Pirate Invasion At Big Cat Rescue

Pirate Invasion At Big Cat Rescue

Hey Afton we’re already at the barn to hand out the enrichment. Don’t forget your gear and come to the front of the barn. We’ll see you soon. Okay I’ll be there in a few minutes. Can’t wait to see what they have planned for the spring themed enrichment. Thank goodness they’re not doing the pirate enrichment. Let’s go see. [Music] Little does she know. She’s on her way. Get ready. What’s going on? Sorry Afton, this is a mutiny. We are taking over this enrichment video. There’s going to be a pirate enrichment and we’re going to hand our pirate enrichment to the cats finally! Hey you can’t do this let me out of here! Oh yes we can! Here have some grog that’ll keep you busy you are out there filming. Come on mateys let’s go make this video! I’ll argh my land ship! [Music] [Music] Hello is anybody still on property? Could someone come help me? [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So drooly look at that. Disgusting. [Music] [Music] Hey is someone there? Hello? Someone in here? Hey kitty kitty help me the keys get the keys you know me the toys and treats lady. Get the keys let me out let me out of here. Gasp. [Music] You’re one of them! Shiver me timbers! [Music] [Music] Nobody knows the trouble [clanging] I’ve seen. -EDITED-MB-DQ

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  1. LMAO This is a first, the humans are more crazy pants than the cats and it's hilarious. You keep outdoing yourself BCR. From going through Afton's equipment bag and putting the tripod upside down to Afton's groggy song at the end this was enrichment for us. Brava to all the players and the creators, who may or may not have had a little grog to come up with this gem.
    I love the black panther, for some reason it was so funny when she passed the camera at 3:30 and of course the end. Afton should have known a "cat" would do the opposite of what you want them to do. She should have said "Don't you dare bat that key over here". A cat brain would have responded with "Did that human just give ME an order?" and the key have been whacked hard enough to bounce off the back cage wall. ; )

  2. Hi, dear women and girls from BCR, thank you for the vid and for all you do for the cats. They are wonderful and you too …!

  3. Continuity error! Afton's lovely laugh in background while cats have fun!! 😛 Love the mini movie!!

  4. I like cats, but I Do Not like pirates. They're so stupid. Why would anyone want to act like slave owners that stole from people.

  5. Those are nice looking ships! Almost looks like you could sail in them.

    Before the cats got to them, that is….

  6. That was brilliant – love it! Great job with this one – the only thing missing was the cats' names. Thanks, Big Cat Rescue!!

  7. You girls are silly and fun. I am relived there was not a big, giant squid in the pond or you would have been done for.

  8. Really cute, and you guys make such amazing things for the cats and, no doubt, have more fun with the items than the cats do!

  9. It's an Adventure at Big Cat Rescue. We Love it. Been looking forward to what you would do for Easter, but this is marvelous. Ya'll make the place fun for the residents & staff. Bravo. uumm….except for the cat costume, must be 100 degrees in all that fur in Florida. ugh.

  10. I was at Tampa Florida for vacation, and was soooo mad at my family. They wanted to go to a restaurant, but I wanted to to here!

  11. Those cardboard ships were REALLY impressive!
    ( And I'll keep my fingers crossed that someone let's you out, Afton! 🤞)

  12. Y'all are silly and fun and ridiculous and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! It takes a special kind of person to care for cats to the level you do. Hurray! Nice JOB!

  13. I would have named the black cat Salem, just for fun. Glad to see that life goes on at BCR and that y'all are having fun. There were enough 'arrr's in this video to make Robert Newton proud (Treasure Island, 1950, where Newton portrayed Long John Silver and used the pirate 'arrr' for the first time in mainstream media). I've been wondering how things have been since Zabu and Cameron passed, but I see that the good times carry on. Well done.

  14. Tis a sin an a shame I shall ne'er know the pleasure of keelhauling the slimy bilge-rats who down voted this here video.
    Drink yer grog, Captain. Ye didna want to get the scurvy do ye?

  15. Nay, maties, but them big cats will scuttle yer piratical enrichment and send yee all to Davey Jones's locker! Yar!

  16. Now this was fun and enjoyable. You always do the right thing, but putting the cats enrichment first. Then you took it a step further, and made everything pirate themed. That made my day. I think Priya's parrot was hilarious!! Hoping you make a 2nd video showing you guys taking Afton out of her prison and make her walk the plank.. now that would be hilarious!! Of course, it's on the ground and she doesn't get hurt. lol The cats really enjoyed all the boats your crew made for them, and I really enjoyed watching them having fun tearing them apart. Laterz!!!

  17. The enrichment are awesome. Too many awesome people to do so many great stuff. This was funny and and great video. Poor afton in the cage I’d come keep you company 😉. I think the bars could move if she moved them😁. Great job all

  18. i have a question, why are saved big cats put in sanctuaries instead of being put in the wild? my guess is that they werent raised there and couldnt survive, is that true? are there other reasons? also this was a funny video because of seeing adults going "arrrr"

  19. You all always talk about enrichment for the cats, but occasionally us humans need a bit too😜
    You all awesomely geeky and Thanks for the entertainment 💕

  20. Arrr mateys let's steal this purrty treasure and catnip anybody who gets in arrr way……

    ….I'll leave now…..

  21. What a waste of perfectly good cardboard the cats would have been happier with just a bunch of cardboard boxes. If I fits I sits apply is to all cats big or small.

  22. Oscars for all…. 👨🏻‍🎤aaaarrrgggghhhhhh

    What in the world was the big cat in costume for?!! Lol
    My sick demented mind I was kinda hoping one or two of the cats would escape just to see it go after the big cat mascot!

    All in all this was cute… very delightful..

  23. Hahaha that must have been a fun day at work. Too bad Afton didn't get to enjoy seeing the cats with the pirate toys, though… I mean, they COULD have just handcuffed her and kept her in a small cage on the back of the tru..*ahem* I mean, land ship.

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