Quay Issues Case Study: Getting a Foot in the Door

#Music plays I love being out on the sea by myself. It’s
really peaceful, it’s always different, it’s a change of environment every day; it’s never
the same boring scenes – and I just love fishing really; it’s a passion. From the age of five my dad and I had always
been fishing together and I just loved it so much I thought, well, maybe I could find
a way to make a living from doing this. So that’s where I am today, now. I just love Newquay ‘cos you’ve got so much
to do. There’s beaches, there’s fields, countryside and I just love the primary industries such
as fishing and farming. I just find it really nice like how you could
produce for yourself and make your own money from doing what you do. When I first started off I had a small fifteen
foot boat which we bought cheaply and what we did was, once I had a bit of experience
driving it, maybe doing a bit of fishing, we would paint it up; do it up, and then sell
it, and then what we would do with that money – we’d buy a slightly larger vessel – maybe
twenty odd foot – we’d use that for a couple of years, catch some fish, do it up, sell
it for a bit more money, and eventually we got to the stage – where we had enough money
– where we found a commercial fishing vessel very cheaply on the market which was run down.
Currently, we’re doing it up now and fishing now. The thing I enjoy the most when I’m fishing
is I’m always trying to aim for a big catch; I love coming into the quay with like ten
boxes of pollack; it’s just a good feeling. The main challenges of the business is you
have to have the knowledge of how to know when the fish are feeding; where to go for
the fish and how you use the bait and the lures to catch the fish. That’s the most important
thing of the industry. When I’m fishing, such as today, I’d go out
in the morning; maybe try handline for some pollack offshore and then when the tide turns
and the fish stop feeding, I’d come in and haul some lobster pots for the evening and
then come in and land it on the beach here. I love being part of the Newquay Harbour fishing
community ‘cos it’s just such a tight-knit community down here at Newquay and everyone
looks after each other down the harbour. If you get into trouble they will come straight
to you. #Music plays I choose to sell to local restaurants because
I just love the fact of the idea that fish that’s caught in Newquay and round where the
restaurants are is actually being eaten in restaurants right on their doorstep where it’s been
caught and it’s just really good to eat fresh fish. I’m thinking of opening up a fish retail unit
down here at the harbour and the idea for that was so that people could find and buy
locally caught fish right at the harbour here where they can see where it’s caught and how
it’s treated and where it’s landed. It’s a great, thriving industry to come into
and there’s lots of support with Seafish courses and there’s lots of knowledge that
would pass your way if you did come down to the harbour and have a chat. #Music plays

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