Pretend Teacher Makes FLuffy Slime at Slime School  – New Toy School

Pretend Teacher Makes FLuffy Slime at Slime School – New Toy School

– Look, now we have snow! (blows) – Whoa! (cheery music) – Oh man, look at my
float for my birthday. – We didn’t even get to play on it ’cause it’s raining. – I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas and it still hasn’t snowed yet. – It’s just ugly, cold, and wet. – OK students, it’s
time for class to start. I have a big, big surprise
for you today at Slime School! So, as you know, it’s
been very sad and rainy. Ugh, outside, (sighs)
it’s such a sad time. And with it being
Christmas-time and New Years, I thought, ya know what, we
need a little pick me up, don’t we class? – Yeah, Ms. CrayCray. – Don’t be sad because I am gonna show you something fabulous! Even though it’s not snowing outside, we can make snow in here at Slime School! – (gasp) We can? – (gasp) I have instant snow! – [Girls] Instant snow? – That’s right. Let me show you how it works. I’m gonna put some snow in this bowl. Wait til you see what happens
as I start to add water. (water pouring) – [Child] Whoa, Ms. CrayCray! – [Ms. CrayCray] And I
can add even more water. – [Child] It’s nice and hot. (cheery music) – Look, now we have snow! (blows) – Whoa! – Today, I’m gonna show
you how to make beautiful, fluffy, cloud or as I
like to say, snow slime. Are you ready? – [Girls] Yes! – The first thing we’re
gonna need to make our clouds or snow slime is some glue. So let me pour some down here. We wanna add some color. Elli, what color would you like? Pick one color. – [Elli] Pink. – OK, one pink coming up. Alright, what color would you like? – [Girl] I would like– – Red. One red, here we go. Each of you put a drop of
your color into your glue. You can actually put two drops. Elli, you put three drops. Remember, this is class. You have to follow the rules! – Sorry, it came out too fast. – OK, now that we have our color, we’re gonna add a very
secret special ingredient. Are you ready to see what it is? – [Girls] Yes. – It’s– (whirling) Shaving cream. – [Girl] Yay! (squirting) – Now, begin mixing. (upbeat music) – [Girl] One drop of red, one. OK! (laughing) Hey, it’s gonna look like blood now. So guys– – [Ms. CrayCray] Bloody shoes,
you makin’ bloody shoes. – [Girl] Mine kinda looks like pink splashed in the ice cream. Naiah ‘s looks like red pimple blood. – Now that you have it like that, we are going to add some activator. Because we’re using white glue, I’m gonna go ahead and use our Tide. We almost want it to be over-activated. – [Child] I added a little bit more glue. (upbeat music) – Now, it’s gonna seem a little weird and maybe over-activated, but that’s good, because the snow is gonna
melt it and soften it a bit. (upbeat music) As you can see, this
slime is nice and thick and it’s a little too thick and stretchy. It’s a little thick. It doesn’t stretch that well. But as we add the snow, it’s
gonna get nice and loose, like me. So I’m gonna give you
a first thing of snow. Start mixing that in. (cheery music) – [Girl] Why isn’t it making it special? – [Ms. CrayCray] We’re
gonna add even more. – [Girl] Whoa, you’re definitely right about it getting loose. We should add more, I feel like. – You wanna get some more? As you can see, look at the texture now. With just adding a few handfuls of snow, it’s become super loose and stretchy and you can start to see the clouds. – OK. – [Ms. CrayCray] Look how
fluffy it got, Naiah . I think we’ll have to
put some activator in it ’cause it’s like, almost too– – [Girl] And it’s nice and hot. – [Ms. CrayCray] Here. – [Girl] It got really big now too. This is so cool. (upbeat music) – [Ms. CrayCray] OK Elli,
it’s time for yours. Start mixing that in. (upbeat music) – Mommy.
– It’s a Christmas color! (upbeat music) – OK, it’s time to check out these slimes. And it looks like we added
a lot of snow to Naiah ‘s. This turned hers into super fluffy– – And jumbo slime. – [Ms. CrayCray] Cloud slime. – It is so big. – That little bit of glue
turned into all of this when we added that snow. Look at this! Have you ever seen
fluffier slim than this? Look, and it comes off! – I think this is the real fluffy slime. – So, let’s see how
this fluffy slime looks. Whoa! Whoa. That little bit of glue
has turned super fluffy. Let’s take a listen. (smushing) This is so fluffy. I just wanna take a nap in it. What do you think would happen if I put my whole head in it? – I think it will be perfect. Your face will look beautiful. I think you should do it, teacher. – OK, here I go! I’m just kidding. Elli, what’s happened to your face? – Oh, when I was mixing, I got some on my mouth and do you like my– – [Ms. CrayCray] You look
like a little rabbit. Oh, it’s adorable. When I was a young slime student, I used to get slime
mustaches all the time. OK, now let’s take a look
at Elli’s fluffy slime. Now, this is the same amount as that. So this and that are the same amount but, the difference is the amount
of snow we put in each. Take a look. So, this is super fluffy cloud slime. Snow slime. But the difference is, we put less snow. Elli, why don’t you make a bubble for us? – I can’t. – [Ms. CrayCray] OK, I’ll make a bubble. Whoa! – [Naiah ] OK, I’m just gonna have to make a really small bubble because– – Now class, let’s see some stretching. – Teacher, my slime’s kinda really loose, so I can’t even stretch it. – Let’s see if I can stretch your slime. It is! It’s like a big batch of whip cream. – [Elli] Teacher, look. – Whoa, look at that one! (gasp) It’s in your hair! (screaming) – Well, that’s my third time
getting slime in my hair. – That’s it for slime school today. Leave a comment and let us know which cloud fluffy slime
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bell so you don’t miss any more slime schools. Bye bye! (beeping) Lot of snow. (screaming) – [Woman] I see your tooth coming in. – [Girl] It’s nice and hot. It’s really, really hot. – [Ms. CrayCray] Let
me get some cold water. – It’s really hot. (laughing) Ms. CrayCray, this doesn’t
feel like real slime. – It feels all warm and hot. (laughing) – [Girl] Actually, I’ll do yellow. Not pink. – [Girl] Wait, that will look
like pee in snow (laughs). – [Woman] I’m slippin’
and slidin’ on this snow. – I bet you it’s shaving cream. It’s like the Napoleon slime, right? – [Woman] It’s gonna need more– – [Woman] Napoleon slime? – [Ms. CrayCray] No Naiah , no more snow. It’s gonna actually need
more Borax after this. – Well, there was like this
ice cream Napoleon slime. – [Woman] Napoleon slime? – Yeah, you don’t know who Napoleon is? – [Ms. CrayCray] Uh no, it is neopolitan, just to let you know. – Yeah, I got Napoleon slime. Napoleon used his own hand
to make me this slime. – [Ms. CrayCray] Mommy
CrayCray loves the kids.

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