Raw or boiled meat? Which will the cat choose?

Raw or boiled meat? Which will the cat choose?

Beef A hungry cat Raw meat Boiled meat We have raw and boiled meat – 20 pieces of each kind.
Which of them will the cat choose?

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  1. 😂😂😂 прикольный тест😄😄, котяра красавчик, очень похож на моего Кузю.😆😆

  2. So at first the kitty ate everything

    Then kitty ate only raw
    Then kitty would eat boiled if it couldn't find any raw…

    Also I completely forgot cats are colorblind because they have excellent night vision…..
    Is that why the cat used scent to track raw meat?

  3. I learnt this from a video from bright side that even though cats normally would eat raw in the wild since there domesticated Now that feeding a cat raw meat will make them live shorter lives so maybe this is a bad idea

  4. Your cat has a lot of patience, the moment I take out meat from refrigerator, my cats starts jumping till they get it, sometimes they bit me to get the pieces or stole it from the kitchen table.

  5. Блин, выбрал что хотел и всё слопал 😋
    Всё же красивый кот у тебя! Да вообще все кошки и коты красивые 👍

  6. Cat: watever humans… im hungry so im gonna eat all, can? 😹😹 Lol

    But he ate mostly the raw 🙀🙀😼😼

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