Puppies Secretly Hidden Inside The Rock Are Attacked By Mysterious Creature | Kritter Klub

Puppies Secretly Hidden Inside The Rock Are Attacked By Mysterious Creature | Kritter Klub

Deep in the mountain.. Woof! I hear a dog barking! There’s a dog, a dog! A dog is lost in the mountain.. Neighbor/ The dog has no owner! just lives in the mountain! Neighbor/ The dog only strolls around here, and doesn’t go anywhere else While keeping a long distance with people Very wary of humans.. What happened to this dog..? Then..! I hear a dog barking Woof! Woof! From here! After tracking the source of the sound Finds out that the sound comes from deep inside the crack of the rock Where hands can’t be reached Puts food inside, and watch.. *sniff sniff* I smell something yummy A little puppy..?! But.. Not just one… Two more puppies were inside! The big one must be their mother dog Mom, wait for me! Try to approach them, but.. Upon sensing the presence of people Hurriedly hide inside again To check their health condition, Experts have arrived With an endoscope camera, check inside PD : Is it deep? Yes. The camera went inside about 1.5m So dark and humid inside.. and the puppies are completely exposed to bugs Vet : We need to get them out ASAP. What a bad condition Even ticks are stuck on their ears.. They were left in such horrible surroundings.. Vet : They couldn’t do anything, not even protecting themselves as they’re lack of energy Hurriedly The rescue begins The mother dog watches everything from a distance.. Lures them with food.. Grabs the puppy’s attention Rescue success! Flustered puppy Upon hearing the mother dog’s warning The other two puppies hide themselves.. Dig around the rock, little by little Put hands inside Safely rescue the other two puppies Mom, where are you!! Upon hearing the news, the residents gather to greet them Neighbor : I’ve seen the mother dog a lot, but this is the first time seeing her puppies PD : Ah.. You’ve seen the mother dog before? Yeah, becoz she strolls around here every day Neighbor : When I put food over there, she eats it and goes up to the mountain over there If I put her meal over there, she eats it all Then she goes up to the mountain Now, it’s mother dog’s turn to be rescued Set the trap net where the she often comes to eat food Silently wait for the mother dog.. Woof! Woof! Finally hears the mother dog’s crying The anxious mother dog slowly approaches the net When she finally gets inside.. Pull! Perhaps..?! Rescues the mother dog successfully and her friend, a white doggo too lol Hekk bro… I just came to see how she’s been doing To check their health condition, which was the most worrisome The four are transferred to the hospital The mother dog’s examined first How’s their health? From bugs, ticks, and heartworms on her eyes.. As they’ve mostly lived in the wild They’ve gotten everything they could get from the wildlife Vet : Thankfully, they’re healthier than expected I think it’s important to teach them how to live with people All they need to do is to learn how to live with people! And there’s good news Neighbor : Can’t imagine how they could survive inside the rock from the top of the mountain.. It’s horribl Wish they could live well together The grandma who’s been feeding them decides to raise them all Bokdung and Makdoong.. Makdoong! Stop eating! PD/ Did you already give them names? Yes, Bokdung! (Lucky charm in English) Because they’re lucky enough to live like this As much as you guys are blessed, live healthily!

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  1. Они что одного щенка оставили умирать там был с клещами они его оставил и?

  2. Hahahaha what a coinsident that the white dog arrived at that time they pulled the rope. I though at first it was the straffs dog😂😂

  3. I don’t need to understand the language I can see the love that this village has had to save these beautiful dogs and puppies🙏🙏🙏Thank you Everyone envolved.

  4. La perrita que vive en la montaña con sus hijitos es muy linda.Ojala las familias de los animalitos pudieran estar siempre juntos.💙❤🐶🐕💜❤🐶🐕❤💙Exitoso rescate de la familia completa y hasta de una amiguita.Dios bendiga a esta linda abuelita que los mantendrá a todos juntos.💙❤🐕🐶💜💗🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕💜💗❤💙🐕🐶Un éxito total.

  5. While I'm thankful the dogs were rescued, the mom looked miserable at the end and they didn't say what happened to the dad.

  6. I find in a lot of videos on this channel, the elderly folks are the most understanding and compassionate of all.
    Great rescue and happy ending !

  7. 😄😄😄🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  8. Our shiba inu was a stray in Japan, we lived by the coastal beach with national park up the hill. I was five when I found him eating garbage at the dumpster so I took him home. He had more than 100 ticks my mom plucked one by one in the bathroom with boiling water to kill the ticks vet guess estimated that he was a year old. My parents told me it is typical because we lived near naval base where American kept dogs temporory and dump them once they deployed or move to another base. Shame on them for not thinking responsibly . My family even immigrated to NZ he came with us even it took over a year due to strict NZ quarantine law back in late 1987, he arrived early 1989 at the age of roughly five years old until he passed in 2000 of old age. While on vacation to Mt Fuji, my father found moving box taped up by the rest room and found 4 puppies inside alive, we took them home and gave away to close friends since our dog do not get along with other dogs. Sad really people do dump puppies in the wild so, you see the picture.

  9. you next time you want get an animel out of a hole just use smake
    just some leafs and set them on fire and take out the fire and leave the leafs in the hole or as fall back as you can
    and in amount 5 min they come runing out of that dame hole and then just grab them one by one
    simple and easy and fast no problems and no effert what so ever
    works great with skums.
    it wont work with ground hogs to many opening there not that dumb unless you have the time to block all the holes and you can find them by all smoke that coming out of all the holes and you think there just 2 or 3 oh no there like 20 easy all over the place.

  10. You know,to all you parasites that exist,go die into a pool of lava,nobody will miss you and you'd be doing everyone a favor if you'd be dead,so go die and don't come back

  11. I hope you do a follow up to let us know if they tamed down and found homes. Be sure to spay and neuter them all. Thank you to everyone who helped rescue them. And Thank you to the old lady who fed mama dog.

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  13. Aww.. That poor white pup. I hope he's ok, he looked like he was dying, but I guess he was either paralysed or in shock from the wasp or bees stings. Glad the pootch family is safe.

  14. Anybody else think the bug was controlling the dogs brain at first when it had night vision and the dog was twitching it’s head?

  15. Hey need to fill in the rock space. Glad the dogs were rescued but they will probably be eaten by the humans. Or, they get to live out their lives in a small cage on dirt. Horrible either way.

  16. You have done a great deed today saving lives! Also, poor thing was infected with worms even in her eyes – I am truly thankful that you saved her!!

  17. Noooooo maltrato animal crueldad humanos abusivos desgraciados malvados 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🦋🐿🐠🐫😁🦏🐴🐐🦁🦒🦒😍🐆🐆🐔🐳🐓🦉🦔😭😭😭😭🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕😭🦃🦃🦓🦆🦆🤩💋💋💋😁😁

  18. 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦شكرآ من القلب

  19. Fiquei emocionado… parabéns a estas pessoas humanas e que respeita a natureza…tanto trabalho… paciência e amos para com estás criaturas… parabéns

  20. عمل شجاع وممتاز ويجب على ادارة اليوتيوب ان تعطيكم تهنئة خاصة الله يقويكن على فعل الهير

  21. Все логично. Лучше жить хуй пойми где и как чем рядом с ебливыми ничтожными "людишками"

  22. 😭😭😭😭😭 I feel bad for brown puppy he looked sad because kindve downplayed his intelligence he thought could distract y'all to get away from the puppies but y'all still went in and then and abducted the doggies. He felt bad about it and then y'all come back and abduct and he or she got caught as well, treat him nice please 😔😔

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