Puppies Buried Alive In A Food Waste Bin | Animal In Crisis EP34

Puppies Buried Alive In A Food Waste Bin | Animal In Crisis EP34

Mysterious crying sound.. Informant: I was looking into it as I thought I heard a kitten’s crying sound The crying sound becomes louder as we get closer to a food waste bin Informant: I had to think if it’s the right place where the sound comes from.. Inside the black plastic bag In the food waste bin… Informant : This is crazy A little creature was found Informant2: He was inside the bag with the trash Informant’s Friend: He’s alive.. How can humans do such a thing Inside the tightly sealed up plastic bag A little puppy was wailing miserably Vet: This is sheer murder Cleaner: Being thrown into the food waste bin will kill him for sure.. Because it even breaks down the wood Who the hell threw the puppy alive in the food waste bin? The informant has been looking after the puppy Informant’s Family : The puppy could have been released so that other people can take him home This is unforgivable Informant’s Family2: It’s just like throwing a human inside the plastic bag Informant’s Family3: And food waste is even shredded inside the food waste bin It was intended to let him die Informant’s Family2: He must have wailed so hard to live As his crying could be heard from the bin PD: The black plastic bag was tied up so.. Informant’s Family2: It’s was sealed tightly It’s just a little puppy who was born about a month ago.. He wailed loudly to survive If they just passed by thinking it was just a street cat crying He wouldn’t have survived.. Informant : I named him Siwol because we met him in October PD: Siwol ~ But.. Siwol’s hind legs are awkward..? Informant’s Friend : I don’t know why. Maybe because of his hind or front legs.. Siwol tries to move but seems like it’s hard for him to even stand up straight Perhaps he’s sick..? Begins the examination Each leg apparently looks different Vet : He’s born with a deformity in his bones So the way he walks is different from other dogs His left leg is turned outwards so it’s hard for him to stand up The fractured bone didn’t heal enough That it has negative impacts on the way of his walk With his innate joint deformity, his fractured left leg didn’t get proper treatments.. Vet : He might improve.. but we gotta watch his growth process PD: What if the prognosis is bad? Does he have to live with a disability for the rest of his life? Vet: Yes, he has to But since he’s a puppy It’s possible to improve when sufficient nutrition and the rehabilitation treatment are provided The police also begin the investigation Detective : We’re doing our best to find the criminal The details are confidential No evidence is available since surveillance cameras are none near the garbage disposal Criminal Psychologist : I’m confident to say that the criminal is a local resident Because it will be complicated for non-local residents to drive to the other neighborhood Just to throw food waste away Thus, one of the local residents who has accessibility is highly likely to pointed as the criminal The criminal would be a local resident living close to the criminal spot! Vet : Normally, Maltese give birth to 3-4 puppies Siwol’s body size is normal PD : Then there might be other siblings Yes, very probable There might be a clue if we find a Maltese family who gave birth about 50 days ago Asking nearby vet clinics and pet shops Lady : Omg.. It’s a real Maltese, gosh.. I don’t know any Maltese family who gave birth to puppies PD : Not at all? Lady : Yup Vet 1: I have seen none breeding aroung those times Vet 2 : Someone who comes to help their dog giving birth is less likely to abandon puppies Near the disposal, we asked to find the residents raising dogs PD : I heard that you are raising a dog PD : Do you know anyone raising dogs near here? Resident 1 : No Resident 2 : I haven’t seen any pregnant dogs nearby Grandma : It’s been more than 2 months since we found her Old ladies tried to raise the dog since she was so poor But someone reported her to the dog shelter They’ve been raising her for five days, but the shelter staff took her Two months ago, the stray dog was at the food waste disposal in front of the silver club Grandma : When they opened the bin, they found a puppy alive inside PD : Was the puppy white? Yeah PD : A puppy, right? / Grandma : Yes Two Maltese puppies were abandoned in the same way at the same village Is it just a coincidence? But!! Resident : The cleaner was cleaning out the food waste disposal in the morning Second Informant : Is he a Maltese puppy? / PD: Yes Second Informant : I heard something when I opened the lid Then I found the puppy and took him out After that, the rescued puppy was adopted by the neighbor Daughter : Her name is Sunny, like the sun Lady : Because she survived from the hellfire A month ago, her whole body was covered with filth Daughter : If she was not rescued before the garbage truck arrived She could have been suppressed inside and died She still suffers from the aftermath Lady : I have no idea why she can’t bark At that time, she was too shocked to bark The doctor said she will get better But she never barked once so far After she was rescued from such a horrible incident, she never barks Found near the silver club two months ago Sunny was found a month ago And Siwol was found a week ago For the past two months, three puppies were abandoned with the same way in the same village Criminal Psychologist : Considering that all the victims were dogs, and abandoned in the food waste disposal around the night time Then it must be committed by the same person It’s a serial crime A serial pet-abandonment crime All three cases are so similar Only Siwol has a disability compared to other puppies Criminal Psychologist: It’s habitual and the criminal has a high possibility of suffering mental disease If Siwol has siblings, then it’s important to find the criminal ASAP To prevent another crime and save his siblings The fifth day in the hospital.. Siwol comes out to greet them but his body doesn’t move as he wants to But then.. Siwol can walk?! Vet : The way he walks improved, right? Informant’s Friend : He can stand?/ Vet : Yes, much better Informant’s Friend : Omg.. He can stand up! Vet : As his leg bone goes outward So I’m not sure if the bone shape will be fixed But as he gains more muscle, he will get better than now After the remedial exercise He’s able to get up as he gained muscle on his legs Vet : You no likey? Thanks to the regular remedial exercise every day Siwol is able to stand up on his own feet And walks though it’s still a bit awkward Informant : I thought it was already a fortune for him to get the rehabilitation treatment But as seeing him walking like that.. It’s just unbelievable Informant’s Friend : I’m sure that the criminal would feel guilty if he/she’s watching this broadcast Hope Siwol overcomes horrible memories and walks confidently one day

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  1. Чтоб господь наказал тех ублюдков которые своими руками хотели убить щенят ,грех взяли на душу не себе ,а своим детям и внуков .

  2. I hope this little cute dog will grow up healthy :3
    I just can’t hold when he open his eyes, it’s just so cuteeee

  3. こんなにかわいくて保護が必要な子を生きたままゴミに捨てる外道がいるのか

  4. I can't believe that there are people like that in the world that makes me angry and sad to see animals like that, but it makes me happy to know that there are also kind and gentle people who rescue animals and raise them.

  5. Вот уроды бывают моральные а, ужас 😤😤😤😤как можно было так поступить

  6. 3:36 maybe a dog breeder bred this puppy and sense it had a deformity they tried to kill it- So messsed up either way!

  7. Что же это за твари? Горите в аду! Живое существо ведь….

  8. 그 사람은 절대 죄책감 따윈 느끼진 않을겁니다 ㅡㅡ 이미 악마니까요 어떻게 살아있는 생명을 음식 쓰레기통에 버릴수 있을까요… 갈아버리고 싶었나 쓰레기 새끼… 제발 그 악마 마지막 장소가 음식쓰레기통이길…🤨

  9. 1:30 ᴏᴋᴀʏ ᴏᴋᴀʏ ɪ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ᴛʜɪs ɪs sᴇʀɪᴏᴜs ʙᴜᴛ

    ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴜʏ sɪᴛᴛɪɴɢ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏᴜᴄʜ ʟᴘᴏᴋs ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴊᴜɴɢ ʜᴏsᴇᴏᴋ ғʀᴏᴍ ʙᴛs ʀɪɢʜᴛ?!

  10. Thank you angels for rescuing this baby. so heartbreaking poor babies stuffed in plastic bags and thrown in garbage cans to be crushed with garbage this heartless devils must be punished for murdering poor inocent babies. but you angels and team of vet be blessed. so tearful is this incident

  11. Respecto a un parrafo que acabo de ver que han puesto donde estan las durecciones de facebook. Tuitterr… les decimos que seria mucho mejor y SERIA BUENA SEÑAL que no tuvieran que hacerse ninguno de estos videos. ¿¿¿ Sinceramente como podeis pensar que alguien CON BUEN CORAZON pueda disfrutar, viendo a UNO SOLO DE TODOS LOS BELLISIMOS SERES malllamados animales pasarlo mal??? NADIE, NADIE QUE LOS AME DE VERDAD puede disfrutar con algo asi, OJALÁ Y BIEN PRONTO LLEGUE EL DIA EN QUE ESTOS VIDEOS NO TENGAN QUE HACERSE Y QUE TODOS, TODOS ESTOS LINDISIMOS SERES ESTEN TOTALMENTE A SALVO, Y FELICES. CON TODA SU FELICIDAD Y BIENESTAR BIEN SATISFECHA.

  12. For the one who had thrown the puppy in rhe bin: YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW THAT PUPPY SUFFERED IN THE BIN!!! Imagine if you were the puppy and no one helped you, what would you feel? huh? I hope you watched this video so you can see how these dogs felt 🙁😭,

    I wanna say thank you Vets, other resquers, Informants, and kritter club for everything! 😁😀

    God Bless everybody! And have a nice day! 😀😁

  13. ถ้าเปนเมืองไทย..คงปล่อยตามกรรม..

  14. マルチーズじゃない?捨てるの?や◯せの気がしてならないわ。ゴミ箱から取り出すのもカメラで撮ってるし。

  15. ขอให้ผู้ใจบุญ ท่านพบ เจอสิ่ง ที่ดี มากๆๆๆ

  16. As Siwol grows they should tape his back legs together to gain muscle and also train his legs the proper way to walk. Even with the deformity he could walk and run as he gets older. Keep up his rehabilitation.

  17. All the meat, chickens,cows,lambs wailed as hard as that puppy before they got slaughtered and became food too..just that it wasn't shown in the public.

  18. Omg! So monster this people who do that i cannot understand why they need to do it and treated them like that so heart broken to see💔😢

  19. Gratidão gratidão gratidão por salvar a vida desse anjinho que estava abandonado e sofrendo vocês são demais que Deus os abençoe muito infinitamente valeu mesmo por todo esse carinho e atenção com os animais que necessitam. Abraços.

  20. Murder how could a ungrateful person was this 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥😥🖕🤬🖕🤬🖕🤬🤬

  21. 😢😢cidden çok üzüldüm ama böyle güzel insanların olması ve yardıma muhtaç hayvanları kurtarması çok güzel

  22. щенок милафка, ну ваще обноглели выкидывать щенка кто это сделал надо его туда же кинуть вместо щенка

  23. Ya Allah padahal anjingnya cute bgt gitu.. itu bisa jadi salah satu ciri psikopat.. sama anjing aja bisa kayak gitu apalagi ke manusia kejam!!

  24. เกิดเป้นเลือกทีจะทำดีได้นะแต่ทำไมถึงคิดทีจะทำในสิ่งทีเลวร้ายชัวจริงๆๆๆขอบคุณผู้ทีช่วยเหลือน้องหมาขอให้เจริญๆๆๆนะลูก

  25. โอ้ยยน้อง น่ารักขนาดนี้ ทิ้งลงได้ไง
    จิตใจคนสมัยนี้ ช่างโหดร้ายเหลือเกิน

  26. Kalo di indo mah ada hewan yang dibuang ketempat sampah paling cuma dikeluarin doang trus dikasih makan sekali gak ampe dibawa kedokter:) semuga nanti program tv di indo lebih bermanfaat deh, kayak gini misalnya daripada acara cinta cintaan gak jelas

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