Rescuing 3 puppies that were thrown away to die (with subtitles)

Rescuing 3 puppies that were thrown away to die (with subtitles)

Two are female and one is male, they have been thrown away. luckily they weren’t thrown away in a trash bag or drowned or buried alive as a means of population control Separated from their mother, they have been left here to die, luckily you found them I hope I am wrong, I will wait here and if their mother doesn’t show up, I ll take them. This is a mistake villagers make, thinking that’s it’s okay to do this. The simplest way to stop tragedies like this from happening is to neuter and spay your animal, not killing their pups. Vets visit villages all the time and are more than happy to provide these services for almost next to nothing.
If you don’t have the means at Least don’t allow your pet to mate. This is not the way to deal with the issue. I know villagers also drown puppies, and also bury them alive as soon as they are born. I am not making this up, I have seen it happen. But their recklessness encompasses all of nature, look at this narrow body of water than runs through farms, it is infested with garbage. Than you wonder why life is unkind to you, You contaminate the waters that run through farms than you buy foods grown in those very farms…and this right here is the wheel of karma and what goes around comes around and you wonder why your family is getting sick, asthma, cancer, and a multitude of other health problems Here is your answer, destruction of nature, cruelty to animals, these poor babies separated from their mother, left here to die
When will you get this ? When will we stop this? I am still hopeful that we will In hopes of a world free of pain and suffering for all earthlings 💚

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  1. God Bless you for saving these helpless puppies,and I totally agree with what you are saying,people must not be doing cruel things to these innocent animals.Thank youuuu and pls take care of them.

  2. Thank you for caring so much about these precious animals. You have a special place in heaven. God bless you! Putting in the subtitles was super. Thank you!! ♡♡

  3. ผมนิ น้ำตาไหลเลยครับ ( ฟังไม่รู้เรื่อง5555++)

  4. how can ppl do nasty things to Allah's creation so sad this man is a good man may Allah be pleased with him thank u so much for all your kindness

  5. God bless you….. And long may you continue your excellent work. I for one can feel your sincere passion for what you do. Keep it up!

  6. Don't kill animals, and don't destroy the environment. For anyone with a brain, it's common sense!!! The people who do those things are stupid, heartless jerks. THANK YOU ❤️

  7. Wise words. It's so sad what human does to mother nature.

    I have a Q:
    Is it possible to visite schools for educating kids? I know you are busy but an other volunteer?

    Kids and teens can change the future!

  8. In Australia, councils set aside special days when volunteers register and go out and clean up parklands and waterways etc to 'Keep Australia Beautiful". Perhaps something like that can be organised in these villages where they learn to take pride in their environment. It starts at school level. They need to be educated when young to appreciate nature and animals. Luckily we don't have the same issues that this poor man is experiencing in his home country. I will donate when I can. Good luck with it all. I hope that those three babies eventually get into nice homes. They were near a busy roadway and could have been killed. They are gorgeous. Sorry there was no mother around.

  9. چرا بعضیها با این کاراشون انسانیت رو زیر سوال میبرن. زنده باشی دوست عزیر ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Thank you for saving these babies its so sad that people do this to our animals or worse praying all is well for everyone.

  11. Thank you Sezar for saving those cute puppies. People csn be so cruel leaving the puppies there to die. i agree with him that in karma what goes around comes around. You pay for what you do in life. Cruelty to animals and throwing them away as garbage polluting the environment you will suffer sickness and diseases for your whole family.

  12. thank you for saving them. the people where you live are particularly cruel. i find this also in India. Im so happy that you have a soft heart. theyre little lives were spared.

  13. Sir, thank you for subtitles in English! Sir, whenever I watch your super humane efforts to rescue and save lives of doggies tears come to my eyes. Thank you dear friend! At the same time you are educating people who are heartless!
    Yes when someone tortures and is cruel to animals he brings disgrace to himself and his family. Your family and friends must be proud of you and your helpers. I join hundreds of people who are blessing you for your work. We are praying that the Lord Jesus will send you provisions, and funds, give you renewed strength, double grace and mercy as you serve His creation. Blessings to your team and those who send you funds to proceed your tremendous work in a country where people are hostile to precious doggies.

  14. What happened to them? It would be great if you could show further videos on how you treat them and how they progress.

  15. This is so bad! Throw away your puppies! Poor doggies! But there is an angel who cames to rescue them and that is Sezar! Many thanks that you took them with you to your home. What a mess in the water! Aren't there no rules in Iran when someone throws away their trash?

  16. I have seen another organisation from India there was also many stray dogs but it seems to me like the Indian people are more interested to help animals many Villagers have dogs and love them. Now i watching this and it looks like iran people doesnt have any mercy you have so much abused dogs in your videos even young guys abusing dogs so this country is sick and have special brutality for animals like other countrys.

  17. Thank you for saving these beauty's, and i agree with youre speech, thats how the world will become, without compassion.

  18. people need television shows on the news to educate them that they need to take responsibility for their animals. you need to know some reporters and xerox a flyer on how people can spay and neuter (try the chemical Zeuterin for the males if you can get it) so that they can afford it. OR DO NOT GET A DOG. also, they cannot get pregnant if you do not leave them loose. by the way….

  19. What a shame that some countries don't have laws against animal abuse.. If ppl were getting locked up for animal abuse or even throwing their trash on the side of the road than I think there would be less of it.. This man is a wonderful, loving, caring and compassionate human being and the world needs more of him..

  20. So interesting what he says.he says people in village keep male puppies and throw females like trash in forest or river.he is so angry of their act.

  21. کاش همه مردم مصل شما بودند
    اما از شانس بد ما فقت یک نفر هست که ٱنم شما هستید
    من 12 سالمه و ارزوی داشتن سگ دارم
    همیشه به خاطر ازیت کردن این حیوانات تو ایران نمیتوانستم راهت بخوابم
    ولی از وقتی که شما و ویدیو هاتونو دیدم خیالم راحت شود
    خوشهالم آدمی مصل شما توی دنیای بی رحم ایران هست
    خدا از شما رازی باشه
    شما یک فرشته هستید
    ممنون از شما
    اگه این حیوانات زبون بسته میتوانستند سحبت کنند از شما بخاطر کار های زیباتون تشکر میکردند
    بازم ممنون ♥

  22. These evil people will be in hell soon. They think they can separated Mom and baby apart to die but god is good no matter what you do there's always a hero saving this poor baby you can't separated them apart.

  23. با حرفاتون موافقم ولی آشغال که فرمودید متاسفانه اکثر زباله‌ها که اینجور انداخته میشه یکیش فرهنگ‌سازیه مورد اصلیش دفع و دپوی زباله‌ها بشکل و جای نامناسبه که درمورد همین موضوع مستند و گزارشهای بسیاری درهمین رسانه بقول خودشون ملی که بسیار محافظه‌کار هم هستن ساخته شده که اتفاقا در این دو استان زیبا و پرطرفدار شمال کشور مشکلات بسیار جدی در دفن و دپوی زباله داره که مثل شهر محمودآباد سالهاست شهرداری زباله‌هارو لب ساحل میریزه و میره و این زباله‌ها و شیرآبه‌هاش سالهاست که وارد دریا میشه و مشکلات و صدمات بسیار زیادی به اکوسیستم سیستم طبیعی‌ به جرات بگم کل استان وارد میکنه مطمعنا شما بیشتر از بنده در جریان هستید

  24. This is happening in every single country in the world!. Some peoples don't have no 💓 and they are not ashamed of what they do.

  25. You r not just helping but also educating everyone in screen. That's more like it. It's upto these ppl to consider what we are saying and asking them to be compassionate but if they don't, nature knows the best way to punish them.

  26. Thank you so much for helping them you are such a nicke Person, i donated for you on Paypal, its not much but i Hope ist still helps, but you Kindly Write a Description of the Video next Time so that wie Can Unterstand what happened.

  27. Heureusement que vous êtes la sezar pour sauver tout les chiens sinon ils finiraient comment bravo a vous 👍

  28. This is too much lovable to watch that the pups are going towards you at the starting of the video.And that cute faces inside the car when you put them inside the car 😙😙.
    Lots of love from India

  29. اگر حتی نصف مردم ایران هم مثل تو فکر میکردن بخدا همه مشکلاتمون حل بود. گل گفتی, از ماست که برماست.

  30. Just incredible what we humans do to ourselves!!! Absolutely right on all points!!! By the time the message gets through, it will be to late! It’s the few on this earth that give me hope for our future and our children’s future!!! These sweeties will do well at your sanctuary !!

  31. 😚😚😚😚😚😚😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  32. سلام چگونه میتونم باشماارتباط برقرارکنم عزیز..لطفایه شماره تلفن بذاریدتابتونیم باشماتماس داشته باشم

  33. Ellahy begardam an lahzeye akhar cheshmaye on bache tu mashin por az vahshat bud. Khoda omret bedeh, che vojdane rahati dary va che ba Ezat zendegi mikoni, Sezar Sanctuary

  34. Absolut herzlos sowas, Babys auszusetzen. Wie krank muß man sein, hoffe du wirst auch so krank das du daran verrecken wirst

  35. Those people need to be educated before they can have house pets.
    Poor little puppies.
    I feel very sad 😔.
    I hope this young man will be able to help people to open their eyes to be kind to animals.

  36. Wow.. it's true Mr. Sezar…'AND YOU WONDER WHY LIFE IS NOT KIND TO YOU'; this video, I hope "some" realize, is an educational video… That God bless you always and your team for the respect you show to His planet💗💗💗🐶

  37. دوست مهربان و فهیم من واقعا خیلی خوب گفتین ..ایشاله همه ما همت کنیم با حیوانات و طبیعت عین شما مهربان باشیم …ایشاله ..زنده باد عشق . زنده باد مهربانی 💖💖💖

  38. الهی بگردم آقای محمدی خدایا چرا آخه شما خیلی با اخلاقید خدا حفظتون کنه الهی اینقدر این صحنه ها برای ما دلخراشه وچقدر حرفهاتون درسته چون چوب خدا صدا نداره#اگربزنه دوا نداره #لا ولله آقاجان بخوانید وظلم نکنید که #گرشداز جور شما خانه موری ویران#خانه خویش محال است که آبادکنید#ای کشاورز شرم کن این موجود انگار بچه خودت است اینکار را نکن حرفهای آقای محمدی را گوش بده باورکن و قبول داشته باش خدا اقای حسین محمدی راحفظ کند….امین

  39. امسال شما فرزندان نور هستید کاشکی همه ایرانیها مثل شما به این فرهنگ من و طبیعت در یک راستا هستیم میرسیدن من که هر وقت یک ویدیو ازار حیوانات میبینم قلب درد میگیرم ولی شما وامسال شما خوبان دلگرمم میکنه زنده وسلامت باشید

  40. 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  41. Thank you Sezar, it must be soul destroying to find these puppies thrown away and left to die. The younger generation need to be educated in schools that it is sinful to treat dogs in this way. If harm is done to them, then you also harm Allah. You are a Saint among sinners Sezar.

  42. Sezar our people are devil
    I from turkey
    Who does bad things for this poor animals
    I hate them
    We must love animals
    They are beautiful

  43. خدایا! عجب بیرحم هستند این مردم! شما با این همه محبتتون این فرهنگ ایرانو دارید عوض میکند. من یک دنیا ازتون سپاسگزارم. تمام ویدیوهای شما را تماشا میکنم و خودم هم به حیوانات محلی اطراف محل زندگیم خیلی میرسم.

  44. شما بهترین هموطنی هستی که من در طول این همه سال دیده ام. انسانی که موجب افتخار و دلگرمی است. ای کاش مردم خوب بودن را از شما یاد بگیرند.

  45. بمیرم برات مادر که به فراق افتادی عزیز فرشته با وفا الله اکبر حتی اگر بیدین باشی این چه کاری است خدا فرزندانت را ازت بگیرت تو که ایمان نداری از خدا بیخبر ای نامردمان نحس نجس بعد میخوای زندگیت خوب باشه نه نه نمیشه والله بالله تالله چوب خدا صدا نداره نداره نداره تاللله اگر بزنه دوا نداره نداره نداره به هرچه اعتقادداری قسم فرزند گرسنه الان باید زیر پستان مادر شیر بخوره ای موجود دو پای وحشی دور از همه جور رفتار انسانی لعنت خدا و خلق خدا و طبیعت بوالله برتو باد که هرکس اخلاق نداشت هیچی نداشت …هی هی هی اقای محمدی شما اشناتریید با ما وحشی ها میبینید بخاطر همین ظلم و ستم بیحرمتی کشورمان رفت و داره به زباله تبدیل میشود….ممنون از شما و دوست فیلمبردارتون که اینطور زحمت میکشید یلکه منه الاغ چموش از خواب سنگین بد بختی بیدار شوم دستتاتون طلا ….عزیز دل هستید بولله از جان و مال دریغ ندارید که به من حمال بیلیاقت بدبخت بفهمانید گناه دارد نکن نکن نکن …دست انتقام پروردگار بزودی از استین عدالتش بیرون میاد و ما را به عنا وین مختلف ادب میکند….ای بیچاره پا برهنه زارع …###گرشد از جور تویی خانه ی موری ویران ###خانه ی خویش محال است که آباد کنید.###سرتان سلامت وجودتان بیبلا….موفق باشید….

  46. هر کسی هر بلایی که سر یک حیوان میاره دقیقا همان بلا سر فرزندانشون میاد. گسی که توله های یک سگ رو خاک مکنه 100 % بچه هاشون رو هم با دست خودشون خاک میکنند.

  47. سلام گاش همه مردم ایران مثلا شما بودن با خدا وحیوان دوست انشالله که خدا خیر وبرکت به شما بده شما خیلی مرد با وجدانی هست دورد به شرفه شما

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