Puppy Mouthing (Training Basics) | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

Puppy Mouthing (Training Basics) | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

Today, I’m going to demonstrate, with Winston
here, how to stop a puppy from mouthing. Puppy’s like to explore the world with their mouths.
And this is all fine until it comes to your skin. You need to be able to find a way to
play, in an appropriate way, so that your skin doesn’t get hurt when your puppy mouths
you, during the play process. Here, hi. Hi, hi, hi. When you’re playing with your pup,
this is great play. You can see that he’s not using his mouth on me at all. If he does
open his mouth and it touches my hand, that’s okay, but as long as he doesn’t bite down.
But as he gets more aroused, he’s more likely to do so. Yes, yes, yes, yes. And as soon
as he does so, play is going to stop. What happened is as soon as I felt his teeth on
my skin I yelped a little bit. That’s what puppies do to each other in the litter when
one bites down too hard on another. They yelp to let that puppy know: that hurt. I yelped,
and immediately got up and walked away. Biting stopped playing. Now I’m going to go back
into him and start playing with him again, and seeing if he’s going to put his mouth
on me again. Hey, right there. Because playing is really important for your pup, so you want
to be able to play with your puppy like this. But there have to be boundaries. Because what
you don’t want is to have a puppy that has a habit of mouthing and that mouthing becomes
so hard, and it doesn’t stop, and it continues as the puppy grows until it gets into being
an adult dog. And then that mouthing is really, really hard and can really, really hurt. You
can redirect your puppy’s mouthing onto something more appropriate by using various
kinds of toys. Now, some puppies will be more motivated to play with soft toys like this,
than a rubber toy like this. Some puppies won’t like a soft or rubber toy but will
like a rope toy. Every puppy is different. Only by purchasing some of these toys can
you find out what toy your dog really likes. And so when all the chewing is directed on
the toy that means the mouth is going to go over the toy rather than on your clothes,
or on your skin. Plus, it’s an awesome game. Puppies like this, love to seek and grab and
play and pull. And all of this play is such great bonding. You can use rubber toys like
this and put a little puppy-appropriate food in them, so that all of the sort of mouthing,
the desire to mouth, goes on the toy, again, instead of you. He’s not hurting my hand
at all, but all of his attention is going toward the rubber toy, and the food that I
put inside it. And that turns a mouthing dog into a dog that is playing with you, through
this toy, and using his tongue to lick the toy, rather than his mouth around it. And
that’s how to stop your puppy mouthing, positively. I’m Victoria Stilwell for eHow

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  1. This is assuming you've already tried the re-directs, etc… And, continue to use re-directs (for instance part of the praise for not lunging or stopping lunging at leg might be throwing a piece of food or toy for pup to chase across floor (leash still on).

    For barking at me to play- I ignore it. If gets too obnoxious, time to go in crate for a bit, no fanfare. I decide when play time is & how long. Again- this assumes pup is getting proper exercise & potty breaks already.

  2. Puppies nipping at ankles is a prey drive thing rather than a dominance/aggression. So it is not treated in the same manner that a dominant action would be.
    Not to knock her training b/c she's great, but I've bred & pre-trained 46 pups & have never found yelping does much to curb a pup's prey drive. Occasionally, it will cause a pause & a prick of the ears, but usually will go back at it unless it's super soft.
    Example of marker training pup here: youtube (dot) com/watch?v=10pu9EldJck

  3. First of all I am a man with a deep voice and cannot squeel like that secondly I have an American Staffy that has not only torn up my arms but torn pants shoes chew toys newspapers toilet rolls gloves and her toys.I never see any of the experts using Staffies or pitbulls in their traing vids. Anyone can stop a Golden retriever from biting ,their bite is soft and made to pick up dead birds without damaging the flesh!

  4. how long would you recommend for each time i try to train my puppy to not bite before he actually loses concentration? is there an ideal time? i got him to sit but he is now teething so any opportunity he gets he gives a quick bit at the hands and feet. any other methods for someone who cannot do a high pitch yelp? what about the timeout crate method or a hand shoved in the mouth as i saw from another youtube link. suggestions are appreciated thank you

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  6. It works, you gotta give it time (weeks, months for hard cases) and be consistent, and that goes for everyone who has contact with the dog

  7. Hello! please help! Our puppy loves biting our feet and hands! we yelp, say no, say ouch, ignore… nothing works. If we ignore and walk away he follows and keeps biting! What can we do?

  8. Does Victoria's personal choice of dog a Golden Retriever? She seems to have a lot of them. I think it's great if that's the case.

  9. We just brought our puppy home and she's 8 weeks old and a biter. Is she too young to be training yet? I've tried this technique and she's a little oblivious. She jumps all over our old dog who barks in protest and she doesn't care at all haha

  10. We have a similar problem, though I think some progress is being made. Time-outs sound like the best solution, but… I really don't know. Good luck. if you do find a solution, could you tell me, too?

  11. I'm with you! My 2.5 month old does the exact thing! We redirect, yelp/ignore, remove from situation, etc… and he will follow/bigt on your pants/ankles. It's frustrating! How do we get them to stop?? Please help.

  12. I have a mouthing problem. It seems to have gotten better. He's 6 months now and I can't redirect anymore. He will take the toy, walk away with it, drop it and then come back to my hands. If I walk away he charges at my ankles now.

  13. Try walking out the room for about a minute, close the door if necessary. Your puppy wants to be with you, so by removing yourself completely from the puppy every time he mouths too hard will hopefully bring the message home soon.

  14. Listen to my story., for an online dog training program that really works, go to onlinedogtraining.us. Helped me in so many ways

  15. Guys for everyone here who says the technique isn't working trust me it didn't work for me either my bullmastiff puppy always kept biting and jumping on me but all the ages you guys were saying is the age your puppy is teething so if the puppy bites yelp and walk away but if the puppy nips at your ankles or jumps on you slightly not hardly just kick him away but make sure you do it gently and walk out the room for a minute or 2 hope this helps

  16. Sometimes tog training isn't enough and you'll have to consult to puppy psychology. Ceasar Millan is an expert in that area.The gibberish I've quoted is a youtuve video where he adresses two pups who have the same behaviour that you seem to be experiencing.
    Hope it helps! =)

  17. First she stimulates the puppy with fast moving hands which wakes a prey reflex and then she punishes the puppy for doing what is just logical, not very clever really.

  18. yeah yeah nice training but this chick seems to know nothing about
    dogs, yes puppies yelp when another dog bite them, but if you do
    this it may avoid being bitten  for your dog but  you put yourself
    i a weaker position. if you do it with any mature dog and after that running surely it will get excited and bite stronger, remember that squeaky sound(that why dogs like that kind of toy,they are "killing" in their minds the toy)  put them in predatory mode. Every predator usually kills  puppies, cubes etc. and dog its a predator

  19. Trolencio, my puppy class trainer suggested the same technique as in the video, but she pointed out that some puppies are spurred on by a high pitch squeal, in which case to rather use a gruff bark or growl sound, i.e. more like the pup's mum would use, rather than a litter mate. But it's not about being a 'stronger' or 'weaker' position. Don't buy into the dominance rhetoric that has become so popular.

  20. Yay for Victoria, lol at the people who think she knows nothing about dogs. I like to think of myself not as a boss but like a nice teacher who is to be respected and listened to 🙂 sometimes it is necessary to combine many people's methods to form your own, and having a dog that has been allowed to get away with too much needs different handling including some correction to set boundaries.

  21. ok BUT what if yre puppy like mine is realy bussy and amazing fast,before i stand he is jumping on me and wil not stop.so getting up and turn seems to be not working for me because he gets no rest.nothing like the pup in this clip.
    my doh is a whippet now 13 weeks old,what can i do,he is biting like creasy,aldo i have to say its getting better trouh time

  22. My puppy is 8wks old im seeing shes getting the habit of biting. This was a good technique to use for them. Thanks Victoria. Your videos are helping

  23. My puppy is 8wks old im seeing shes getting the habit of biting. This was a good technique to use for them. Thanks Victoria. Your videos are helping

  24. Mmm, I'm trying this but as I walk away she runs after me biting my ankles.. Do I keep yelping and keep walking?! Haha! 

  25. I'd like to point out that although I've mentioned that squirting with lemon juice or water can sometimes affect a puppy's bond with the owner, using dominance and some methods I have mentioned are natural ways that dogs communicate or are easier for a dog to understand, and the dog can relate to this. Please don't think that any methods practised by trainers like Cesar Millan are cruel, as they do help the dog and the trainers practising these have the dog and owner's best interests at heart. My best advice is that you try different ways of training like positive reinforcement and dominance training and find out what different aspects of both are good for you.

  26. We've been doing exactly this, but our puppy grabs clothes and skin and grips on. We make the yelp and have also tried the "Tchhhh" that other trainers say work and she still latches on. We do the "time out" by ignoring her, but can't walk away because she still has US in her grip, she does hate being ignored, so that part is working. It IS playful, no signs of aggression. But after 5 days she is still mouthing just as hard though. 3 month old German Shepherd mix from a rescue.

  27. Although I've tried the yelping, that just seems to excite her. She's a rather hyper puppy. Has a tendency to misinterpret no or yelping as "I want to play too!"

  28. My pals has written down the in depth tutorials to guide your puppy grew to become alpha dog. It took him 7 years to study, I think every dog owners will need to study.

  29. I've got a four month old german sheppard and he loves to bite, getting so excited and telling him 'no' gets no reaction. I tried this method and within five minutes my puppy was licking me instead of biting and when he did bite me, it was far more gently than usual. Maybe it depends on the breed but I've had great success with this method. I have found that it must be reinforced regularly – I stopped doing it after a week and he automatically went back to his old ways. I love Victoria's methods, she's incredibly gentle with the dogs and yet, gets great results. I've tried other methods (dominance etc) and none of them helped, in fact, some actually made his behaviour worse.

  30. My dog likes to mouth but when I used the rope toy that he seemed to like it started to try bite me even if I put my hand near it could you help me?

  31. Play biting was a big problem for my pup. He would not respond to a yelp, but the leaving him for a bit seemed to have some effect, but he would eventually get back to play biting. He is 4 months now but he all of a sudden just stopped it, after I allowed him to play with the neighbor dog. Now he just mouths the neighbor dog and never a person. I am still trying to figure out how that works.. Or maybe did something else cause him to stop?

  32. My 15 wk old puppy bites my toddlers' ankles when they're playing chase, how do you get a pup to stop doing THAT? They get up on the couch, but as they're climbing, she grabs their socks off and runs away

  33. My search continues. I have a mix breed I rescued roadside, estimated to be close to 4 months old now, had him a month. Bites and chews non-stop. Yelping only excites him worse. He responds to nothing conventional and his bite is getting WAY stronger. Wish I new the magic to get him in check.

  34. I used this technique to stop my two kittens from playfully scratching up my fingers.  As soon as they pounced on my fingers, I'd ignore them for 30 seconds.  It worked great . . . They are now adults and never claw me, even when I'm doing something unpleasant like forcing them in a kitty crate to go to the vet.

  35. Alright there! Have you tried – Carkerakita Hound Master (just google it)? Ive heard some great things about it from my m8 who got cool obedience achievements with their dog.

  36. There are several components to training a dog. One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you're interested) definately the most helpful resource i've seen.look at the great info .

  37. Raising two German Shepard puppies from the same litter having a hard time deciding whether to keep both. They mouth alot with each wrote other and me. Do any one have experience Raising two litter mates at the same time? I would hate to get rid of one but it it's best for them then I will.

  38. hello
    i really need help with my golden retriever puppy (46 days) ..
    before i start describing the problem i have to say this is my first time to have a dog so i really don't know lot of things in training dogs..
    first of all she bites a lot even when i put my hand on her head and when i stop playing with her and walk away she keeps biting my clothes and barking .. she barks a lot as well .. when i leave her alone she keeps barking and too many people came at my door complaining about it so i had to keep playing with her tell i get really tired and i had to sleep in the same room with her so as soon she barks i have to wake up to play with her till she stop ..
    best regards

  39. Hi, everyone. All of these videos are great 🙂 I have a question regarding this, though (chewing STUFF rather than mouthing us)… We have LOADS of toys that our pup really likes (of all types of consistency) – in particular, a hard plastic bone designed for puppies who are teething, and one of those "rubber toys" which we fill with liver paste. However. he seems to lose focus on them. We can give him the bone and he'll be perfectly happy for two minutes, and then we'll blink and find he's back to chewing the curtains (or the cables or his dog bed or the sofa or a coaster or……..!!). Why on Earth does he want to chew something he's not supposed to (and away from which he has been redirected dozens of times) when he's just been given a delicious-tasting toy that's specifically designed for him to chew on?? Any suggestions on this would be much appreciated – I love him to bits, but this drives me up the wall!

  40. For fucks sake, everyone says to yelp! Ima a dude with a deep voice, I can't yelp. What the hell do I do instead

  41. Me and my mom have a 6 week old puppy and she love to bite and scratch we are trying to get her out of the habit of not biting if any more suggestions let me and my mom know.

  42. when I walk away my puppy redirects to my ankle. he literally will wrap his whole mouth around my ankle.

  43. hi I have a ten week old golden Retriever pup with a little collie in him and in the last few days he has started nipping and pulling on our cloths, I disabled and he hurt me yesterday we have started yelping and I try to move away but cant move very fast please any help.

  44. Ok my family has a massive problem with our 8 week old golden retriever. He immediately goes to playing with an 'open mouth' thinking its a game and every attempt at stopping him has not worked and has made him more excited and more aggressive. We tried yelping, growling, turning him on his back to show dominance and distraction, someone suggested holding his snout while saying no but that hasn't worked much more than the other techniques. Distraction works about 20% of the time but he will always return biting just as hard after a while. I don't know what to do because he targets me in particular. He's usually sweet tempered but he plays really rough. Its getting hard to play with him at all cos he just won't let up. If you walk away he bites hard onto skin and clothing and doesn't let go. Any advice?

  45. how would a MALE yelp ? this is crazy and making me crazy. can this Redirect method alone work ?

  46. lol puppies with predatory instincts will actually like the yelping and bite harder. I say "no" very firmly to my German Shepard puppy and stop the play.
    for the last couple of days she reduced drastically her biting and the force of her biting on my hand or face lol

  47. Seven years later… wow I remember her show ages ago. Good sound advice for more stable dogs with low level issues.

  48. I am trying this but my puppy still bites me. I do the yip and she starts barking and bitting and pulling my clothes. I try the redirecting and she goes for my fingers still. She is only 3 months and I have had her for 3 weeks and I'm not sure on what to do.

  49. What if your just trying to train your dog but it wont listen and it just bites you and tackles you 🤔

  50. I would love to show this to my cousin for her dog but he’s not a puppy no more and he bit me once and my older cousin two times

  51. Cats can also learn not to bite by doing essentially the same thing. Teeth or claws felt, stop playing. At least it worked for my daughter with her cat.

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