couldn't possibly imagine a less skittish or docile reptile than the leopard gecko. I'd recommend them above a bearded dragon even. I have a 19 year old female who I've owned since I was 4 years and had no idea what I was doing. She's still going strong and has never run from or bitten anyone in her entire life.

  18. Alright, help me out. None of these are good for me because I have 6 cats. It'll be alright when I move out but at the moment I can't have anything small and darty so what should I get? I should mention space isn't an issue but I've never had lizards so something like a green iguana is a no go. I also have a royal python.

  19. its video people like this that give out misinformation, expertvillage videojug howcast and other names along those lines good for everything except for animal advice, not all of it is bad but if your just learning about animals I wouldn't go to these people until youre more experienced and know whe  something isn't right

  20. I love my crested but if you have not had a gecko before don't get a crested at the baby age they are impossible to handle

  21. are blue bellies relatively easy to take care of? They're pretty easy going once you calm them down.

  22. are you kidding me? Leopard gecko as a "look at animal!" lol I handle mine all the time and he loves coming out of the tank, not mention he is not skiddish at all. It is a really poor idea to compare lizards as babies because their characteristics can change greatly once they hit adulthood and become accustom to their owners.

  23. My first lizard was Crested gecko than a leopard gecko now I want a bearded dragon even though I didn't know they were a starter lizard.

  24. I cant. I cant. I just cant. I just F*** cant. I tried to fight my fear by watching this video. but Imjust so every more scared. something about lizzards, almsot makes me gag, pee my pants and almost have a heart attack same time. I saw a baby lizzard outside my window. thankgawd to the net. but i just cant seem to calm myself. its just someting about them.

  25. You are a LIAR leopard geckos are Really and I mean easy to Handel just because it wasn’t at that time dosnt mean theatre aren’t all ways

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